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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Blog In 2023

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Blog?

After an undeserved vacation in my work as a blogger, I am here again, to expose another of “The Lies of Blogging“. In this case, I want to tell you, how much it costs to have a blog.

I think it is fair to say that I created this post at the request of one of the readers, Jorge, who has asked me to know how much it has cost me to have this blog.

What types of blogs you can have? And How Much Does It Cost To Have A Blog?

Perhaps it is best to start at the beginning, answering questions such as What is a blog? Can I have a free blog? What kind of blog is better?

For not being repetitive, what I am going to do today here, is to give a few brushstrokes, but I recommend that if you want to know in detail all these aspects, you can read this blog article, “free or paid blog”

  • What is a blog? A bit like a beast and so that we understand each other quickly, it is like having a diary on the network, where you tell what you know, what you think, or what you want.
  • Can I have a blog for free? The answer is a resounding YES.
  • What type of blog is better, free or paid? Ahiiiii friend, good question. The answer is very Galician. Depends on….. To “fiddle” and/or try, Free. If it has another purpose…. of payment.

What you will need to have a blog

If you want to have a free blog, you don’t need much more than having a Gmail account, which will give you access to the free Blogspot platform. Go directly to this article, if you want a free blog, and you will discover what you need.

So if you have continued reading, it is clear that you are interested in having a blog, and that it is free, which may not convince you at all.

Well, what I said, I’m going to tell you what you’re going to need to have a blog (paid) and more or less what it costs to have a blog.

A Hosting, or space where you are going to host your website or blog

I do not want to spend too much time explaining that it is hosting, but for us to understand each other, it is the rental of space on the network, where you are going to save (host) your website or blog. This will be the first “important” disbursement of your website or blog, and although you can find many prices, calculate that you will spend between € 70 and € 100 / year.

I have tried several Hosting, and some have been painful, and I would not recommend them. For me, the best hosting I have tried has been bluehost. And I wouldn’t recommend 1&1, although it’s very cheap.

A Domain

The domain will be the address of your website or blog, and what people must type in their browser, to reach your website or blog. Giving a very silly example, as if it were the postal address of your house.

The domain can be hired at the same time as the Hosting, and if you are a novice, it is what I recommend.

The price varies depending on where you hire it, and if you do it together with the hosting, it is normal that the first year will be free. From the second year, you will more or less pay between € 6 and € 12 / year.

A platform to create your blog

In order to publish your website or blog, you have to build it first, and for this, you need a system that helps you build it. (forgive me those of you who know more, for the simplistic language)

For me the simplest platform and the one that has more free options (and paid of course) you will find is wordpress.

The cost of this platform, and almost everything you need to be able to publish your blog, is FREE. When you start “working” your blog, surely you have a specific need, and there you will have to pay something.

Training to get started in WordPress

This is not mandatory, although I recommend it, and if you do not know anything about anything, instead of voting many hours to research, make a small investment in training in the use of WordPress.

I hired a course, and it cost me €99. In addition, along with the course, they “gave” you the GENESIS framework, which gives you many options to do cool things.

The course is simple and all practical, with well-explained videos. Sure there are other frees, but I did well with this one from Omar.

Summary of how much it costs to have a blog

If you have come reading this far, you will have seen that it is not really complicated, nor too expensive to make a blog, but I will give you a summary so that there is no doubt.

As it does not cost to have a blog the same, the first as the rest of the years,I will give you some data so you know how much it costs to have a blog the first three years.

Other costs not considered of having a blog

I think now yes, you can get a real idea of what it will cost you to have a blog, but the truth is that there is something else, that I have not told you.

Once you start with this blog, and you are able to “survive” the first 6 months, that is, you do not throw in the towel for lack of willpower, you will surely spend something more.

Without going into much detail, keep in mind that when you make your blog, you will want it to look increasingly professional, and for this, you will have to use some paid plugins. Oh, don’t panic is normal.

In any case, do not think that you are going to spend a lot of money, unless you over the pasta, and you start spending like crazy.

In my case, I will have spent about $150 on plugins, and I will give you some advice. Before buying, analyze well what you need, ask who knows, or consult blogs. The money worst spent is the one you invest for something you are not going to use.

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