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How to Translate Hindi to English Online 2023?

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The Internet is a great medium to establish a connection between the entire world. The only thing that makes us apart is the language barrier.

All humans are the same and all of us are different in no manner except their way of living including the language we speak!

Many times situation occurs when we search for an article on the web, we find content that seems appropriate to our search but it’s not in our native language.

But the Google giant magically has solutions to all our queries. They have a solution for the language issues as well.

The name of the workaround for the language problems is Google Translator!

The Google translator is one such tool that is no less than a boon for those who have text in some language but want it translated into some other language of the world.

If you are Indian, you can translate your text from Hindi to English and vice-versa with just a few clicks. Similarly, any language can be translated from one to another in literally easy steps.

By the text I meant any text, it can be a word, a sentence, or a paragraph. In fact, even a web page can be translated with a Google translator.

In this article, we will go through the step-by-step process of How to Translate Hindi to English Online using Google Translate.

How to Translate Hindi to English Online?

Google Translate is really flexible and supports around 103 languages at various levels. The accuracy of the Google translator can’t be claimed 100%.

Although it works great in most cases the translations can be wrong sometimes.

Take it as a disclaimer and head over to the guide.

The steps for using Google Translate are given below:

Step 1. Open any web browser on your computer and go to In the search bar of Google, write Google Translator and press enter.

Now click on the first result. Or you can directly go to Google Translate by clicking here.

You will immediately get redirected to the Google Translator official page, which looks exactly like the below screen.

google traslater - How to Translate Hindi to English Online

Step 2. Now click on the detect language drop-down menu to select the language we want to translate into another. See the screenshot below to locate the option easily.

In the drop-down list of all the supported languages, select Hindi since we have text in Hindi to convert into English.

google traslater 1 - How to Translate Hindi to English Online

Step 3. By default, the translator converts our desired language into English since it’s the national language, thus we don’t have to select English manually in the output box.

If we wanted the text to convert into the other language, then we had to select it by clicking the drop-down menu next to the Arabic.

google traslater 2 - How to Translate Hindi to English Online

If you want an even easy solution, just search for Hindi to English in Google, instead of Google Translate. You will see two boxes in the search result.

One is to input the text in Hindi and the second box, is to give the result in our desired language i.e. English.

The Good part of making a search this way is we don’t have to select the language manually from the Google Translator page.

Step 4. Once the desired languages are selected, it’s time to write the text in our native language, in our case, it is Hindi, and converts it into English.

Now start your desired text and click the Convert button located above the output box.

In fact, no need to click any button. As sooner you will start writing in the input box, Google Translate will start converting the text into English.

See the below screenshot check out the translation of a sentence I wrote in Google Translate.

And if you searched for Hindi to English in Google, the translation result will look like the below image.

hindi to english - How to Translate Hindi to English Online

Following the above two methods, you can translate words, sentences, and even paragraphs into English.

Initially, the accuracy of this translator was not so good, but over time google Translate seems to be improved and the translations provided are nearly accurate.

Step 5. That’s not it. Google translator even offers web page translation. Yes, you can even convert an entire website into your desired language.

To translate a web page, all you need to do is to write the URL of the website as the input text and click on translate.

Step 6. As sooner you click on the Translate button, you will see the converted version of the website.

You can surf the website the way you want and leverage this amazing feature of Google Translator that too for free.

There are more tools available on the web for the same purpose.

Like if you want to translate just a word from Hindi to English, you can use a free online dictionary like Hinkhoj.

Using this dictionary is extremely simple. Visit the website from the above link and write your desired word in the search field and make a search for it.

The very next moment, you will see the translation of the word in the result.


You can get even more online tools, dictionaries, and websites for language translations in the Google search but for me, nothing is better than Google translator. It’s free, fast, and reliable!

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in many parts of the world, thus Hindi to English translation is one of the most searched translations over the Internet.

India is the second-largest country in the world and Hindi is the national language of India, you can now imagine how many native speakers Hindi have.

Moreover, many other Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and several other countries have Hindi speakers.

For all those people, who have something in Hindi but they want it to get translated into English and many other languages, this article is of significant help.

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I’m now wrapping up the article with the hope, things will now become easy for you!

What’s your best way of translating texts into English, let us know in the comment section below.


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