How to Get Started with Sugar Calender In WordPress In 2023?

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Adding events is simple. Just create a post or page like you would any other content.

From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Calendar and Add New.

On this page, you will be presented with the normal WordPress editor. Fill in the event title, details, and featured image.

If you wish, you can categorize your event into appropriate sections. When showing event calendars, you have the option of limiting the calendar to only show events from specified categories.

These fields should be filled out with the date and time of your event. The duration can either span from day to night or vice versa; just make sure that you fill it in properly for both instances!

Sugar Calender Review - How to Get Started

Events can recur daily, weekly, or monthly. You are able to select an end date for each event as well!

Sugar Calender Review - How to Get Started2

Entering the location where you plan to host your event is simple! Just click on Location and fill out any necessary information.

Sugar Calender Review - How to Get Started3

When you’re done adding in all the information, click “Publish” or “Update” if you are modifying an existing event.

How to Use Sugar Calendar Free Version

This plugin is so simple and lightweight, it’s a wonder why everyone isn’t using this! Plus if you’re handing off your site to less technical people (like clients), they’ll love how easy things are for them too.

Basic Setting Configuration

When you install and activate the plugin, it’s pretty easy to get started with events right away. However, there is a settings area that might be worth looking at before going through all of these features in order to make your life easier!

The Display tab has basic settings for how you want your date and time displayed. The following are possible choices in the “Date/Time” section:


The Editing settings page is where you make two important choices. The first choice regards which event editor to use – either the new block-based one or Classic mode (which is the default). Enabling custom fields means that your developer can extend content on this same principle for storing any additional information about each individual occasion.

sugar-calendar-review-configuration part 2

The Time Zones tab lets you choose whether to offer a single time zone or multiple ones. You can also automatically convert the user’s local one into their own, which is an easy way for events pages!

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