How to Activate a Verizon iPhone?

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iPhone is one of the most popularly used phones in the present times; it has some amazing features that make it a special phone, and users are highly impressed with Apple devices, especially the iPhone. There is something unique about the iPhone that even the competitors fail to produce a similar phone.

The phone can be customized the way you want; it is very simple and quite easy to add email accounts and change key settings. Over the years, many users who were using other smartphones have migrated to using the iPhone.

There has been a trend where a lot of people even change the service provider to enjoy special benefits.

One of the commonly asked questions is “How to activate a Verizon iPhone?” This is no rocket science; it is quite simple to activate iPhone Verizon, and this article will show you how to do so.

The sales of the iPhone have increased on a consistent basis year on year and it is probably because the users really love this phone for some reason.

Even though the competitors are really trying hard to bring out something extraordinary to the customers, the people still seem to be addicted to the iPhone.

There are a lot of benefits that iPhone users enjoy -one being the choice of around 900,000 apps, many of these are available for free, and it can be downloaded to the device from the App Store.

Siri is a voice-activated virtual assistant that can help you with anything from finding a hotel and opening an app to locating an area or even making a call. The iPhone is an ideal phone to use if you own other Apple products as well.

With Apple’s iCloud service, which is free, the iPhone can share data, photos, contacts, and music with all other Apple products. It is an added delight that takes the hassle out of transferring data between products.

Say for example whenever you take a video on your iPhone, the iCloud feature automatically transfers the video on to the system. So, you can actually have most of your files synced to your laptop or computer.

According to Apple, the iOS platform is highly secure. The company even mentions that the iOS platform was exclusively designed with security at its core.

Maintaining important information secure on mobile devices is highly necessary for any user, whether they are accessing corporate or saving personal photos or banking-related information.

Every user’s information is extremely critical; all the Apple devices are built to maintain high levels of security without compromising the user experience.

How to Activate a Verizon iPhone?

Coming back to the main topic, Verizon Wireless gives a choice to the users to change their present Verizon contact number to a new iPhone. If your contact number is not eligible, you will have to take the phone to a store (Verizon) to find out other ways for initiating the number transfer.

People who are planning to upgrade to an iPhone and do not want to change the contact number can utilize the transfer service for getting their iPhone activated. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate a Verizon iPhone.

How to Transfer a Verizon Connection to an iPhone?

  1. First, call the Verizon customer care number in order to initiate the process. Just ensure that the phone devices with the Verizon number and the iPhone are switched off. Simultaneously, make a visit to the store (Verizon) and request a representative to assist you.
  2. Now, follow the phone guide for initiating the change of the old Verizon number to your new device.
  3. Finally, you can confirm the info that was requested from the customer support.

Transfer to AT&T

If you are looking for a solution to transfer a Verizon Number to AT&T, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. In case, your contact number is presently Verizon and if you prefer transferring it to the AT&T network, then visit an AT&T Wireless Store and pick up a plan to use with your iPhone. You can also call, check with AT&T about various plans and complete the transfer over a call. However, you might have to visit the store in some cases depending on the number.
  2. Give your old Verizon account number along with the details like contact number and the mailing address in order to activate the account with the new number. You can also visit an AT&T store and provide this information to the representative and finish up the process.

How to Activate a Verizon Wireless Number?

Here are the steps to activate a Verizon wireless number:

  1. Firstly, you will have to connect the freshly transferred iPhone to some wireless network. You can go through the activation instructions to begin setting up the iPhone.
  2. You will have to enter important details like the zip code for billing. Once that is done, you can press “Continue.”
  3. Now choose the option to either turn on or turn off the location services. Location services help with maps and web searches that use your current location.
  4. You can now choose whether you want to restore data from the cloud or install it as a brand new device. Once this is done, click “Continue” and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Moving on to the next step, provide your login credentials for Apple and continue. Then, update your contact number and tap on “Submit.” Wait until your iPhone reboots and then click “Next”.
  6. Repeat the process of logging in with your Apple credentials. Accept the terms and conditions yet again.
  7. Choose the option for an iCloud backup in case you want to back up.
  8. Now follow the rest of the instructions and choose the option “Start Using iPhone.”

Now you must have a clear idea of how to activate a Verizon iPhone. If you are still not convinced, then you can contact the Verizon Wireless and clarify all your queries.


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