How to Become a Writer Working As a Freelancer?

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Writing is a skill that is imbibed in an individual. It is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways. It is a phenomenon whereby you put your imagination and knowledge in words and form something valuable.

Artists are passionate about word crafting. Most people interrogate about freelancing and how to become a writer. A freelance writer is one who works on a self-employed basis. The market scenario of unemployment and less salaries has made freelancing a trend these days.

However, in order to undertake creative writing jobs you need to possess the following enlisted points:

Writing Skills

Writing is not an easy task, as most people conclude it to be. It demands originality, creativity to put imagination into words and give your expressions a language. Needless to say, one should be well aware of the basic grammar skills in order to write.

Professionalism is always embraced in every aspect of the work. Writing is no different. A professional degree in journalism or English is the cherry on the cake. Even a small short term course in basic writing skills serves the purpose. Following points should be noted:

  1. Decide your area– Work out your comfort zone as in whether you are comfortable writing fiction or non-fiction or technical writing jobs. Only a due interest can provide that ease while writing and formulate your thoughts clearly.
  2. Work on it regularly- A writer needs to keep himself updated about the current scenario on a regular basis. He needs to work on his vocabulary on a day to day basis. So keep that learning mode on, always.
  3. Plan it out- If you want to undertake writing as a serious issue and a source of employment, you need to work really hard on your skills. To stand out in the competition, you need to create a niche in your work. Put in all your efforts to achieve that ladder of success.

Inabsolutecase of writing, the absolute key to success is persistence. Keep up that hard work and improve your skills on a regular basis.

Work Station

A decent ergonomic workstation set-up is compulsory before you initiate the process of freelance writing. A lot of freelance writing jobs for beginners are available these days.

A laptop or a desktop, with a reliable internet connection, is the utmost requirement, to pursue freelance writing.

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Communication is the Key in How to Become a Writer

How well you communicate and build a network, will determine your freelancing career. A writer should know-how, to whom and where to market his skills in order to fetch business.

Broaden your search engine and look out for various reliable and guaranteed freelancing online sites. Negotiate the best price for your skills and modify your work according to the employer’s needs.

If you are self-motivated and confident about your skills, you can even start your own blog or online platform.

Learn the Art of Management

Nothing is more comforting than working in your pajamas with a laptop on your laps, at the comfort of your home. However, as a coin carries two sides, similar is the case with working from home.

The idea may seem appealing in the starting, but it comes with its own pitfalls. It requires a hell lot of self-discipline and a proper management system to work from home. Following points should be considered before opting for freelance writing-

#1. Work on deadlines- Have some sort of system in place that allows you to follow and work on time limits. Prioritize your work accordingly and avoid last-minute rushes. A lazy attitude will fetch a taboo on your professionalism.

#2. Learn to say “No”- Take only the amount of work you can handle. Always remember that in the long run, quality is the key. Stay organized and maintain a balance between quantity and quality.

#3. Money management- Your financial systems need to be in the proper place before you resume writing. Be regular with your invoicing and reconciliation of accounts. Effective money management pertains to be beneficial in the long run.

Keep the Development Mode On

Keep establishing your credentials in order to build your portfolio. Start with smaller publications to gain experience and keep on adding the articles published to your work experience.

In the process of How to become a freelance writer, move in an organized way towards growth. Start with small and reach out to large, with time.  It’s better to develop this habit in the initial years.

  1. Start writing for reputable online sites. You can even choose the blogs you follow or admire. It is always recommended to choose according to your interests. This way you tend to enjoy your work.
  2. Writing for newsletters and publications is also a great idea to improve your skills in the initial years of your writing.
  3. Save the best of your articles, as it builds your portfolio. Later on, send it to the prospective employers as a sample work.
  4. Blog writing is in trend these days. If you are sure about your interest area, then go hit out and start writing your own blog. Build a network and eventually, you will be able to grab followers.

Write, Write and Write

Practice and persistence is the key. Writing on a regular basis opens up the room for improvement. Keep working on your grammar and vocabulary.  Keep a dictionary with you all the time.

Fix your grammar quirks and focus on self-improvement. Develop a positive attitude while dealing with your mistakes. Keep on updating your portfolio with every published article.


It has been comprehended that when writers turn their creativity into a job to make money, they confront a lot of barriers. Their enthusiasm suffers a setback. Thus, be sure before converting your creative passion into a job.

Once you decide to give it a shot whole-heartedly, the process of how to become a writer becomes effortless. So hold that pen and start jotting down your thoughts, on that piece of paper. Bring it out and enjoy the writer in you!

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