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How You Can Easily Download Videos And Music On PC Or Mobile

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Looking to download videos and music on pc or mobile, i’ve got you covered.

Today I want to bring you some tips and recommendations on how to download videos from the internet, because when you decide to make a blog, but you are a real newbie, any advice is little, and believes me that this process cost me mine.

What usually happens to all newbies, is that we want to tell or write about something, we try to document ourselves so as not to make a fool of ourselves and suddenly we find a video that we like on youtube, and we want to edit it or just use a few seconds. And then, how to download that video?

That is why I have decided to write this post, which although simple and modest, I hope it is useful in your efforts to make a blog and provide it with good content and quality.

Why download videos or music from the internet?

Well, although at the beginning of this post, I have oriented this article to get “usable” content on your blog or website, what I am going to tell you also serves you perfectly if what you intend is to watch videos or listen to the internet music(Youtube, Vimeo,….) without having to depend on a connection or without having to consume the data rate of your smartphone.

Keep in mind, that what we are going to do with this process is to download to our devices a video or sound file, as we can find it in youtube, for example, and that therefore, it is as if we were connected to the internet, but without depending on a connection.

Where to download videos or music from the internet?

Although this seems obvious, I always like to think that there are people who read this blog, who are very novices, like me, and that is why I prefer to explain everything in detail, so the most “advanced” do not get impatient.

As I always say, I tell you my experience, which is what I can talk about and what I have been able to prove. In my case, I have always done the download of videos and music on pc and phone.

Differentiating the download in these two devices fundamentally has to do with so what you are going to use the download, and especially how you are going to have to do the download.

How To Download videos and music on pc or mobile?

Now that I know how it is done, I can assure you that I am embarrassed to think about the time I spent on this, but when you see how simple it is, you will also hallucinate.

If you like, in the case of downloading videos on pc, I will focus exclusively on youtube, since in this network you will find practically anything you are looking for.

Well, let’s get to work.

  1. Go to the youtube page to find the video you want to download.
  2. In the youtube search engine do the search for the video or music that we want to download.
  3. Once we have found it click, as if to play it.
  4. Stop the video and go to the browser bar.
  5. Once the video starts playing, we go to the browser bar, and remove the following: “https://www.” and we replace it with “ss”, the rest of the browser address we leave the same and give it an intro. You will redirect us to a page like this

Finally, the only thing you will have to do is give the link free download and …… That’s it!!!

From that moment you can use the video or music that you have downloaded from youtube as you want.

How to download videos or music on your Mobile?

Surely, if what you are thinking about is downloading videos or music on your mobile, it is that you are a content eater and do not want to depend on the data connection or coverage to do so.

In this case, and as I said at the beginning of the post, you must do it with an app, since the system that I have told you for pc, in this case does not work.

There are several apps or applications to download videos or music on your mobile, and depending on the one you use, you will find different facilities or difficulties. In this case I tell you two possibilities to not go crazy.

  • TubeMate: It is an application with which you can download most of the videos hosted on youtube, although its installation is complex and you must access the root system of the phone.
  • Videoder: Videoder is an app, which allows you to download practically all the videos hosted on youtube. You can find very complete tutorials for example in

Why am I staying with Videoder?

Well, very simple, it is an app, very simple and modern use, since its development is relatively recent and because it is easy to find pages like,where they tell you to step by step how to install and use this app without going crazy.

Also, keep in mind that if you decide on videoder to download videos from the internet, you will be able to use it with your android mobile and iPhone, and you will not only be able to download videos and music from youtube but from many other platforms such as Vimeo and Dailymotion among others.

Why use

I have been reading all kinds of blogs for a few years, of many topics, and many hours of self-taught learning, and I can assure you, that as much as possible, I want to avoid that you also dedicate (not to say lose) as much time as I do in learning about some things.

That is why, when I want to talk about a topic, and I find someone who has already spent time developing it, I always try to share what I have already found.

In you will be able to find a series of tutorials and aids for downloading and using the app, preventing you from spending more time than necessary, to start downloading and using videos from the platform you have chosen.

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