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Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!). is an online dating service, which has a presence in 25 countries and is available in more than eight languages. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and also has offices in other locations like San Francisco, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Beijing. It is owned by IAC (Interactive Corporation), which also now owns big sites like

Now, many of you may ask why one should opt for online dating. First of all, on online dating sites, you can meet someone whom you may marry one day. - How to Cancel Membership

Here are the Benefits of Online Dating Websites –

  1. Online dating can be fun. As we are getting busy day by day, online dating sites are becoming popular with time. Here, one can feel relaxed and experience a form of entertainment also.
  2. Dating helps you establish social confidence, cooperation, and conversation.
  3. Dating helps develop a personality – the key to any successful relationship is how he builds his relationship with other people, which can be built using dating experience.
  4. Dating allows people to discover their role in relationships. And this can only be found in close relation with the opposite sex and for this dating is very important. For this, online dating sites are the best options where you will be able to explore different people and after that match your likes and dislikes with the other person. If both of you find it comfortable with each other, then you can go ahead with the actual dating.
  5. Dating involves learning about mutual understanding and responsibility about another person, which is very critical to learn for a person, but here one can easily learn it and this helps to grow up as a better and more caring human being.
  6. One of the worst things for a person is the state of loneliness because of which one feels depressed and impatient with a lack of confidence, which is very dangerous. One of the best ways to counter this boredom is to establish a meaningful relationship with others.
  7. A person can use dating to filter the eligible partner for him who could be his mate for a lifetime.
  8. Dating can help to acquire the knowledge to know the necessary skills to maintain a successful relationship, which is very important to maintain a marriage. It helps to develop a better understanding of each other’s attitude and behavior – how to solve a problem, how to get along, and how to discuss anything so that it can be solved in a more proper fashion.

Always remember that dating has to be fruitful as time is the most precious thing. So, if you get caught up with something wrong or improper, it is not good for you as you will lose your time as well as money too because these online dating sites normally come with a price tag where you may get a basic service free of cost, but when you ask for more features like if you would like to connect with the other person or get the contact number of that person then you have to pay money for the service.

So, always check the reputation of the site. For this, you can check the online review site; there are several blogs also available for reviewing the same.

And before paying the money, you must be careful about the security of your data because most of the sites ask to pay through credit card. If the site seems to be counterfeit or doesn’t provide proper security, then it will be a huge shock for you.

Now as online dating sites are getting more popular, fraud cases are also increasing.

But if you choose a website, which provides the best services like, then you can be tension-free about the data theft; also there are many websites that promote fake profiles to increase traffic, but here you will not face such problems as it maintains the quality.

To register on, you have to give your name, age, sex, and valid email id along with a valid picture.

After creating a profile, you will get a confirmation email; by clicking the confirm button, you have to confirm that you created the account. Now your profile is ready to use. login is a very easy process; you just have to type in the email id and password; then you will be directed to the dashboard of the profile.

Following this, you can start searching for your partner; for this, you have to enter some details like your prospective partner’s preferred age, height, food type, and other likes. After that, you can click on the search button, which will direct you to the results.

The basic service comes free of cost, but whenever you ask for more details of a particular person then you will be asked to pay the subscription amount. Though, you can opt for free trial too.

Canceling Membership

After availing of paid services, if you are not satisfied, then you can contact customer care to cancel the service.

For cancellation, visit the Change/Cancel Membership page under Account Settings. You will be asked to input the password to verify. Then, click on the Cancel subscription link. You will be prompted for the reason for cancellation – select the reason and click continue to process.

After canceling the subscription, you can use the service as a free user where your profile and photos will remain visible. If you want to hide visibility, then click on the option ‘hide’.

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