Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms 2023

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Affiliate marketers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their revenue. One way is by using affiliate marketing tracking software. These platforms help you keep track of your conversions, cost per acquisition, and more. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best options on the market today! 

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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

1) Afftrack:

Afftrack is the only business that offers limitless clicks, which may result in annual savings of up to $ 87,000. It is one of the finest SaaS solutions available, having been established in 2009 and being utilized in a variety of networks since then.

It offers the essential tools for growing a business to the next level. It has a very mobile-friendly user interface. Other solutions are deficient. One of the most popular choices on the go.


  • $ 199 per month


  • There is server-to-server tracking.
  • Caps on frequency
  • Lists of global unsubscribers.
  • Geo-targeting
  • CRM prospect management
  • The lack of cookie-based tracking is a positive.
  • Tracking on the client-side
  • Provides access to an infinite number of deals, affiliates, and advertising.
  • To manage and edit files, the integrated file manager is accessible.
  • Additionally, invoice and invoicing options are provided. These are easily created on the fly.
  • Completely round-the-clock phone and email support is provided.
  • Provides a free proxy detection service that identifies forged IP addresses. Effective at detecting fraud.
  • 100% real-time analytics


Everflow is one of the industry’s finest affiliate marketing systems. Everflow has developed and scaled affiliate networks and advertising that have produced billions of clicks and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.


  •         Starter ($ 395 per month)
  •         Traction (Tiered)
  •         Everflow Plus ($ 1395 per month)


  •  A network that operates in real-time
  • Technology on the cutting edge
  • Analytics on a multidimensional scale
  • Advanced notification system
  • Permanently eliminate cap overruns.
  • Data in real-time, graphs, and reports.
  • Visual engagement is extensive.
  • Rapid reaction time. 
  • Pivot tables hosted on the cloud.
  • All of your data and traffic are partitioned securely and privately.
  • Big data provides actionable insights.

 3) ClickInc:

ClickInc offers a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that enables users without programming experience to set up and administer their complete affiliate tracking and lead management system. It generates friendly SEO links that go straight to the sales page, rather than using coded links.

Pricing – 

  • Plan 1 ($ 25 per month)
  • Plan 2 ($ 69 per month)
  • Plan 3 ($ 149 per month)

Features –

  • Fraud detection is included to help prevent and identify fraudulent behavior.
  • To aid with visualization, graphs have been included.
  • The search option is available for more detailed searches.
  • The traffic status is shown, allowing for real-time comparisons of the previous and current traffic.
  • The dashboard shows affiliates who have been manually or automatically authorized.
  • SubIDs may be established to monitor campaigns and traffic sources independently.
  • For tracking cookies, the cookie’s lifespan may be specified.
  • Merchants and affiliates may now communicate with one another.
  • For email/message affiliates, WSWYG editors are provided. These editors are mostly used to format text.
  • Cookie expiry dates may be customized for each affiliate or set globally.
  • Affiliates may now be contacted through email.
  • Now, commissions for any number of tiers may be specified.
  • Allows you to create a group of performance affiliates.
  • The merchant may now generate and manage coupons, as well as allocate them to certain affiliates.

4) Impact Radius:  

Impact radius was established in 2008 by the founders of commission junction,, and lead point. They are fundamentally altering how marketers approach media and marketing relationships.

Their portfolio of solutions allows digital brands and agencies to optimize their worldwide ad spend by delivering a single, trusted picture of the customer experience across all devices and channels, from ad impression to acquisition.

Pricing –

  • Request a demo

Features –

  • There are many tracking techniques available.
  • There is real-time analytics available.
  • This requires real-time integration.
  • The results are presented in graphs and perspectives that offer a holistic picture of the data.
  • A single dashboard for all your needs.
  • Simple, graceful, and adaptable.
  • Hosting advertisements has never been this simple.
  • It enables the tracing of calls.
  • It offers links that are optimized for search engines; these links may be utilized and cached by SEOs.
  • The findings and monitoring are very precise.
  • It enables the monitoring of promotional codes and their association with certain affiliates.

5) Has Offers

 Lucas and Lee Brown developed the Has Offers in 2009 intending to create a dependable, scalable, and adaptable system. Due to its simplicity of use, this affiliate monitoring program has acquired global appeal. Apart from being a network, it may also be utilized as an advertising agency to promote your business.


  • Pro ($ 279 per month)
  • Enterprise ($ 799 per month)
  • Custom plan (Contact them)

Features –

  • Code that is produced automatically
  • Tracking links that are search engine optimized
  • URLs that are both small and encrypted
  • Tracking of five sub-IDs
  • Numerous provide links
  • Any data may be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Advertisers have access to statistics, the ability to make offers, and the capacity to input data via CSV files.
  • Allow affiliates to participate in each campaign.
  • Optimize URLs for offers depending on their performance.
  • Ad campaigns should be optimized depending on their performance.
  • Ad campaigns should include creatives.
  • Captcha verification of registration
  • Users may be adjusted, and their responsibilities can be altered to meet specific requirements.
  • There are pre-generated reports accessible.
  • Conversions of several uploads.
  • Ad server logging is possible.
  • CSV files may be exported from reports.
  • A single dashboard for all your needs.
  • There are a variety of non-English languages present.
  • Numerous currencies are accepted.
  • Maintains a fraud score for activities
  • Support is available 24 hours a day through email, chat, and phone.
  • Provides a comprehensive two-way API.

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Conclusion: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking

There are many excellent affiliate management software solutions available, and choosing the ideal option may be daunting, which is why we compiled this list!

The choices mentioned below are reputable, established, and include all of the necessary elements for creating and managing a successful affiliate marketing business.

Please let us know in the comment section which platform you liked the most.

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