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How to Align Texts in MS Word 2023?

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Ms words provide a large number of customization and a huge variety of options for documents.

When we are talking about document customization, rare would be any software or program that fits the need but MS word does.

With MS Word, you not only can create or format the word document, but you can also add various effects to it.

Color the fonts, highlight the text, align the paragraphs, and a lot more features are available in the MS word program.

In today’s article, we will discuss the alignment and How to align texts in MS word. 

How to Align Texts in MS Word

If you have been using MS word, you might know how its functioning is, and how the text or images are added to the documents.

And you also might be aware of the alignment feature of MS Word.

But do you know how to Align different lines of words on Microsoft word? Do you know how alignment actually works?

No right?

But still not to worry. I will tell you.

In this article, I will let you know all types of alignment and how these alignments are applied to the documents.

The steps are given below.

Follow all the steps carefully and try implementing them into your own documents. Until you try it by yourself, you won’t be able to implement them into the documents.

Step 1: First of all, open the word document and create a document. To perform alignment, having a document or a paragraph is a must.  For your better understanding.

Step 2: Now, to apply alignment to the texts, go to the menu bar and select the alignment by clicking on the alignment option. Check out the image below.

How to Align Texts in MS Word

As you can see in the above image, there are basically four types of alignment options available. Align Text Left, Center, Align Text Right, and Justify. Here you will have to decide which kinda alignment you want to apply to your document.

Step 3: To apply the alignment, select the text that you want to align. Once done with the selection, go to the home tab, click Align Left Button image or Align Right Button image . You can also apply the Center or justify if needed.

The alignment option you will find in the Paragraph group.

Remember, each paragraph or line has a horizontal alignment, which determines how each line aligns between the left and the right margins.

When you start writing on a new document, the default alignment is always the left alignment. Generally, the left alignment is appropriate for all the documents.

But sometimes, the other alignments that are right, center, and justify are also useful.

Below, I have shared a simple intro for all the alignments. If you don’t know the uses of right, center, or justify alignment, then read that below.

Left Alignment: When we start writing on the document, the default alignment is always Left alignment.

Left alignment means that text is lined up along the left margin.  

If the alignment is set to default as the center or any other, then to make it to the left, you will have to click on the left alignment from the home tab.

However, most often it is already set to default, but in case if it is not, you will have to select that manually.

left alignment - How to Align Texts in MS Word

Right Alignment: Right alignment means, each line of the paragraph, ends at the right margin.

For example, if you notice, in the above image, in the second paragraph, both the lines are ending up at the right margin.

This is because, for the second paragraph, I have selected the right alignment. Check out the screenshot I have mentioned below.

As you can see in the image, the second paragraph, which is highlighted by a yellow highlighter, is ending at the right margin.

right alignment - How to Align Texts in MS Word

Center Alignment: Centered alignment means simply the text is aligned around a center point.

To center up the text, simply select the text and select the center alignment from the paragraph section.

Check out the image below. In the image, I have selected both paragraphs with center alignment.

And as you can see each line is centered evenly between the margins.

center alignment

Center alignment can be used for addressing the address or the name in the document.

Justified: Justified alignment means, the text lines up along both margins.

When the justified alignment is applied to the paragraph, each line would take the additional space so that it begins at the left margin and ends at the right margin.

No matter, how short or long the line is, it will adjust the space accordingly. Check out the image I have mentioned below.

In the below image, I have applied the Justified alignment in the paragraph.

And as you can see the words are spaced and are justified with the left and the right margin.

justified alighnment

So, this is how the alignment in MS word works. I hope you enjoyed the guide. In case, of any doubt or confusion, you can drop your comment below.

However there is nothing to be confused about, but in case if you feel like asking something, don’t hesitate.

When you are writing out an official document like any application or invitation letter or something like that, then using alignment can make your job easy.

And can give you the official touch to your documents.

Many people who are even familiar with MS word, don’t often use alignments and try adjusting the words by spacing.

Although that can also help you accomplish your job, you may lack out proficiency in your document.

So, instead of using the spacebar for adjusting the text, try using the alignments.

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And after reading the guide, I know you have learned completely How to align texts in MS word.

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