How to Add in Excel?

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Summing up, subtracting, and manipulation of data is best performed in the Microsoft excel program. If you have ever been using MS excel you must be knowing that apart from creating data sheets, result sheets, MS excel is also used to add, subtract, divide and almost all the mathematical tasks can be performed in MS Excel.

If you don’t know how to add in excel, how to sum a column in excel, and how to total a column in excel, then this guide is probably going to solve all your queries today. If you are interested in finding the average in Excel, you can check that too.

If you have a huge amount of data in a column that you want to add, you can easily do that in excel. Here is the guide telling to steps to follow for adding the columns in excel.

Adding values (summing) is an integral part of Microsoft excel program. No matter whether you adding data to any cell, subtotaling data, or making any sheet by summing some running data, excel provides multiple ways that can be used to some data.

To make things done easy, this article provides you the comprehensive guide on how to add numbers in excel. As I said above MS excel provides various ways to sum up data and we will see some of the best ways and most useful excel sum formula here.

How to Add in Excel

In order to learn how to add on excel, you will need to know sum formula in excel. Until you are aware of these formulas, adding data in excel would not seem very easy to you.

In this article, we have provided you with the best formula for summing up the data. Let’s head over to it and see how we can add data in excel. Below we have shared the list of formulas which you can use to add values to the data. Here goes the list of formula:

#1: Basic Addition:

This is the most yet useful formula everyone prefers using. To summing up the data all you will need to do is typing an equation into a cell, such as 5+5.

But wait, even though, you have put the query of adding the numbers, isn’t the excel smart enough to proceed to that query???  It is!! Confused?? Let me explain.

When you put any query to the excel like if you want two numbers to be added you will need to specify the query with the symbol “=”. If you don’t do this and put the query like 5+5, excel will consider those as digits what you have put in the sale and will interpret the symbols there as a label, not as a formula.

So in order to let excel know you want to perform an action, you will need to mention the symbol “=” before the digits and then press Enter. To get it better check out the below screenshot.


#2: Adding By Address

This is another way to sum up the data in the Microsoft excel program. In this method, you will need to mention the address of the cell you want the addition of.

To do so, you will need to enter one cell whether it is row or column and the other one just after the previous cell. Put the symbol + in between both the cell. Again remember, start the formula just by preceding them with an equal sign. See the screenshot.


#3: Adding Columns

Let’s try out another example. Imagine if you have a list of numbers placed in a column and you want the sum of all the numbers. In such a situation, what would you do? Well, it’s again pretty easy.

There are two methods you can try to sum up the column numbers. One we have already discussed above i.e by putting the cell numbers. This is pretty easy and useful if you have a short list of the numbers.

Yes, if you have a limited number, then typing out the cell names manually could be easy but, if the list is longer then this task seem to be very difficult. So in such case, you will need to try another method which I have described below.

To add any series of cells that are contiguous. All you will need to do is put all the data in a series and use the excel function sum(). In the enclosure, you will need to put the address of the first cell, a colon, and then the address of the last cell. Or, just click and drag the whole column down and it will automatically add the values. See Screenshot


Once you are done filling the cell numbers press Enter.

As you can see in the image, all the data between the first cell to the last cell, including everything in between have been added. This method is mostly used when the list of data is higher.

#4: Adding manually by shortcuts:

Last but not the least. This is the last method to summing up the data. If you don’t remember any formula, or have no idea about the cell or in case if the list is too large to check the first cell and the last cell then you can add the data manually by dragging the cells.

Let me explain it briefly! If you have put the digits in the excel cells and want to add them up, select  that cell and the address will be added automatically. Now you will need to put the column after the cell is selected and then select the last cell by clicking on it. Make sure you don’t use any space between the first cell, colon, and the last cell. Now simply press enter and you would see the result right there.

This is one of the most used methods. Even I prefer using this since you don’t have to enter any cell number, any data or any other formality is required.

So this is how we can easily add up the data in MS Excel. These were the most useful and easy to use methods that are used for calculating the data, adding up the digits and creating the result sheets. Excel can also be used to calculate other mathematical problems. You can also divide in excel. Along with that, you can represent numerical data in an impressive way by creating charts on Excel.

I hope after following the complete guide you don’t have any doubt regarding how to add in excel. If you liked the article do share it on the social media platforms!!

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