How To Get Free Ebooks For Kindle

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Gone are the days, when we had to rely on the hard copy of books to fulfill our reading desire. It’s the era of technology and almost everything has turned online now, so have books.

There are a number of e-readers like Kindle and Nook that are available in the market presently, which enables us to read e-books without any hurdle. More than a million books are available in the Amazon Kindle store. But the only problem is, most of these e-books are paid.

If you are also fond of reading, you must be pretty aware, that having a reading habit sometimes cost us a few dollars. What if I say, you can get the amazon kindle ebooks of your choice without paying a penny?

Wonder how?? Today I’ll show you how to get free ebooks for kindle.

How to get free ebooks for kindle:

Getting e-books for free is not notional. There are multiple ways through which we can get free ebooks for kindle.

There are plenty of websites which offer free e-books like Google Books, Many Books, Internet Archive, etc.

Amazon itself is a pool of free e-books. It doesn’t only offer premium e-books, but a numerous amount of free ebooks are also there. I’ve tried to list out the best free e-book resources. Have a look.

Websites That Offers Public Domain Collection Of Books

Below is the list of websites which offers public domain and classics books collections. These are copyright expired books thus asks no charges plus some of the newly released books as well. You can enjoy reading them on your Kindle any time you feel like.

1. Open Library

Open Library is a project of the Internet Archive. According to them, they have gathered over 20 million records to date.

Open Library offers numerous free e-books for all the users. Also, they provide e-books in MOBI format. It means we don’t have to use any conversion software to convert file extension since kindle supports MOBI file extension.

2. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is a great source for free e-books. They have a collection of over 33,000 e-books. The good part about these e-books is, they provide all the file extensions including .mobi.

Besides, they keep their library up to date with the addition of new books every time. So, if you are still wondering how to get free e-books for Kindle, give this website a try.

3. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is another good resource to get free e-books for Kindle users. They have a huge collection of e-books of the public domain that too well categorized.

You can navigate through the categories and have reading pleasure by reading the books of your choice.

4. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the largest collection of classic and free domain books over the Internet. Almost all the books, whose copyright has been expired can be found here. Project Gutenberg offers almost 50,000 free e-books.

5. Kindle Store:

Amazon itself provides a large number of free e-books. To get those e-books, you need to go to Bestsellers in Kindle Store and navigate through Top 100 Free. Here, you will find a list of hundred awesome free e-books. You can pick any of them as per your requirement.

But, make sure you keep yourself updated with this list since the list gets updated a couple of times a day. So, if you won’t be aware chances are to miss out some awesome books.

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the largest collection of information over the internet. They provide a huge number of e-books that too in .mobi format.

It means we don’t have to even convert the file to any other format. Also, they have all the e-books which are provided in the google book search. The major difference is Google doesn’t provide files in .mobi format, we have to convert them to use it in the Kindle.

7. Popular Classics

Popular Classic is a list of all the free e-books available on the Amazon. These are all the public domain books which are no more under any rights and have been made available for public use.

Apart from all these, there are many other websites like Smashwords, Munseys, DigiLibraries etc which offer e-books. So, you don’t always have to buy them always, you can get them for free as well.

If you are a Kindle user, you must be aware that Kindle supports .mobi file extension for e-books.  Most of the websites I’ve mentioned above provide e-books in the .mobi format already.

But for the rest of them, you have to use file conversion software like Calibre to convert files to the desired format.

After knowing how to get free ebooks for Kindle, you are all allowed to read as many e-books as you can. There are no confines like money. Free stuff is always likable and when these free things are of your choice, it feels like heaven.

Let us know your views about amazon kindle books. If you know any other websites which offer free ebook downloads, feel free to share with us. We will highly appreciate this.

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