How To Clear Google Search History

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Needless to say, Google is the best search engine in the world. For any query, doubt, or research the only source of help we can think of is Google.

Do I need to say, Google provides the best search results for every query we put in? We spend a lot of time on the internet searching for various stuff.

Sometimes, we search for stuff that we don’t particularly want others to find out! In order to prevent our search records from being revealed by some nosy person, we often resort to clearing the browsing search history!

But I’ve something to share with you. Your search history is not only get saved in your browsers, but Google also stores a copy of it online!

One can still view what you have searched on google so far, even after deleting it from your browser by logging into your google account using another computer.

Many people, however, due to lack of knowledge try deleting the history from browsers. But, If you believe that wiping out your history from the web browsers save you from unveiling your searches from the world, let me tell you are pretty wrong!

Google history delete is a must if you want to enjoy secure browsing. So, to delete google history, I have shared this guide. By following the guide, you will get to learn how to clear google search history step by step.

How To Clear Google Search History

In this guide, I will let you know all the possible ways to erase google history. Clear Google search history really helps us to gain secure internet surfing.

Saving history sometimes proves to be handy, since it allows us to access old stuff we have accessed earlier, but sometimes it may create a fuss which we never want to get into.

In the below guide, I will let you know how you can use google delete history feature and delete voice, youtube history with the step by step procedure.

Deleting Search History From Google

The history appears on Google when we type the same word or similar to the word, we have searched earlier. For example, I have searched on google online shopping websites. Now, whenever I will type even ‘O’, Google will automatically start giving suggestions including our old search.

Confused? look at the screenshot below.

The purple coloured suggestions are my search history. After seeing the screenshot, you might be wondering how to clear google history. Right? It’s very simple. To delete the search from the list, click on remove in the right of the search suggestion.

Once you do that, it will be deleted from the list instantly without any delay. And a notification will appear in the place of that history saying “The search history was removed from the web history”.

This was a quick way to clear google search, but sometimes when you have a long list of searched items, then you might find difficulty in recognizing the search terms.

So, to clear history google gives a facility where you can delete the entire history that is Google Web & App Activity. Here, you can delete the history according to the time and period by logging into your google account.

If you are already logged in, then you can directly go to the web history page by this link.

Once you have landed on the page, you will see something like the below screenshot.

As you can see, at the front page total searches will appear

Here, you can delete search history as per your requirement. To do so, you have to click on the Menu button at the top right corner (with three vertical dots). After clicking on that, a drop-down window will open. Select Delete Options. 

Once you click on Delete options, a new small window will appear before you Delete Web & App Activity for: 

As you can see there are three options available “Today” “Yesterday” and “Advance” in verticle manner. Select the option accordingly. If you want to delete today’s history select “Today” If you want to delete Yesterday’s history choose “Yesterday” and confirm delete by clicking on DELETE.

After clicking on the DELETE button, a confirmation window will pop up, click on DELETE again.

Or, if you want to delete history from the past week, select Advance. After clicking on Advance, you will see there appear two options All time & Past 4 Weeks. Select the past 4 weeks.

Or, if you wish to delete all-time history simply select All time and click on delete and you are done. Have a look at the screenshot to get it better.

This was the complete guide for deleting search history from Google. Moreover, you can delete your youtube history from the same window.

To do so, click on the Settings option at the Top-left corner. As you can see there are various options, without thinking much select Youtube Watch History or if you want to delete Youtube search history then select the last option.

For deleting, the further procedure is the same as for the google search history.

Select “Today” for Today’s history else, follow the same procedure explained above. That’s it. This is how you can delete google search history either it is text search or YouTube from the Web & App Activity page you can easily remove searches.

If you find any difficulty to clear google search history, feel free to ask we are always here to help you. And if you liked the guide, do share it with your friends and relatives. You can check out our interesting guides on how to clear browser history from here!


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