How to Use Apple Magic Mouse?

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Apple magic mouse is a multi-touch mouse that is manufactured and sold by one of the best brands in the world. The Apple magic mouse is probably the first consumer mouse that has multi-touch capabilities. At the very first glance, the shape and size of the Apple magic mouse look pretty.

Most of the mouse options available on the market are big to fit the shape of the user’s palm.

However, the magic mouse has a surface, which defines a gentle arc, and the height at mid-point is just a little more than half an inch, which makes sure that the resting of a palm on the magic mouse is an act to be performed either by children or adults who have very small hands.

A better way to use the magic mouse is to hold its sides between your thumb finger and pinkie and then rest your index and middle finger against the top edge of the mouse, and finally the base of your palm against the bottom edge.

By doing so, your hand gets to rest above the mouse without ever touching the multi-touch surface.

Complete Guide For Apple Magic Mouse

The mouse grip is pretty automatic, and it leaves the index and middle fingers ready to perform clicks and most gestures without the need to change the position of your hand.

The magic mouse’s grip might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning; however, in a short period of time, it becomes very easy to use. Unlike the typical mouse, the magic mouse is best served with a light grip that leaves the hand and fingers ready for action.

How Connect Magic Mouse?

To start off, the magic mouse should be a proper mouse. It should move smoothly from any kind of surface and rightly track the movement so that not only does the cursor on the screen move freely, but also let the user’s hand move freely when he is performing any action using the mouse.

The magic mouse glides on 2 plastic rails that provide good resistance to keep the movements smooth. To connect it to your Macbook, follow these instructions

  • Firstly, you will have to plug in a USB cable to the lightning port on the device, and then connect the other end of the cable into your Mac.
  • Now just ensure that the device is switched on.
  • The device will appear in the Bluetooth preferences, and it will automatically pair with your Mac.
  • The Bluetooth Preferences window will display the connection status and then charge the level of your device. When the device gets charged, you can unplug and use it.

The Magic Mouse does provide tactile feedback by producing the same clicks and pressure found with mice that have standard mouse buttons. You can easily scroll vertically and horizontally; these are the simplest gestures that can be performed.

Scrolling is very easy and effortless; a gentle swipe of a finger in any direction generates a scrolling motion in a window. There is a scrolling option called momentum, which allows your mouse to register the speed of the swipe.

It will convert this into the speed of your scroll and will let the scrolling to continue a bit after you stop the swiping motion. This type of scrolling is best for large documents with a lot of pages.

The Apple magic mouse review has been pretty positive as users find it very easy and comfortable to use. This brand always comes up with something extraordinary and has always thought out of the box with regards to introducing new products for its customers.

There is a feature called the two-finger gestures, which is usually performed with the index and middle fingers; it is identical to the one-finger side-to-side scroll – it’s just that you will have to use two fingers instead of one.

What is the difficulty? Both the fingers should be in contact with the Magic Mouse surface when the swipe is performed, and this can be a difficult task at times for users.

How to Charge Magic Mouse?

The process of charging the magic mouse is quite simple; just follow these instructions.

  • First, you should remove the 2 AA batteries from Apple Magic Mouse.
  • Now, you should be inserting the Mobee Battery Pack in place of the 2 AA batteries.
  • Now you can connect the charging station to any USB port that is available.
  • Finally, place the magic mouse on the charging station and you can leave it until it completely gets charged.

The Magic Mouse is one of the best devices that Apple has ever made. The brand always comes up with something very innovative for its customers and delights them; however, this product has some flaws, which is natural for the first generation of any new product.

There were a lot of people raising concerns like “Apple magic mouse not working”. If the device is connected to the MacBook in the right way, or if the tips as mentioned earlier are followed, you will have a solution to this issue, and you can get the mouse to function normally.

People also find it difficult to perform the two-finger swipe. It is a problem that people can easily resolve by bringing in some basic gesture customizations to the mouse.

These two flaws are really the only downsides that are worth mentioning for daily use of the Magic Mouse. The tracking ability is just flawless on the surfaces, and it is a very comfortable mouse to use. The single finger gestures are simple, which makes magic mouse a pleasure to use.

One more point that is worth mentioning is that this mouse presently has no mouse drivers, which enable gesture support under Windows. So, in case you use it with Boot Camp or maybe some other virtual environment, it will act as a standard two-button mouse.


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