How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu – 6 Easy Steps

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How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu.

Today we will learn to install Navigation Menu on your WordPress blog. Inside Header and Footer in just 6 easy steps.

This post of “How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu” will be useful for all of you Beginners because today’s article is related to the Menu Bar.

This post is necessary because the blog does not become User Friendly until the Navigation Menu Bar is not added to that blog.

Navigation Menu Bar installed in the Header and Footer of our blog which proves to be very helpful for the visitor.

In today’s post How To Add WordPress Navigation Menu –  6 Easy Steps will learn and know that…

  1. What are Navigation Menu Bars?
  2. Why Use Navigation Menu Bar?
  3. What are the benefits of the Navigation Menu Bar?
  4. How to add Navigation Menu Bar in the blog?

What is a menu bar on a website? What are Navigation Menu Bars?

Navigation Menu Bar in Blog is an important part of our blog. Without which any blog is incomplete.

The role of the menu bar in the header and footer of our blog becomes important because it gives complete information about our blog to the visitor who visits our blog.

Due to which it is easy for the user who came to your blog to access other old important posts made by you.

Why Use Navigation Menu Bar?

As you know Menu Bar is an important part of our blog. But along with this, it is also an important part related to SEO Factor.

We do SEO to rank our blog in Google’s search engine so that our blog is Search Engine Friendly and also User Friendly.

So you know Menu Bar is also important from SEO Factor. So that is why you have to customize it and put it in the header and footer of your blog.

I hope that you must have read the post of How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu till here and know why the use of a menu bar is necessary.

What are the benefits of the Navigation Menu Bar?

We get many benefits from Navigation Menu Bar. Due to this, it is easy for the visitors who came to the blog to access our old posts.

Menu Bar tells the visitor who comes to our blog about the blog, what our blog provides. And it is also easy to know the categories of different topics made on the blog.

Also the menu bar in the footer of our blog, through which the user can easily know. To the special rule of our blog. like:-

  • Privacy Policy,
  • About Us,
  • Contact Us,
  • Disclaimer,
  • Terms & Conditions

The menu bar in the footer is also very important, we add complete information about our blog, just by clicking on the tab, which Google also likes very much.

The biggest advantage of the Navigation Menu Bar is that the view of the posting page of our blog increases. Due to this our earning also increases.

How To Add WordPress Navigation Menu

How to Create Navigation Menus in WordPress? I learn now. How To Add Menu Bar To Your Blog Easily In Just 7 Easy Steps.

For this, first of all, we have to go to Appearance on the left side of our WordPress Dashboard and click on the Menus option, and in just a few seconds your menu page will be open.

1 Step:-  As soon as your Menus page will be open where many options will open in front of you. In which if you look first in the side then you will see. ,

  • page
  • post
  • testimonials
  • custom link
  • categories

You can easily add the items given in these to the blog. As you can see in the below picture.

So let’s start with How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu and know the option given here one by one and add Navigation Bar to the blog.

2 Step: –  First of all you get to see the option of the page and in this option, you get all the pages created by you which you can add to your menu bar.

For this, mark the page you want to add to your menu, that as soon as you click on Add Menu, then as soon as you click, then that page gets added to your menu bar.


3 Step: –  And in this option, all the posts you have done will be shown, you can select any post from it and click on Add Menu and add it to your menu.

4 Step: – In this option, you can easily add the link of any other blog of yours, copy the URL of the post you want to add for this in your menu.

And after that URL Option pastes the custom link that you have copied. After that, in the box with the same text shown below, write the name that is related to your custom URL.


4 Step: –  Here you can select any category out of all the categories you have created on your website and after that, you can add it to your menu bar by clicking on Add Menu.

Menu Settings:

5 Step: – Auto-add pages: –  If you  on this option then it is  your 

Display Location: –  Here you can select the location of your menu so that your website can look like a better and professional level.

If you select on Primary Menu then your menu shows on top, if you select your Menu on Social Footer then Menu Show starts on your Footer.

After you create your menu, click on Save Menu, your menu will start showing in your menu bar.

How to Edit or Remove Menu Items in WordPress Menus?

6 Step:-  It is very easy to edit or remove menu items inside WordPress. Now we will learn in this part of our how we can edit or remove our menu.

Navigation Label: – In this option, you can easily edit the name of your menu as shown in the picture below.

If you want to remove your menu from the menu bar, then you can remove your menu from here. As shown in the picture below.

How to Create Drop-Down Menus in WordPress Blog?

If you want to add Sub Menu or Drop Down Menu to your Menu Bar, then whatever menu you want to add Sub Menu to, you have to bring that Sub Menu under your Menu and drop Dragon Drop in the Right Sight of the Menu.

And as soon as you save it, your Drop-Down Menus will be created. As you can see in the picture below.


It is most important to have a navigation menu in the header and footer of the blog. And it makes your blog User Friendly and increases Pageviews, as well as your blog, becomes even more unique in the eyes of Google.

Final Word:

I hope you all must have learned from the post of How to Add WordPress Navigation Menu, how to add a menu to your blog.

If you are facing any kind of problem with this, then you can ask us immediately by commenting or emailing us. We will definitely help you.

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