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A Marketer Guide on How to Increase Sales

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About A Marketer Guide on How to Increase Sales

Want to learn how to increase sales dramatically?

You’ve to learn how to sell not only when there is perpetual demand but even when there is not. Looks tricky? Surely it is.

You’ve to master the art of selling to survive in a highly competitive atmosphere. If you’re an affiliate marketer, hundreds of others are already out there pitching the same product and being more successful than you could ever imagine.

If you’re a blogger, don’t be amazed to see other blogger selling in-house services whereas your leads rarely convert into a paying customer.

Why is it that everyone is succeeding, even by a margin, whereas you’re stuck in the same rut? Forget about learning how to increase sales, have you been able to generate the first sale?

Your Guide on How to Increase Sales

Selling isn’t about delivering the perfect product pitch to the potential buyer. Selling is also about critical thinking, intelligent application of selling techniques and to intently listen to the wants of the buyer. It will not only increase sales but the whole worth of your business or your personal brand value.

Let’s see some ways to increase sales.

1) Content Marketing the RIGHT Way

People come across hundreds of marketing messages daily. Earlier there were display hoardings, cold calls, television ads, press releases and host of other stuffs, and now, everything is pretty much ‘online’. Traditional marketing approaches are weakening and people are relying on online information to make informed decisions.

Content marketing is about relationship marketing. It is a strategy where you use the power of text to build a relationship with the targeted audience. You get found by prospective customers, that is, you gain pre-qualified leads. There is higher conversion rate and lower marketing cost.

Content marketing requires time and you should learn the art of long form content marketing.

2) Create or Promote Product In-Demand

There are two kinds of products in the market.

  • Products made from absolutely creative ideas. For example, a radio or a TV was no short of a miracle product in their respective eras.
  • Rehashed products based on a core product. For example, you’ve a core product like Colgate which is toothpaste and you see Colgate introducing other toothpaste which has more salt, whitens teeth better, and removes stain and so on. What they are doing is using the base and introducing more components to create related-products. Further, if not Colgate, another toothpaste brand can capitalize on the people’s necessity of using toothpaste and create products with the aforementioned components.

Getting the drift?

Therefore, when you’re marketing online, either you’ve to create a high value product or find a product which has demand and promote the hell out of it. The choice of product will depend on how well you understand the market.

3) ‘Free’ Module Converts

On Warrior Forum, I see almost every marketer giving away review copies for free. Whether it is an eBook or a plugin, they always give review copies. Earlier I thought giving away free review copies would actually kill sales but when I saw my friend, who is a popular Internet marketer now, minting money selling the same for $39 each, I was stunned, honestly.

Nothing is free. There are no free lunches in this world.

Giving something away for ‘free’ has an added rider. The free-module works because the targeted audience gets to sample the product or service before purchasing. For example, if you’re selling service, offer a free initial consultation. If you’re selling software, offer a free trial. If you’re selling eBooks, offer few chapters for free and so on.

4) Design Matters

The reason why Apple is the highly valued tech company that it is today is entirely creditable to its design. Apple focused on design, the UI, and let everything revolve around it.

For arguments’ sake, you can say that the purpose of the product should matter and not how it is packaged. I would say that it is true but then again, humans are visual creatures. Looks do matter to us. Perfect design and presentation lends the product a trust factor.

Therefore, ensure that the product you choose to market has good design and presentation.  If you’re not creating but marketing the product only, do use creative and effective marketing tactics to increase sales.

Depending on the product niche, you can use HD banners, create and share Infographic, build a custom landing page and so on. Investing in the services of an experienced designer is recommended.

5) Product Quality

The product should be the yardstick of quality. You should never market a product which doesn’t have quality. If people aren’t able to trust the brand or the product, you won’t be able to generate any substantial sales. Few sales will trickle down in the beginning but it won’t have any long-term value without product quality.

Sometimes quality is compromised to prevent price hike but that’s a faulty thinking process. If you’re promoting a product as an affiliate, don’t be afraid to choose a high price product if it has excellent quality because it will generate sales in the end. Your marketing strategies need to be excellent.

6) Upsell

How many times have you bought French fries at KFC or McDonalds just because the seller offered it or upgraded to their combo deals because it saved some money? A lot of times, surely; this is what upsell is all about.

Upsell is an effective method to increase sales.

Sometimes merchants give 100% affiliate commissions to affiliates because they use upsell technique to pitch the buyers and these upsell products are of higher value than the original product entry point. If used and marketed the right way, upsell could turn into a method to generate endless sales for your online business. All you need is an effective affiliate marketing platform.


Learning to market and sell a product requires constant learning and scaling up your marketing techniques. Use creativity and intelligence to proposition a product. I hope this short guide helped you learn how to increase sales.

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