How To Delete Linkedin Account?

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Want to learn how to delete LinkedIn account?? No wonder if you have made that choice. Many people out there want to learn how to delete LinkedIn profile for various reasons.

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals. Many people join in a hope for meeting like-minded people, to explore their connection, to flaunt their skills, and conceivably many other reasons are there which make people join this social networking website.

If there are so many benefits of being on LinkedIn, then what’s the reason people keep questioning like how to deactivate LinkedIn, how to delete LinkedIn, how to delete a LinkedIn account and all in all.

Certainly, there are some features which distract people from using LinkedIn. I’ll illuminate those points later in the guide. But before that, let’s figure out the process to how to  delete the LinkedIn profile.

How To Delete LinkedIn Account

You can easily delete LinkedIn account without much of a problem, just a few steps and you are done. We will walk you through the guide step by step but before that, let’s have a look on some of the reasons leading people to delete linked in.

What Reasons are Causing People to Delete Their LinkedIn Account:  

1.. One of the advanced features of LinkedIn is showing the visitors of the profile. Not all the people like this feature thus they choose to stay away from LinkedIn.

2. Lack of privacy is another point which is making people discontinue from LinkedIn. Everyone can watch each other’s connections, which not everyone feels like sharing.

3. The issue with Linkedin is access to emails. You get notified of every single activity happened on linked in including your connection’s status updates.

Although, we have options to change the privacy settings to get less number of emails but not everyone knows about such features, and they find deleting as the only option.

Well, these points were just for discussion purpose. Our original motive is to walk you through the step by step process for deleting linked in account. So shall we proceed??

Step 1. The first step is to log in to your LinkedIn account you want to discontinue. This is a must to follow step. If you have lost your password, then click on the forgot password link below the password field and enter your email address associated with that account. You’ll soon receive an email containing the password reset link on your email account, click on that link and reset your password.

Once you are done, just log in with that ID and password, and move to step 2.

Step 2. Once you are on the LinkedIn homepage, click on your profile picture located on the top right corner and go to privacy settings page. If you can’t find the option, just have a glance at the below screenshot.


Step 3. The next step you should be doing is to click on Account Management. I’m not putting any specific screenshot for this step, but I’ve highlighted the point in the fourth step.

Step 4. Under Account Management, you’ll see an option called Closing your account, just click on it. Below screenshot will highlight all the options mentioned in step 3 and 4, have a look.


Step 5. In this step, you need to specify the reason behind your account closer. You can choose the appropriate reason and click on Next.

Step 6. Now you are just a step away from being your linked account closure. For the security purposes, you need to put your LinkedIn password for your account deletion. Just put the password in the password field and confirm account deletion by clicking on the Close account button.

As soon as you click on the close account button, your account would be logged out, and you will see the following message.

Your LinkedIn account is now closed. Although you no longer have access to it, it’ll take a few weeks for your public profile to disappear from search engines.

It means you have to wait for few weeks to get your account deleted permanently. These are the only steps you need to follow to delete your account. If yours is a premium account, here’s how you can cancel your premium LinkedIn account.

Delete or Close Premium Linked Account:

If you are a premium user of LinkedIn and not getting value out of your subscription, deleting linked is not the only option for you. You can cancel your subscription at any point in time and use the free version without any hassle. Here’s how to cancel your subscription.

Click on your profile picture on the top right> Privacy and Settings> Under Accounts type click Cancel subscription> Choose a cancellation reason and click Continue> Cancel my subscription.

This is how you can cancel your subscription and avoid deletion account. But remember, if you have a Sales Navigator account, you can’t cancel your subscription by the above process. Instead, you have to visit the Sales Navigator website for the same.

You can cancel your Premium account by clicking here. Do all the needful billings and all formalities and revert your LinkedIn account as a free one.

Remember, all the extra features offered to the premium users will be taken away from you once you cancel your premium account.

Points to Remember While Deleting LinkedIn Account:

Following consequences, you’ll have to face while deleting your LinkedIn account permanently.

1.. Your account will no longer be visible publicly.

2. You will lose all the endorsement you have collected, recommendations you’ve got so far and can’t get them back.

3. You won’t have access to your connections, your profile data, information, messages and everything else you have on your account.

4. Your account would be visible on LinkedIn for few weeks, and search engines will keep it showing temporarily for few weeks or months according to their policies.

If you are fine with all the above-mentioned points, you are good to go.

I hope you got all the important points clearly regarding how to delete the LinkedIn account. For any doubt, query or suggestion, feel free to comment below.


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