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How To Select Best Tablet For Kids

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With the emerging technology, even kids have changed their taste regarding the toys. Now they want different gadgets to try their hands on. And there is no doubt that you don’t want to compromise with your new expensive gadget, do you??

But on the other hand, you definitely want your kids to be smart and use the latest technologies! So what’s the solution now?

The best solution seems is to get your kid a new cheap kids tablets. Yes, the market is full of its best kids tablets. Tablets, which is compatible with the latest gaming apps, fulfills your child’s needs, which is sustainable and don’t hurt your pocket.

There is a vast variety of tablets on the market which are kid friendly and cheap. But do you know what qualities should be there in the good cheap tablets?? If not, then read this guide.


Today, I’ll walk you through a comprehensive guide on how to select the best tablet for kids. Keep reading the guide!

How To Select Best Tablet For Kids

If you have decided to get your kid a new tablet, then first you need to analyze the purpose of the tablet, then your demands! If you are sure of both of these, you can easily select kid friendly tablets for your kids.

So let’s look into the qualities which best tablets for kids should occupy!!

Parental controls

This is a must have quality in the tablets specifically designed for kids. Technology has a dangerous side too! You can’t keep track of your kids activity all the time, so parental control is something you can’t ignore in a kid’s tablet.

Tablets with Parental control lets you set the time hours for how long your kids should use the tablets. You can’t, of course, let your kids use the tablets all the time.

You can even limit the contents your kids should have access on. So in short, if the tablet is for your kids, make sure the tablets have this feature inbuilt. Or move to check for another tablet.

Robustness and Durability

Durability is also a very important factor to be considered. You can’t expect from your Kids to sit quietly and use the tablet. Smooth and easy handling of the tablet is something, which can’t be expected from kids at least.

If the tablet is for kids, it’ll have to go through lots of drops and harsh treatment. So make sure the tablet you buy is robust and durable. Because you can’t get your kids new tablets every next day!

However, the tablets specifically designed for kids are already sturdier and durable, but you should give special attention to this factor.

Weight and screen size

Too big in screen size and heavy weighted tablets can be difficult for your kids to carry. So make sure the tablet you buy is easy to carry. If your kid is around 2-3-year old, then weight and size matter the most.

There is no sense in buying something which doesn’t meet its purpose. And for the kids aged around 10 years, small screen won’t fit the bill. So when it comes in size, make the decision wisely!

Apps and preloaded contents

Every kids tablet comes with some pre-loaded apps and contents. Since the tablet is for kids, its major purpose should be education and entertainment.

If your kids have particular demand for some apps and contents make sure it’s there on the tablet. Other than this, educational apps and kids-friendly apps are mandatory.

While buying the tablet, it’s your duty to check for the contents i.e. games and apps very carefully. In a kids tablet, everything should be kid-friendly!

Customer Service

While buying anything, we should all consider this factor. After all, we are investing a good sum of money. In addition to this, anything for kids, have to undergo a harsh treatment, so there are fair chances that you’ll soon need the tech support.

So the tablet you buy should have some warranty/guaranty period with good customer service support.


Price should be your own choice. It’s completely up to your budget. Certainly, you would not like to invest a great amount on something which is under kids charge, where things are hard to survive.

Apparently, there is a huge number of cheap tablets for kids in the market. Just make sure you select the right one!

Battery life

Battery life is again an important consideration. Since the tablet is for kids, it has to be long lasting and sustainable. Make sure the tablet you buy has a battery life of minimum 6-8 hours. Anything less than this won’t make much sense.

Because elders can take care of the battery and can charge it on-time. But we can’t expect the same amount of sincerity from kids.

That’s it for the guide! Above mentioned qualities are some mandatory qualities which the best tablet for kids must possess.

But, before going for any tablet, you must check the customers reviews. You can’t judge any product by its specifications on paper. If other users have satisfactory reviews, then only go for the product.

If a tablet has all the qualities you are looking for but what if it does not have a user-friendly interface?? And apparently you can’t know if a product is user-friendly until you know the opinion of the users who have tried it in real!

So, first decide your needs and demands, if you are sure of them, then check the above-defined specifications and at last know the reviews of other customers.

If everything seems good, then you have got your right choice, just go for it!

Now it’s time for me to wrap up the article! I hope the guide will help you to get the best possible tablet for your kids!

I would love to know which one did you buy and how vis your experience with it. For any query or suggestions, fill the comment form below and let us know, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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