How to Do a Google Reverse Image Search on Phone?

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If you ask me why you need the Google image search, I’d say it is helpful for you,while  finding Original Source of an image. It can be useful while finding an images’ higher Quality or maybe Similar Images. So, well there are a number of reasons why you might want to know about How to do a google reverse image search on Phone.

A lot of time, journalists use this service to find an image’s approximate date when it’s first uploaded on the internet.As well as it can be also used to determine, if someone is using your images without your permission. So see? It’s like being Jamesbond, although it sounds a bit like reverse image search google.

Photographers can use ‘search by image’ feature to know about other websites that are using their photographs. And thus you get a free to use copyright checker that way, right?

By default Desktop user will get option to Drag-and-drop any image from their hard Disk to do reverse images search. But when it comes to using Reverse Image search from Mobile, it’s a bit tricky. Just in case, you wanted to turn off Google Voice search, you can do in few steps.

Let’s find how ways to do Reverse Image search from your Smartphone.

Why Would You Want to Do a Google Reverse Image Search:-

Before heading out on the quest on how to do a google reverse image search on phone, it’s of utmost importance to know why would you want to do a Google reverse image search mobile style at the first place, right?

Well, ofcourse as I explained in the introductions, it can be used by journalists for various users, or for checking copyright issues.

But the one methods (Which I’ know you’ll like) is, I use it to check how legit a certain image is on social networks. Ther are millions of profiles out there on Facebook and twitter, and a lot of them are fake.

So my favourite use of the reverse image search is, I just take out the profile picture (which mostly is a girl) , and then put it back into google reverse image search. If that image appeared anywhere else on the internet, Google is going to tell me about it.,

And thus I get a clear picture if the profile is legit, or just another scammer.

How to do a Google Reverse Image Search on Phone:-

Here are 2 best methods to perform a Reverse Image search from your Mobile Device. In each method, we demonstrated the step-by-step procedure to find related or original image of any image you’ll upload.

Here are 2 best methods to perform a Reverse Image search from your Mobile Device. In each method, we demonstrated the step-by-step procedure to find related or original image of any image you’ll upload.

Native Method for Reverse Images Search:-

A workaround is there that will let you use official Google Image Search website for reverse image search from a mobile device. By using this method you’ll need a browser that supports formatting a web page as Desktop version, Such as Google Chrome.

You’ll need an Android/ IOS / Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Make sure you have Chrome installed on your phone. If you can’t find chrome, you need to download it from play store (android), other phone OS should download chrome from their App stores.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome App in Smartphone and navigate to this Link

Step 2. By default, you’ll see a mobile-optimized page for the Google images, which don’t have the option to upload images to do the reverse image search. As you can see in this image.

{Image _

At this time TAP on the THREE DOTS, which are located right, top bar?

In order to enable Reverse image option you need to, tap on the “Request Desktop Site”.


The Google images search page will be refreshed and this time, it will load the Desktop version on your mobile.

Now you’ll see camera icon next to the SEARCH button.


Now this is the option you’d be using to reverse google image search.

STEP 3. Tap on the Camera Icon.

You have 2 option to find similar or original images via Entering an images link or Uploading an image from your phone.


If you are uploading from the phone, click on the other tab says ‘ Upload an image’ you’ll be asked to choose the sources.


Choose any gallery and navigate to the phone you want to do the reverse image search with.


Tap on an image, It’ll start uploading the photo to Google and a request will be made for reverse images search.


On the next page Google will show similar or original photos of your uploaded images.


The Easy Method to Do Reverse Image Search from Your Phone:-

In this method, you’ll be using a tool, which let you upload a photo from your mobile – converts it to BASE code and send HTTP request to Google to make a Reverse Image search request from your mobile.

Step 1. Head over to this little web tool from your smartphone –


Click on the ‘Select Image’ and select an image, you’ll be asked to choose image’s location. Select image with you want to do a Reverse image search.


Your image will be loaded in the Web tool. (it will be converted into BASE64 code by the tool.)


Next, click “Search” button and it will upload your photo to Google images as BASE64 code and in next page you’ll see the Image Result page.

Few images may not be shown to you, for that, you have to turn off the Google Safe Search. Here is how you can turn off Google Safe Search for getting all the image search results.


So far you’ll be able to find related images with Google Images on a mobile device. As well as tracking your original work by utilizing the reverse images search algorithm.

The native method works on major Smartphone’s operating systems. On the other hand, the Web tool works seamlessly on a wider range of mobile devices. So I’m

So I’m guessing you don’t have any more doubts lurking in your mind about How to do a google reverse image search on Phone right or how to reverse image search mobile style right? Yeah I hoped so.


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