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How to Watch HBO Go Without Cable?

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So you want to get HBO Go without cable, right? Don’t worry! I can help you do the same.

Before a while, HBO was only available via a cable subscription. Nonetheless, wireless has been trending for a while now. For the same reason, there are plenty of people who want to watch HBO without cable.

Is it really possible? Can you get HBO without cable?

The reason is yes, it is possible. You can’t always watch HBO via cable subscription especially if you are on a journey.

That being said, let’s move on to the core of the post.

How to Watch HBO Go without Cable?

Here I am going to walk you through multiple methods, using which you can watch HBO without a cable subscription.

Are you ready to uncover the ways? Here you go!

Method One: Sign Up for Amazon Prime


You heard about Amazon Prime, didn’t you? It is a premium subscription-based service offered by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Once you become a subscriber, you will get guaranteed two-day delivery in selected areas.

Beyond the guaranteed delivery duration, you get a lot more with a Prime subscription. If you are a music lover, you should sign up for it because a subscription gets you access to a music library containing over a million songs.

Amazon Prime Video is another subsidiary service offered only to the Prime members. You can watch tons of videos, movies, and TV shows. How does it sound?

Are you a person who finds no time to read books? What about audiobooks? It helps you save time as you can listen to it even during your daily commutes. You need to download a special app called Audible, though.

Being a Prime member brings you a lot more bonuses as well. Every deal on Amazon is first released to its Prime subscribers.

So the point is, you can watch shows on HBO without a cable, using your Prime membership. Yeah, it doesn’t really offer an HBO online subscription, to be precise. Still, you can access some content.

They don’t allow you to access everything on HBO Go. Considering all the benefits, signing up for Amazon Prime seems a good deal. You can definitely go for it.

Method Two: – Use Sling TV


One of the popular methods to watch HBO without cable is via Sling TV. If you are a non-US resident, you may be new to this.

Sling TV is an online streaming service. Yeah, you need to pay some bucks based on the plan you choose. As you want to get rid of the wires, you are going to love this service.

Sling TV needs you to pay about $20 for the basic subscription that includes about 25 channels. If you want to get more channels, you can go for intermediate or expanded packages as well. As the number of channels increases, the monthly amount also increases.

You don’t have to pay anything extra for channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, and AMC. They have a seven-day trial. So, you can decide whether it suits you the best or not by using it for a week without paying anything.

You are billed every month and, a cancellation doesn’t bring you any penalty as well. That’s why Sling TV is future-proof.

If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can avail a flat 30% discount for Sling TV subscription. Means the monthly charge will only be around fourteen dollars.

So, does it really offer HBO Go? It does, but you have to pay an extra amount of $15 per month. That makes it the total cost $35.

You can stream the content in SlingTV using your computer, Android, iOS devices and smart TVs as well.

Method Three: – Go for Comcast


Xfinity is an internet provider. You can avail television service with Xfinity Comcast.

They offer two types of packages; the first one includes phone, internet, and TV whereas the second one includes the last two only.

The company claims to provide about 100 Mbps speed. The upload speed is approximately 20 Mbps.

The monthly price starts from $29.99 and can go up as you choose more premium resources. Not to mention, they come with an HBO online subscription.

Method Four: – Get Your Friend’s HBO Credentials

The final way to watch HBO without cable is to get access to a working account. Yeah, HBO NOW is their wireless option for those who want to eliminate cables.

HBO Go wants a cable subscription; be it online or offline whereas HBO NOW is a standalone streaming service aiming the wire-cutters.

Both the services (Go and NOW) offers similar content that you can get access to every episode within one hour after it goes on air. So, there are not many differences between those two services.

The principal difference I see lies in the price. HBO Go pricing can be varied from provider to provider. Still, HBO NOW is available for a price of $15 per month.

If you are ready to spend that much amount for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, go ahead and subscribe to HBO NOW. You won’t regret it later as they have a lot of series going on and a lot more are yet to come.

You love freebies, don’t you? Then, you can enquire among your friends whether any one of them has subscribed for HBO NOW or not. If anyone has, I am sure that they won’t mind sharing the same with you.

HBO hasn’t announced sharing the credentials as illegitimate.

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to get HBO Go without cable. Do you know any other methods? I am waiting to read it below in the comment section.

In case you face any issues regarding HBO Go online subscription, you can get back here and, scribble down the same into the comment form. I will find a solution as early as possible.

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