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How To Add People on Snapchat?

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Before going to learn how to add people on Snapchat, let me give a brief introduction to Snapchat for those, who don’t know much about it.

Snapchat is a photo messaging application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown? This app is one of the most used and leading apps all over the world.

Snapchat is used to take pictures, record videos, add texts, and communicate like any other social and messaging app? The photographs and videos, that are sent to other users are called Snaps.

Despite its being similar to other social and messaging apps, there is something very different about the app. The snaps that we send over Snapchat get self-destroyed after 10 seconds as soon as the receiver views them. Isn’t the feature very unique??

If you still want to know more about Snapchat visit Wikipedia.

Since you are already a user of Snapchat, I don’t feel the need of going much deeper into it. Instead, I’m coming to our guide directly. Adding friends on Snapchat is very easy and just a few steps procedure.

You can add friends on Snapchat by searching for their usernames (If you know their usernames) or you can find them from your phone’s contact list. I have shared both ways to find friends on Snapchat let’s check them out in detail!

How To Add People On Snapchat?

As I said its very easy for people to add on Snapchat. If you know the username of the friend you want to add to your Snapchat, then nothing can be easier than this. But if you don’t know the username, they need to be on your contact list.

Below, I have shared both ways to add friends on Snapchat. Let’s head toward that.

Adding Friends Via Their Username

This is the most simple way to add people on Snapchat. The procedure is given below.

Step 1: First of all, open the app on your device and swipe down to find the option Add Friends. I have captured the screenshot for you. Have a look.

Step 2: After you tap over the Add Friend option, a new screen will open up. Which will have another two options Add by username and Add from Address Book. 

Here you will have to decide how would you like to add friends. See the below screenshot to understand better.


Step 3: If you know the username of your friend then simply without thinking much click on the first option which is Add by Username.

Step 4: Once you tap over the Add by Username option, you will see a new screen where you will have to type the username of the friend you want to add on Snapchat. Have a look at the screenshot.

Tip: If you want any celebrities or famous person’s Snapchat usernames you can find that on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And if someone is friends with you on Facebook or some other social media then you can ask for their username on WhatsApp or Facebook or via any medium you are connected through)

Adding Friends Using Phone Contacts

This is another method to add friends using your contact list. If you have your friends already added to your contact list and you want to add him/her on your Snapchat then follow the below procedure.

Step 1: First of all, go to my contacts option by following the same procedure mentioned in steps 1 and step 2 in the previous method.

Step 2: Now as you can see there are two options Add by username and Add from Address Book. You have to go to the second option which is Add from Address Book. 

Step 3:  Following the previous step, you will be redirected to the new screen. Where you will have to tap over the large Continue button from the bottom of the screen. You can understand it better if you view the screenshot.


Step 4: After tapping on the Continue button, you will be asked to review its privacy policy before giving it permission to access your contacts.

The message will be saying “Snapchat would like to access your contacts. your contacts would be transmitted to our servers and used to find your friends“.  Just similar to the image I have shown below.

Step 5: As it is obvious, tap over Okay and you will start seeing your friends who are on Snapchat. You can add anyone appearing in the list by tapping on the ‘plus’ sign nearby to their name.

And for those who are in your contact list but are not on Snapchat, you can invite them by tapping on the invite button, Just like we invite friends on WhatsApp. Once they accept the invitation and install the app, you can start corresponding with them over Snapchat too!

With the last step, I guess now you have learned how to add friends on Snapchat and how to add someone on Snapchat. But before starting the search for friends on Snapchat make sure they have apps installed on their phones, otherwise, you won’t be able to find them on Snapchat.

If you use Snapchat online then the procedure would almost be the same to add your friends. Simply you will have to go to Snapchat login online and follow up on the procedure. Sometimes Snapchat online login is easier to find friends. If you have not tried it then you should try it once.

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With this, we have reached the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed my article on how to add people on Snapchat. If you have any queries or doubts, drop a comment.

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Also, don’t forget to share the article on your social media platforms. Since Snapchat is been used a lot nowadays, many people might be struggling with finding their friends and adding them on Snapchat. Share it and help your friends.


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