How to Find Good Email Names?

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It has been a long time Since the email was invented, and I personally I am very grateful to whoever did it although I don’t get it a single man with inventing the email so naming him won’t  be possible for me.

But the point is email has become like the birth certificate of humans on the planet; everyone has got one. And that makes it kind of hard for you to get a good email address for yourself just because you were born late, so that’s what this article is about, How to find good email names.

It’s not something very technical, something that requires a degree in rocket science, but this is something even Ph.D. holders in rocket science might be struck with.  I mean you type an email address, and it has already been taken.

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So, your email ID becomes extremely long, or totally irrelevant. Now that’s what I’m trying to solve in this piece, trust me by the end of this piece, you’ll get the superpower to churn out professional Email address ideas right in your mind.

So what do I mean when I say Good email names?

Well, something that precise, something that tells your senders that they’re sending it to you, and something that’s not as long as the Eiffel tower and something that has class in it.

Well, having email address ideas which consist of all the above flavors and spices isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, so yeah let’s get you the best Email accounts!

How to Find Good Email Names:-

Let me be honest; my current Email address is derek.******.****[email protected]

Trust me; it’s extremely unprofessional, long and confusing! Well, it was created 6 years ago when I was just taking my baby steps in the IM world so yeah I had to go with it and overtime it got distributed over the web to my clients, companies, and friends and I got stuck with it forever.

So I know the pain of not being able to come up with professional email address ideas at the right time! Because now I’ll be stuck with that E-mail forever, since the day I die, isn’t that unfortunate?

So yeah let me send some tips out for you so that you don’t end up being me!

Add in Your Profession:-

Well if your name is John Blake, take my word for it I’d bet all of my assets that you won’t find “[email protected]” on Gmail right now, it’s as impossible as the earth being square!

And well taking something like “[email protected]” won’t really work out in the long run! The moment you pitch this E-mail Id to your friends, they’ll run off. Your clients? They’ll find a new service provider. So yeah you can’t go with that.

So a potentially viable option is, to add in your profession along with your Gmail ID you’re trying to have. For e.g.,. There’s a good chance of “[email protected]” might be available.

Or hey, you got a company? I am pretty sure you chose a unique name for it right? So another good idea is to add the name of your company as prefix or suffix.

Let’s say “[email protected]” or if that’s not available, try sticking the company name both as a suffix, and a prefix. “[email protected]” .(But hey that’s getting pretty long huh?)

Now try this, “[email protected]” . See? Problem solved! Just Abbreviate your Profession or Company, and add it either as a Prefix, Suffix or both!

Although hey, don’t make it too “prominent and self-concerned”, for eg. I’ve seen people using [email protected], damn that looks just so much of a self-promotion. And totally unprofessional, so make sure you balance your profession well without making it look to bold.

The Dot Rule:-

So you have been experimenting with Gmail for a long, long time, trying to move the dot here and there huh? And still not getting good email names?

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And you’re just frustrated about How to find good email names right now, yeah I get that much. I mean how could someone thing up of [email protected], right?

Let me tell you, no matter where the dot is placed, to Gmail it’s all the same! Well yeah if I’m taking [email protected], means I’m taking all the other accounts that might look like [email protected] [email protected] or whatever! So yeah the dot doesn’t work with Gmail.

So, don’t waste your time trying to find out new positions for the dot, instead, think of a new alphabetic sequence. For eg. try something like [email protected] (this is what happened in my case!) 

or [email protected] or whatever.

The point is,  replacing the dot position won’t achieve you anything, so instead focus on finding new styles for your Email account!



They work like Charm! Well yeah see just adding abbreviations as prefix, suffix or even in the mid way somewhere does the trick.

For, e.g.,. for John Blake, you could probably use [email protected], right? It becomes pretty unique. Or something like [email protected] so yeah they all keep it simple, short and unique!

So don’t go too hard on the abbreviations, experiment and play around them and you’ll get the best email accounts around the globe for yourselves.

Custom Domain Email Accounts:-


This is the best way to get unique Email names!

If nothing else works from the above section, this just will! It solves your “How to find good email names” problem right away. Additionally, it guarantees extreme uniqueness and 100% availability of whatever Email name you want!

So yeah if you’re on the internet, you probably have your own website too. Even if it’s not running, you at least have a domain for yourselves right?

So what about [email protected]? It’s 100% unique, short, has your name exactly as you want and the email provider is your own domain, so that adds in the professionalism without saying!

For eg. [email protected] or [email protected] are just the best possible examples of best email accounts across the globe aren’t they?

So yeah get a domain if you don’t already have one, and then I guarantee you a 100% available email ID because it’s your own freaking Email provider, man!

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Final Words:-

So yeah that was about it, if the above tips can’t help you find the best email accounts for yourselves on the globe, I don’t know what will.

Hey if you had the doubts of How to find good email names, I personally guarantee you, even if nothing else works, that Custom Domain Email accounts thing will, 100% there’s just no doubt to it.

So don’t hold yourselves back, go out there and grab the best Email accounts right now!




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