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Chegg vs Course Hero 2023: Which One Is Best

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When it comes to online tutoring platforms, you may have heard of Chegg VS Course Hero.

Both companies offer academic assistance such as homework help and study guides, but they are not exactly the same.

In this blog post, we will take a look at each platform’s features in-depth and uncover which one is right for your learning needs.

Chegg Overview:

Overview- Chegg
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Chegg is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California.

It provides digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, internships and job searches, scholarships and course reviews for students.

The company focuses on helping students save money by providing them with affordable educational materials. Chegg also offers a variety of other services such as expert Q&A, online tutoring, college admissions counseling and more.

Additionally, Chegg provides services that connect students with potential employers and internships.

Chegg’s mission is to help make education more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The company has become an invaluable resource for students from all walks of life who are looking to further their studies.

Chegg’s services are designed to provide students with the best resources and support possible.

By offering a wide range of educational materials, online tutoring services and more, Chegg is committed to providing students with an exceptional learning experience.

Chegg works hard to ensure that all students have access to the highest quality materials and services available.

The company works closely with educational organizations and institutions to provide students with the latest in scholarship and course materials.

Chegg also partners with employers to help connect students to internships and job opportunities that will help them take their career goals further.

Course Hero Overview:

Overview- Course Hero
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Course Hero is an online learning platform designed to help students succeed in their studies.

Students can access a library of over 25 million course-specific study materials from a variety of sources, including textbook solutions, lecture notes, practice problems and more.

Course Hero also provides other resources such as expert tutors for personalized help, study groups and Q&A forums, and online tools to help students organize their studies.

With these resources, students can get the help they need to understand difficult concepts, study more effectively and stay ahead of their classes.

Course Hero is an invaluable resource for any student looking to succeed in their education.

Course Hero also offers a Scholarship program that provides financial aid to deserving students. The Course Hero Scholarship program awards up to $5,000 for college tuition and academic expenses.

This is a great opportunity for students who need help with the cost of their education and are willing to work hard and achieve their goals.

Chegg VS Course Hero: Services

Chegg vs Course Hero- Which One Is Best
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Chegg has a wide range of services available for college students, including homework help, 24/7 access to tutors, study materials, and even online courses.

Chegg also offers a Q&A service where students can ask questions and receive answers from experts in the field.

Course Hero focuses mainly on providing access to course material and studying aids such as flashcards, slideshows, video tutorials, practice tests, and more.

Course Hero also has a Q&A service, and students can ask questions in the forums or get direct help from Course Hero tutors.

When comparing Chegg and Course Hero, it is important to consider both the type of services offered and their cost.

Chegg’s services tend to be more expensive than Course Hero’s, as they offer more comprehensive services.

However, Course Hero’s services tend to be more specialized, making it a better choice for students who need help with specific aspects of their course work or want to focus on one particular subject. 

Chegg VS Course Hero: Features

Chegg vs Course Hero
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They offer a variety of features to help students succeed. Chegg offers step-by-step solutions to problems commonly found in textbooks, textbook rental, online tutoring, and a library of expert answers.

Chegg also provides the option for personal study resources such as flashcards and practice quizzes.

Course Hero offers study guides, practice tests and quizzes, flashcards, and virtual tutoring. They also offer course reviews to help students make informed decisions about their courses.

Both services provide access to an extensive library of materials as well as on-demand help from experts in a variety of topics. Both also offer scholarship opportunities for students who use their services.

In addition to these features, Chegg and Course Hero both offer mobile apps that allow users to access their resources on the go.

The apps provide easy access to notes, flashcards, practice tests, and more. Both services also have an intuitive interface that makes studying easier and more efficient.

Pros & Cons:


Pros and cons- Chegg
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  • Access to millions of textbooks, study guides and other educational resources.
  • Extensive library of over 22,000 expert-verified solutions that can help you understand difficult concepts quickly.
  • Offers customized tutoring services so students can get direct help with their questions from experienced tutors.
  • Provides access to an online community of learners where students can ask peers for help and support. 
  • Offers test prep materials, scholarships, internships and other resources that can help students unlock their academic potentials.


  • High subscription costs can be prohibitive for some students on a budget.
  • Limited access to resources outside of the U.S., including textbooks and tutoring sessions.
  • Quality of tutoring services is not consistent and some students may get better help than others.
  • It can be difficult to find the right answer as there are a lot of resources available but not all of them are applicable for your specific problem.
  • Refunds require filling out a form and may take up to 14 days.

