How to Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp | for Both iOS and Android

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Messengers have made our lives really easy, by keeping our friends and families in touch or for that case with the increasing trend even animals may start using these messengers a few years later ;-).

One of the best and the most used messenger app is Whatsapp.

Facebook recently reported a drop in their engagement, one of the biggest reason to that according to me is Whatsapp, because people can chat, send pictures and even voice messages from there phone itself wherever they are, so why to sit on Facebook.

I have seen many of my friends who just sit online on Whatsapp for the whole day, and when I ask them “What’s the fun in that ?”

The answers that I have heard the most is ” We stay online so that we don’t get bored” and the second one is ” So that we can chat with our boyfriends or girlfriend for the whole day”,

However, according to me, chatting for the complete day on Whatsapp would rather increase the number of break up’s, than preventing them :-D.

With all the ease that Whatapp actually provides you, it also has some features which are actually annoying and life finishers in some cases ;-). One such feature is the “Last Seen” feature on Whatsapp.

If you are also fed up of this feature and finding a way to disable it, you are at the right place. In this article, I will be giving you the complete tutorial of how to disable Last Seen on you Whatapp.

The procedure for iOS and Android is a bit different so kindly follow the steps under the respective heading.

For Android Users:-

1. Well, Android is an open source operating system, doing almost anything is very easy as compared to iOS. So all you need to do here is download and install an App by the name “Last Not Seen”

2. This app is not available on the play store, but I have a .apk file for the app which you can easily download and install from here Last Not Seen

3. Once you Installed the App, you are good to go. Enjoy being invisible on Whatsapp now 😀

For iOS Users:-

1. iOS being a bit sophisticated and a closed source mobile operating system, to perform such changes it might get a bit hectic but don’t worry, I have a complete solution for this Last Seen problem.

2. Firstly make sure that your Whatsapp is updated, otherwise, you won’t be able to access this feature. If it’s not working kindly update it first.

3. Whatsapp’s latest update gives you an option to disable last seen directly from your settings panel  (only for iOS)

4. Once you’ve updated, Simply go to Setting, click on advanced, there you will see an option for Last Seen TimeStamp, just turn it off and you are ready to stalk Whatsapp without being visible to anyone else.

Hope this tutorial helped you out, to save your self from the situations that might pop up once you are seen online by someone 😉


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