How to Clear Netflix History?

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We are living in the Netflix age; no matter you got a day job, are an entrepreneur or an alien, well yeah everyone just loves Netflix simple as that. What makes Netflix different from torrent or something else? Well that, you can stream movies and series. (So what? There are other apps capable of doing that, huh?) Well with Netflix, it’s legal, simple as that.

And considering it’s popularity I took on to write this piece on how to clear Netflix history. Cause of the “obvious” perks  I needn’t mention right?

If you are new to Netflix thing, here is how to find new movies on Netflix.

What is Netflix?

It’s Okay if you don’t know about Netflix yet. Maybe that’s why you arrived here or maybe not. What’s the Netflix and what it does?

In this section, we’ll be running through basics of Netflix, so that you don’t feel embarrassed with your tech savvy friends.

Currently, Netflix is the giant bandwagon in streaming, for both movies and TV serials. Not only a streaming website, but they also made their original series such as orange is the new black.

Why is Netflix So Popular?

Currently, it has 65 million subscribers and the numbers increases as your clock is ticking.

Netflix started as mailing DVD to users and in a short span of 8 years, this turned into a giant company and streaming 3 billion hours of videos every month.

Also, Netflix is more than just a movie and TV serial streaming website. They also made their original serials, and they went traditional.

Crispy Netflix Facts:-

Netflix Statistics:
The Year when Netflix is born was:1997
Year of digital distribution launch: 1999
Year of Netflix IPO: 2002

Whooping! The Total number of Netflix subscribers are 75 million as reports of 1/19/2016.

A large segment of Netflix subscribers is of U.S. – 40 million. (report 4/15/15)

The total Number of hours Netflix users watched in 2015 year was 42.5 billion streaming hours.

10 billion hours users spend watching Netflix as the report of 2015. This is rapidly increasing as new reports.

While sharing your Netflix password is not suggested, if your account is logged from more than two devices, you’ll be locked out.

But 30% of Netflix users manage to share account’s credentials.

At this time, Netflix is accessible for streaming movies, ages old movies and some of the original serials. House of the cards and orange is the new black are the names.

By using Netflix, whatever movies you had watched, will be kept in history. We’ll help you Remove history from the Netflix.

Some of the users may want to hide some activity from others. In this post, we’ll explore how to remove Netflix watched movies history or to remove particular films from the watched movies history.

So you’ll never feel awkward, even if someone check your account activity. This will help you not get into those embarrassing moments we’ve been talking about.

If you are wondering how to watch Netflix on TV, here is an absolutely easy guide explaining to you how to watch Netflix on TV.

Why to Delete History on Netflix:-

This new features it the embarrassment avoid function, So your colleges or anyone would not be able to see the list of the movies you had watched last night or the day when you was alone or with your “best friends” maybe! (We all have a “special” circle, huh?)

It also helps you clean your activity feed.

Well, basically our history is kind of our personal log, huh? We just don’t want everyone out there poking their noses into our personal interests.

Well personally I’m a very private person, I don’t like others checking my playlist or photo album, and same goes with my Netflix account too so no doubts I’d want my Netflix viewing history off the charts.

If you own a Netflix Child account, you probably won;t have the option to remove Netflix recently watched movies. It is because you do not want your child to fall into the wrong ditch, but otherwise, you’re free to proceed.

How to Clear Netflix History?

If you wanted to clear recently viewed on Netflix on your own, here is the instructions.

Login to your Netflix Account – on Just in case, you are thinking about changing the Netflix’s Password, here is how to change Netflix Password.


Go to “MY Activity” page; You’ll be able to notice after each movie’s title there is remove ‘x‘ button. By clicking on that, the specific movie title will vanish away.


For confirmation, you see this message “will be deleted from your activity on all devices within 24 hours.”

Also, you want to delete Netflix history to stop seeing recommendation based on your watched movie on Netflix.

Obviously, this task is pretty simple if you are curious about how to clear recently watched on Netflix, but it can be tedious to remove all watched movies from the activity page.

Final Words:-

So yeah that’s pretty much about how to clear Netflix history. And as you must have seen by now, it wasn’t something that needed a lot of degrees or technical knowledge, but rather just a tap on the screen.

If you wanted to use Netflix on Chromecast, you can do that very easily. All you need to setup the chromecast and stream the Netflix to it using your smartphone.

So I’m guessing this piece solved your curious minds queries over how to clear Netflix history or how to clear recently watched on Netflix, huh? Still you might have some doubts, and that’s the reason the comment-box down there is still functional! Make use of it.


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