Course Hero:

Course Hero- Pros and Cons
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  • Accessibility – Course Hero is available around the world and can be accessed through a variety of devices, making it easy to find resources no matter where you are.
  • Variety – With over 20 million files on their platform, users have access to a wide range of study materials covering almost any topic.
  • Expertise – Course Hero offers the ability to connect with subject-matter experts who can offer personalized advice and feedback on your work.
  • Tools – The platform provides access to helpful tools such as flashcards, practice drills, and quizzes that make studying more efficient and effective.


  • Cost – The platform fees can be prohibitive for those on a limited budget.
  • Privacy – Although Course Hero does provide privacy settings, there is still the potential for sensitive information to be shared and viewed by others.
  • Quality Control – With so much content available, there is no guarantee that all of the materials are up-to-date or accurate.
  • Limited Reach – While Course Hero is accessible globally, there may be some areas that it does not cover thoroughly due to language barriers or lack of content.

Customer Reviews Of Chegg & Course Hero:

When it comes to customer reviews, Chegg and Course Hero have generally favorable ratings.

Most customers appreciated the convenience of renting textbooks with Chegg, as well as the ability to quickly find answers to their homework questions.

Many also praised the company for its excellent customer service. Course Hero also received great feedback from customers.

Many reported that they found the platform to be very user-friendly and intuitive, which made it easier to find the answers they needed.

Additionally, customers appreciated being able to access a library of helpful materials, such as study guides and notes from other students.

Overall, when comparing customer reviews of Chegg and Course Hero, both services seem to provide customers with a reliable and convenient solution for their educational needs.

Whether you need help finding answers to your homework questions or are looking for an affordable way to rent textbooks, these two companies have proven themselves to be a great resource for students.

What study materials do Chegg and Course Hero offer?

Chegg and Course Hero offer a wide range of study materials for students. Chegg offers textbooks, textbook solutions, course reviews, practice tests and study guides.

It also provides expert Q&A services to help students with their homework. Course Hero offers study documents such as lecture notes, class notes, flashcards and study guides.

It also provides online tutoring services and a library of content from experts in various fields.

Chegg and Course Hero offer digital versions of textbooks, giving students more options for how they want to access the material.

In addition to these study materials, both sites provide access to discounts on textbooks and course materials. This helps students save money while still having access to the resources they need.

With all of these study materials available through Chegg and Course Hero, students have the tools they need to succeed in their studies. 

FAQs: Chegg vs Course Hero 

Q: What are the benefits of using Chegg vs Course Hero?

A: Chegg offers a wide variety of study materials and tools such as 24/7 homework help, step-by-step textbook solutions, expert Q&A, video lessons, and more. It also provides an online library of over 3 million titles. Course Hero offers tutoring and 24/7 expert help, as well as access to over 20 million study resources. Both services also offer a mobile app so you can access your materials on the go. In addition, Chegg provides an exam prep tool that will prepare you for upcoming tests and exams. Course Hero also allows students to upload their own notes, study documents, and practice tests for other students to use.

Q: What is the cost of using Chegg vs Course Hero?

A: Chegg offers a variety of subscription plans, beginning at $14.95/month or $119.40/year. Course Hero also has several subscription options, ranging from $9.95/month to $119.40/year. Both services also offer a 7-day free trial for new users.

Q: Does Chegg or Course Hero have better customer service?

A: Both offer 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. However, customers often report that Chegg has better customer service, as they offer more detailed and helpful responses to their customers' inquiries. Additionally, a higher percentage of users report being satisfied with their customer service experience when compared to Course Hero.

Q: Does Chegg or Course Hero have a better library?

A: Chegg offers an online library of over 3 million titles, while Course Hero offers over 20 million study resources. Both services also offer a mobile app so you can access your materials on the go. Additionally, Chegg provides an exam prep tool that will prepare you for upcoming tests and exams. Ultimately, users may find one service more useful than the other depending on their specific needs.

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Conclusion: Chegg vs Course Hero 

Both of them offer a variety of services at different price points, so it really depends on your needs as a student.

If you need more comprehensive help, such as one-on-one tutoring or live chat features, Chegg is a great option.

However, if you’re just looking for some extra practice materials or information on specific concepts, Course Hero can be a more affordable choice.

Whichever route you decide to go, make sure to do your research and take advantage of any free trials or discount codes that are available.

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