How to Access iCloud Photos

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With the explosion of data and the data capacity of numerous handheld devices in the market, the data storage issue is becoming a raging factor in the market. Numerous companies came out with their in-house solutions to secure data, while Apple worked on it for an elongated time frame and developed a comprehensive solution named iCloud.

Basically, iCloud is the cloud storage solution meant to store, restore and secure data from Apple devices like iPad and iPhone. There may be many concerns related to iCloud like you may have forgotten how to access iCloud photos last time, and if that happens to be the case, then this guide will help you out.

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However, there have been indigenous feedback when people faced problems with accessing iCloud photo library and eventually challenges clashed in its marketing while Apple users used it happily. Few say that the security ensured is not enough. Some say that it has data threat possibilities. But under the flagship of Steve Jobs, the concept succeeded under the reign of Apple.


Many supporting documents and blogs are found now that makes iCloud photo sharing process a child’s play, but to understand how to access photos on iCloud, people needed help because it’s the smartest phone on planet, and definitely, it needs certain tech support for iCloud with the basic trouble of how to get pictures from iCloud.

It is very flexible for picture enthusiasts to capture photos; it’s for those who are not worried about taking pictures at any time. How to view photos on iCloud Data is not a problem for them; click GBs of data and upload it on iCloud. It’s one of the robust applications in the same segment across the tech realm.

So, the application was made so easy and handy that it is completely a cake-walk for seasoned users, but the novice users might struggle how to view iCloud photos. It’s a simple question with iCloud customer care.

However, Apple is not carried by any naïve user; mostly it’s a techie’s gadget. But keeping in mind the ever fluctuating market and forecasting the need for analysis of the future market, the application was futuristically compatible.

Apple always intended high degree quality and rich and loyal customer base; hence, the article will enlighten all those who have just started with their Apple gadget and are eager to know more about how to exploit the smartest gadget on earth.

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The best thing is that people cannot resist themselves from clicking pictures on iPhone due to its ultra- rich quality camera. But the main concern is for transferring the information to the system. The article will teach you simple steps to the process to access your pictures from iCloud whenever and wherever you need to.

How to Access iCloud Photos on iOS Devices


With Apple iCloud, you may easily access your pictures online whether you are at the office, at home or on the move. For this, you may do the processing through iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The only basic per-requisite is the internet and Apple ID. If someone in your office or friend wants to see any picture, then you can simply put on the Shared Photo Streams option on your device or phone.

Now let us take a tour about how to use Apple iOS device

  • Click on the settings button on the home screen on iPhone, iPad and tap “iCloud”. The on and off option is clearly visible; you need to that turn on, and Apple ID is displayed. Now click on the Photo Stream to enjoy your own pictures and other pictures in Shared Photo Stream and iCloud.
  • Go to the Photo app option on the home screen and click on photo stream option on the screen. If you find any difficulty in locating it, you may find Album or Camera roll at the right top corner of the screen to make the stream button visible.
  • Click on My Photo Stream to see your own pictures. If someone else has shared some pictures with you, you can see them under the settings of Photo Stream Album. You may simply install iCloud Control by downloading it. Now, install for Window’s iCloud Control Panel.
  • Once the iCloud Control Panel for Windows is launched, punch in the Apple ID and password as asked. All you need to have is a Mac with OS X Lion and Apple iOS device. Next, you need to create an ID with Apple and use iCloud.
  • You now need to initiate the iCloud Control Panel in Windows and enter the Apple ID and password when the system asks you for this. Then, once you look into the options, you need to ensure that the photo stream option is also activated. Again, there are also utilities for the Shared Photo Stream option; if you want to have a look at the photos shared by others, you need to just click on Apply.
  • Select “Photo Stream” on the Windows 8 interface and also the images shared by others if you have a Photo Stream option.

How to Access iCloud Photos on Mac


Now, let us see how the same can be done on a Mac.

  • Go to System Preferences from the menu and click on iCloud. Select the Photo Stream option and then go to options and check if the Shared Photo Streams and Photo Options are active.
  • Select iPhoto or Aperture menu at the top of the screen and go to preferences. Now hit on the Photo Stream tab and click on Shared Photo Stream and Photo Stream menu.

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Hope the readers will get optimum information on how to retrieve photos from iCloud or how to upload photos to iCloud. The steps are simple, but it is always a blessing if the document is in hand while you are stuck in the process.

We hope that this article will be helpful for all those who want to explore the mysterious and productive journey with Apple, especially those who’re new to the world of iCloud and Apple products. Feel free to drop in your comments in case you would require more information!


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