How to Backup iPhone to iCloud?

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When iPhone got a big chunk in the customer base, backing the data was one of the most crucial issues faced by the maker. The bigger question is that is there any safe backup space other than your PC or Mac via iTunes because keeping the data safe is one of the most important aspects.

This is required to be taken care of, by any company that provides telecom support, as here people engage only with information. So, the responsibility of data is only a load on the shoulder of the maker.

The answer was simple, which was an amazing application developed by Apple called iCloud, which offered incredible backup space that could accommodate large chunk of information from your iPods, iPads, and iPhones with the help of a middleman media i.e. host computer. If you have important notes on Evernote and wanted to transfer to Apple Notes, here is How to Transfer Your Notes from Evernote to Apple Notes?

For all those folks looking out as to How to backup iPhone to iCloud, this guide gives you all the basic information you wanted to know about – How to backup iPhone to iCloud.

How to backup iPhone to iCloud – A Tutorial for Beginners


Before tackling the data storage in iCloud and questioning yourself about how to use iCloud or backup iPhone to iCloud or how to back up your iPhone (these were the queries that were bombarded at the iPhone support center during the initial days of its inception), it is very important to know what the iCloud really is.

Apple has an amazing history of making great hardware and software, but as far as cloud storage is concerned it has stumbled in the past. It was great at its previous portfolio, but when talking about solution to back all the multimedia and other storage files, it faced a spell-bound environment.

People generally are a little skeptical about storing their personal data on Cloud, due to privacy issues. But very soon, Apple came up with iCloud, which had all the answers, but the complication that has raised among its naïve users is how to back up to iCloud. But the general curiosity of how do you backup your iPhone, made many people understand the real relevance of iCloud and its mechanism. Also, there is something about Deleting Apps from iCloud?

iCloud is a bundle of applications, which avails the free cloud space services from Apple that makes the users synchronize the data from iPhone, iPods and iPads.

To explain in a simple laymen term for those, who are still confused about how to back up my iPhone, iCloud is a hard drive somewhere in the sky, which is available for Mac, iOS devices, and Windows systems. The data on the Cloud is password protected, and hence you can keep your data safe and use it seamlessly from any of the above-mentioned devices.

Now let us understand the process of how to backup iPhone on iCloud.


To back up iPhone data on to the iCloud, the first and foremost thing that is required is to have an active account and you need to be logged into the device. Actually, this type of processes is accomplished during the activation process, but in case you have not logged in, then the required settings are accessible through settings app in iCloud.

The moment you are logged in, it is a matter of plain-sailing activities that makes it a cake-walk solution for the common query – how do I backup my iphone to iCloud. Now again a question that arises is – how can I back up my iPhone5? The answer for that is simple – it’s through the iPhone iCloud backup. Restore the iPhone Backup. You should also see the way to .

The easiest answer is that if you are logged-in then backing up an iPhone is unbelievably easy. Now let us understand the steps. Firstly, move to the settings app of iPhone and move to the iCloud above. Now navigate down and tap on Backup. If you do not see the backup option as activated, you may go to iPhone backup option and get it done.

There are numerous options in the backup process. The backup includes messages, device settings (MMS, SMS, iMessages) all app data, ringtones that include Homekit configuration data, health data, app organization and home screen. Any information, which is on the native iPhone app, is already synched in your iCloud account, which is not the iPhone back up.

In the meantime, most of the app data gets stored into the iCloud. Users can manage which apps are stored and it can be done by moving to Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.


iCloud backups happen automatically when it comes to WI-FI environment and plugged into a power source. You need to only click on the ‘backup now’ option; the iCloud is capable of storing more than 3 devices. In order to conserve storage area, Apple is authorized to delete all the previous backups in case the user has not taken the backup of the device in the last several months. The backup of data can go in vein if you forgot the iCloud password. So, if you have forgotten the icloud password, here is How to Reset If You Forgot iCloud Password?

But unlike any other company, the most important part is the ease of making it happen with few clicks. It does not share the partial backup of information and iCloud gets all the data from iPhone from cell phone automatically.

As far as the iPhone is concerned, it’s not only the luxury that comes into the mind; it’s also the convenience of usage and utilities that make it one of the market leaders. The maker keeps it in mind that the data that is required to be restored for its users is really essential. So, the maker takes care of the backup at a sophisticated level with high-level security.

The fact is the iCloud is one of the most feasible cloud backup storage utilities and one of the awesome backup storage that is required to be voted as one of the best applications ever made by Apple. The main fundamental aspect of the iCloud is that easy to upload and easy to access whenever you are on the go.

Anyways, the maker is facing vivid reviews from across the globe and continuously working to make it one of the robust applications of the century. We can now go ahead and take advantage of iCloud to back up all our data.


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