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How to Change IP Address in Less than 30 Seconds?

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How to change the IP address in less than 30 seconds? That’s your problem? Well, you’re in the right place and I already know a couple of things about you.

First, you need to change your IP address, that’s kinda obvious. And second, you’re going to do something either for fun or for professional reasons which require you to hide your identity and cover tracks fast, faster than a VPN will do the job for you, well anyway I’ve got the perfect solution.

In a normal case where time isn’t of the essence, I’d have recommended a VPN of course as a solution to your problem of how to change the IP address. But I get your “special” requirement, but before addressing the issue, let’s start from the basics, shall we?

What is the IP Address and Why Would You Want to Change it?

I’m pretty sure you already know the answer, but still let me just humor you.

The IP Address is your footprints on the internet, it’s like your cell phone number, something that can be traced back to you, to your geographical location and in some cases even your direct name registered with the ISP.

So the “why would you want to change it” answer is pretty obvious isn’t it?

You don’t want the world to know what you’re doing on the internet, or maybe you don’t want them to know it’s you who did something specific, something that isn’t legal or allowed by the law enforcement services.

The most common scenarios when someone wants to hide their IP Addresses:-

  • Hiding their online identity.
  • Doing something illegal.
  • Accessing blocked websites, as some websites are blocked in certain countries, hence changing the IP address “virtually” puts you in a different country and hence makes the website accessible for you.

So well yeah there is quite a number of reasons when and why someone would ask questions like How do I change my IP address or How to Change IP Address in simple steps.

Now, there are simpler solutions to it than a VPN, let me just list the reasons out why you might not be comfortable using a VPN:

  • VPNs aren’t always free.
  • VPNs mostly keep logs. Meaning they know your real IP addresses.
  • They’re slow. They get you a list of third-party servers and IPs you can use, but scanning, finding and then connecting to one takes time.
  • Reduce Internet speed:- Yeah speed capping is a major issue with just about any VPN you can imagine.

How to Change IP Address in Less than 30 Seconds:-

So we’re down to the section you’ve been waiting for, let’s get right to it. In fact let me assure you, the whole process takes around just 3 clicks, and less than 30 seconds (of course)!

You need to hit the Start button on your Windows Operating System, and type “cmd” in the search box.

change ip address

It will bring up the terminal for you, where you need to type this exactly:- Ipconfig /release

How to change your IP address in less than 30 seconds

This will shut down your internet connection for now, but don’t worry about that. Once the above command has been carried out, just type “ipconfig /renew”.

how to change ip address


You didn’t even know it and you got yourselves a brand new IP address! Now, this was the simplest method to do it. And a good thing? You can do it as many times as you wish, no limitations. Although I’d seriously advise against using it very often, it’s more of a last-minute retreat.

Other Methods to Change IP Address:

The best alternative for you, of course, is using a VPN! A VPN is a third-party Virtual Private Network. In simpler English, take them to be a bunch of freelancing IP addresses, which the VPN lets you use either for a cost or sometimes free.

The other alternative is to use a SOCK, which is a more advanced and secure method but it’s complicated and is almost never free, additionally it can’t be set up in 30 seconds, so if you’ve been looking for the 30seconds thing specifically, I’d say the primary method I discussed here to change IP address should help you out.

Final Words:-

So that was all Folks on How to change the IP address in less than 30 seconds. I’m sure it helped you, right? It’s pretty simple, and fast, and there’s no third-party software download or registration needed so yeah I think nothing could be simpler.

Although you can still go with the other options I’ve discussed to change IPs, but if you want the “best” browsing experience and your identity exposure isn’t a problem, in that case, the native IP assigned to you by default is the best bet.

Anyway hope this piece helped, if you’re stuck somewhere or something isn’t working, do make use of the comment box and let me know I’ll get back to you. Also, do hit the share button, keeps me motivated.


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