How to Fix Netflix Not Working?

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Is Netflix not working? Here are few problems that could be the reason for Netflix not working and solutions are given as well. There are few ways you could try without waiting for Netflix support to get back to you for fixing the problem.

When you see the questions like ‘Is Netflix down?’ or ‘Why do I have these Netflix problems?’ every now and then, then the information given here should help you get over all such difficulties.

The problems like Netflix error codes, common Netflix problems on iPad, Android, iPhone, PC, and Netflix connection problems are covered here. Also, information on methods to be adopted when there is trouble streaming Netflix to your Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, and other connected devices is given. You can also stream Netflix on TV.


Usually, Netflix doesn’t go down for an extended period of time for people using it, but there are many areas where the users might face a problem that is sure to disturb its streaming sessions when all the different apps and the internet is at good speed.

Here is a collection of problems of Netflix along with specific solutions that the user must try when it simply can’t be streamed.

  • Is Your Netflix Not Working?

This is a very usual occurrence and people often ask if Netflix is not working because they encounter some of the below-mentioned errors.

  • Apologies as we are not able to provide Netflix service. Visit or try again later
  • Can’t make a connection with Netflix
  • Can’t operate at the moment
  • Netflix is unavailable right now
  • Netflix is not available at the moment
  • Not able to establish connection with Netflix
  • Android Error: Failure in connection

If you see your Netflix app not working, you can make use of DownDetector to check where the problem lies while using Netflix. According to this service, if Netflix is not working and there is a big raise in complaints, then it might not be useful to continue at the moment as the system requires a repair from Netflix support.

You could try resetting the connection or taking a test on a mobile phone internet connection to check if there is any problem because sometimes it might be more than that.

Causes for Netflix not Working

One can also see the latest Netflix issues on the Twitter feed of Netflix CS because the company has confirmed that there are issues searching Netflix, problems of Netflix streaming, problems with using Netflix in Apple devices or smart TVs, and some other bugs that can disturb your plan.

There is a possibility that Netflix is not running because of the problems that start at home – might be with the internet connection at your place. Here are few ways to eradicate such common issues with Netflix.


  • How Can the Issues of Netflix Streaming Be Fixed?

This usually happens due to a poor net connection and users wonder why is Netflix not working. This could occur anywhere, but usually happens where the internet connection is shared.

You can do a speed test on your device to check if you are getting the least desired speed for HD and SD quality. Here are few ways to fix this.

  • Restart your Smart TV, game console, or whichever device it is that you are making use of for streaming Netflix.
  • Restart the router. Disconnect the router from power for about a minute and then connect it back again.
  • Restart the modem. Disconnect your modem away from the internet for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Check the location of Wi-Fi router. If the router is covered in the background of something, then move it to a place where it is properly workable and take it out so that it is not hidden anymore.

If one still faces problems, try making a connection of the device to the modem from the ISP with an Ethernet cable to find out if the router is causing the issue here or is it an issue with the company that takes payment for giving the internet connection.

  • How Can Netflix Connection Problems Be Fixed?


If you can’t establish a connection to Netflix at all, then check if you can visit other websites on your device. If you are able to access other websites, you can attempt to fix the issues with connecting to Netflix.

People on mobile devices must switch to cellular or Wi-Fi and check if the problem is solved because sometimes you might just be on a poor connection and the switching might help you. Other methods are to restart the Netflix app, restart your device, or uninstall and then reinstall the Netflix app.

  • How Can the Netflix Error 1011 and 1012 Be Fixed?

This is the most common problem faced on Netflix. Go to Settings on your device, scroll down till you see Netflix and select Netflix, choose Reset and press the Home button. Now open Netflix once again and log back in. If this is of no help, try restarting your device.

  • How Can the Netflix Error 12001 Be Fixed?

When this error occurs, it means that the data on the device is out-dated and needs to be cleared.

  • How Can the Netflix Error 1016 Be Fixed?

This error occurs when there is a poor internet connection. On your home screen, swipe up and select the Airplane mode and wait for about 30 seconds and tap on airplane mode again to switch it off.

  • How Can Netflix Password Be Reset?

At some point, you are required to reset your Netflix password, and here is the information is given on that. Go to My Account and select Change Password. Enter your old password and set a new password.

  • How to Fix Netflix Apple TV Problems, PS4 Problems, and Black Screen Problems?

For Netflix troubleshooting, here are few ways. Start by resetting your Apple TV. Disconnect it from the TV and internet for about a minute and connect it back in. You may also like to read about searching for movies on Netflix. You can easily find New movies on Netflix.

On your PS4, go to TV and Video Screen. Select the Options button on the controller and select Delete and then OK.

Go to the website of Netflix Cookie Clearing; this will get you signed out of Netflix and delete few files from your device. On completion of this, go to Netflix again and log in.


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