How to Buy a Budget Laptop?

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In today’s times, technology has been changing and evolving like a gust of wind. Technology is grasping each individual like a web. Though standalone tablets and smartphones are topping the charts, the significance and demand of best budget laptops cannot be glossed over.

The market is flooded with varied options of best affordable laptops from various brands. Thus, choosing the right laptop which matches the requirement becomes a challenge. Our buying guide, enlisted below will help in easing out the process of buying a laptop:

Select the Right Size

Portability and screen size is some of the major points of influence while choosing the best budget laptop. The laptop comes in following display sizes:

  1. 11 to 12 inches: For people who want to have the sleekest, thin and light version of the laptop 11- to 12-inch screens are a perfect match.
  2. 13 to 14 inches: For people who want to but a normal-sized laptop, 13″ or 14″ inch screen is highly recommended. It’s a decent choice of portability and usability.
  3. 15 inches: For people who need a larger screen 15-inch screen serves the purpose. The actual size of the laptop increases in order to hold the larger screen. Consider this only if you can avoid the hassle of carrying it around often.
  4. 17 to 18 inches: For people who have to stay on the desk all day long, a 17- or 18-inch system is the ideal choice. It provides the apt kind of processing power needed to play high-end games or do workstation-level productivity.

Choose wisely the screen size according to the requirements as no one wants to buy a laptop that feels clunky and is harder to move around. The key is to go for a better screen than a large screen.

Pick an Appropriate Operating System

Most laptops come with one of three operating systems: Windows, Chrome OS or Mac OS X. Each operating system has its own edge of benefits. It is all a matter of personal preference that upshot in choosing an operating system.

  1. Windows- It is one of the most preferred and flexible operating system for home computer users. Windows 10 is the latest and advanced version available and comes with a lot of improvements over Windows 7 and 8.  A lot of changes have been implemented to facilitate its use.
  2. Apple OS System- All MacBook’s come with Apple’s own operating system, Mac OS. iPhone or iPad users appreciate this system. It comes with various features like superior multitouch gestures, and the ability to take calls and text from the iPhone.
  3. Chrome OS- Chrome browser is the main application used for Chrome OS. Its user interface is almost similar to Windows. This system is basically designed to allow quick and easy access to the Web.

 Keyboard and Touchpad

No matter how fancy the laptop is, if its ergonomics is not up to the mark, the whole purpose of buying a laptop fails. A keyboard should have enough space between the keys and should offer solid tactile feedback with a reassuring key.

An ergonomic keyboard is a revolution in typing and it waves off the discomfort while typing and minimizes the muscle strain.  A good touchpad should consist of capacitive touch and should respond to multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom.

Battery Life of best budget laptops

Various best inexpensive laptops are available in the market at different prices. Long battery life is critical while making a buying decision. However, if the laptop is plugged in all the time, long battery life is not important.

Some computers have integrated batteries that cannot be changed. Eventually, these computers will become small desktops only.

Go Through the Specifications

Laptops, even the best inexpensive laptops, vary in terms of which components they come with, thus one needs to keep an eye on certain mentioned basic components:

  1. Graphics- Usually most laptops come with integrated graphics, which use less energy and suit the requirements of most of the people. Always buy a laptop with a dedicated graphics chip.
  2. Screen- For people who want to prepare professional presentations or are into gaming, they need larger and high-quality screens. Laptop screens are generally measured diagonally, either in inches or in centimeters.
    1. CPU- It is known as the brain of the computer. Here is a snippet:
      a) Intel Core i3 / i5- If you are looking out for the best budget laptops a core i3 or i5 is a perfect shot. It is the best combination of reasonable prices with amazing performance.
      b) Intel Core i7- It yields a high-end performance for gaming rigs and workstations.
      c) Intel Pentium- It only goes for basic tasks such as Web surfing or document editing.
      d) Intel Atom: They perform the same features as of Pentium with an edge of having a better battery life.
  3. Drives- If a laptop doesn’t offer a required built-in DVD drive, you can always buy an external one. Hard drives have more storage capacity and are less costly than traditional solid-state drives.
  4. Memory- RAM is a very crucial feature for a laptop to function effectively. Before purchasing a laptop, check if its memory can be easily upgraded. The hard drive comes to the rescue in case memory stands inefficient.

Plan in advance to buy best budget laptops

Various best laptops under $1000 are available in the market that suits almost all the basic laptop needs. However, a more budget comes in more performance, feature-driven and quality packed a laptop.

How much budget you want to spend on your laptop will help in structuring other important decisions. A normal laptop starts from $150 and goes up to more than $2,500 or $3,000. However, do not snap on a low-quality laptop just for the sake of price.


Look out for the technical details and set a budget frontier, before initiating the process of buying the best budget laptop. Do not comprise on the brand, as with the good brand comes with accurate and timely technical support.

Be clear-cut in your mind as to what you want from a laptop. Buy a laptop that suits the requirements and enjoy browsing in the comfort of your lap.

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