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How to Download Images from Flickr?

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Are you a fan of flicking through images on Flickr? If you are, then at one time or the other this thought must have taken root in your head,”These pictures look wonderful! How to download images from Flickr?” Well, today we answer just that very question. We will show you how to download Flickr album so that you can have those pretty images with you at your fingertips!

So, before we begin to describe how to download photos from Flickr, let us first give any newcomers who might have stumbled onto this post, an idea what Flickr is all about. The easiest way to possibly describe Flickr is by designating it as Instagram’s ugly little sister. But then isn’t that what Tumblr is all about? Well kind of yeah, I guess we should formally introduce Flickr then.

What is Flickr?

Acquired by Yahoo in 2005, Flickr is at it’s basic an image and video sharing website. Despite best efforts from Yahoo, it has not been able to excel at either image hosting or video hosting. Falling behind market leaders Instagram and YouTube on both the fronts, Flickr still commands a fair amount of content and daily visits.

How to Download Images from Flickr?

Flickr is an app for managing photos. This app requires cellular data or mobile data to use it. Photos can be shared through this app to whom you want.

The photos you share can be downloaded as well your friends’ shared photos. There are several processes to download images from Flickr.

Method 1: How to Download Images from your Own Photostream?


Step 1.

At first, go to the website of the Flickr, i.e.,

Step 2.

Sign in into your Flickr account with your Flickr user ID and password.

Step 3.

After logging in you will get to see some options beside the Flickr tab like, ‘You’, ‘Explore’, ‘Create’ etc. Click on the ‘you’ tab and then go to ‘camera roll’.

Step 4.

Now your photo albums will be opened. You can either select your photos one by one or you can select entire albums if you want to download all pics of a particular album. Be sure whether your selection is complete.

Be sure whether your selection is complete.

Step 5.

Once you are done with choosing photos, come to the bottom of the screen. You will see a download option there. Click on the download button.

Step 6.

You will be notified how many photos you are downloading or you have selected. Click on the notification to choose a place where to keep the downloaded pics.

If you have selected a bunch of pics, then you may be asked to download Zip by a notification. Click on the notification to make a zip file. After that, choose a location to save the zip file.

This way, you can successfully download images from your own photostream.

Method 2:   How to Download Images from your Friends’ Photostream?

Different users of Flickr have their own settings of the photos. All of the pics may not be downloaded. If you can see a sign of download, i.e., a downward sign in arrow, below the photo on the right corner side; only then the pic is downloadable.

Step 1.

At first, open the image you want to download.

Step 2.

Check whether there is a download option for that photo.

Step 3.

Click on the downward arrow and you will be shown different sizes of the picture.  Choose larger volume of the picture to get a better resolution or choose as per your requirements.

Step 4.

After selecting a size download it.

Step 5.

Then find a location where you want to keep the picture saved.

This way you can download images from your friend’s photostream.

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Method 3:  How to Download Flickr Photos by using Flickr Downloader?


There is an app called Flickr Downloader by which Flickr images can be downloaded. This app runs with Google Chrome web browser. Follow the steps below to download Flickr album or photos:

Step 1.

Search for Flickr Downloader app for Chrome at Chrome web browser.

Step 2.

Click on the ‘Add to Chr0ome’ button to download it.

Step 3.

Then download and install Flickr Downloader app for Chrome.

Step 4.

After the installation is complete, open the app in Chrome browser.

Step 5.

Type, chrome://apps in the address bar of the Chrome browser. Then press enter to open the apps for Chrome.

Step 6.

Few apps will appear on your screen. Click on the Flickr Downloader App icon to open it.

Step 7.

You will see some options on the left-hand side of your app screen. Click on the House or Home icon to search for something.

Step 8.

Type any particular topic name or your friend’s name to search there.

Step 9.

Then open the photos and choose which ones you want to download.

Step 10.

Click on any photo to select it, click on it again to unselect it. If you choose more than one photos, it will be added to the download pile.

Step 11.

Once you have selected, then click on the arrow which is on the bottom right corner. It will start the download.

You will get few more options like choosing the volume of the picture you want to download in. At last, you have to select a location where you want to keep the downloaded pictures. With this, we come to the end of the final method on how to download photos from Flickr.

Final Thoughts

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