Everything You Need To Know To Monetize Your Blog And Not Die Trying

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In this article, we’ll talk about Everything You Need To Know To Monetize Your Blog…

If you have a blog and you have time in this medium you may have wondered how to start making money with this quite interesting mechanism to generate income that could make you dedicate yourself to this full time, you should keep in mind that a blog is a space in which you edit your ideas personally, you choose one of the topics of interest to you or even one of the trending in social reference, to start writing about it so that you bring the attention of readers and even entities that wish to invest with your page and that help you in your mechanism of monetizing the blog.

There are several methods that you can use to start generating income from your blog because you will only have to learn to use some of the best-known measures throughout the internet, ads, user traffic and link cuts are some of the most famous to generate income effectively, however, Is it really worth monetizing my blog? It is one of the questions that everyone who has one asks themselves because they may think that this will make them lose readers and users.

Everything You Need To Know To Monetize Your Blog and the benefits this presents?

There are many elements that make you think that monetizing a blog is a mechanism with which you can generate some income through your entries to the page, but is it really worth monetizing a blog? We leave you the best aspects of why to do it:

  • High maintenance costs in the blog, while you are growing in the field of the web, more and more you have to add improvements in your blog, however at a certain moment you will have to start paying for these plugins or tools that will help the popularity of your blog, so it is important to have the capital you need to invest in your page, some of the most common expenses when maintaining a blog reflect:
  • Buy for the annual domain of your blog
  • Plugins and tools that allow you to improve the quality of the article effectively
  • Images and multimedia are elements, since the images in blogs can become quite expensive, it is known that you can even pay about 1000 euros for about 25 images a day that optimize the blog.
  • Management of great trade and hours of work, among many processes that make the writing process a definitive means of work, because you can spend hours in front of the computer just to make an entry, write, curate, edit, inform yourself and promote the content make maintaining a blog a pretty hard fact and for which it would be considered to earn money for it.
  • An effort that is used to get readers, being that you do not work in a physical medium, get readers and be able to keep your blog constantly updated make this work a fact with which you need to constantly strive to be able to generate a fair remuneration about it.

Knowing that monetizing your blog offers good benefits, how do I do it?

Before any decision to start making money through your blog you should take into account some important facts to determine the profitability of this income, some of these factors involve:

  • Having a fairly large number of readers, between 40 thousand or 60 thousand a month is a good estimate
  • Cover more than one element in your blog to handle more than a single point of view
  • Maintain a monthly order of publication and effectiveness
  • Management of SEO optimizers
  • Passion for working as a Blog (and we mean knowing how to handle the frustration generated by working in a medium as competitive as the internet)

Once you have evaluated each of these situations and know that you have the necessary aspects to develop your blog in a productive way you must know what are the best ways to make money with this:

  • Google Adsense, one of the most lucrative for pages with high records of visits
  • InfoLinks, allows you to insert links in keywords, and one of the most popular
  • Sales of goods and services, training courses, special events, or Webinars are some of the best known
  • Paid content tools to help you sell your creations, blog templates, e-books, podcasts and endless digital media
  • One of the best known are advertising banners, many pages use these mechanisms, however they can become somewhat annoying
  • Sponsoring important content, many virtual companies want content that involves promoting some product or linking to their direct page, so it’s a good idea to work for a good investor.
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