How to Change Font on iPhone?

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We all have a problem with using text and changing the font on our phone, and some users are not even aware of using the fonts on the phone. In this post, we shall help you by showing how you can change the font system on your iPhone,iPad or iPod touch.

Follow the steps below to get a new look into your device and learn how to change the font on the iPhone.

Apple’s iOS is commonly known as a “walled garden,” a tagline used for distinguishing the subtle constraints attached to a closed source of software.

But now and then, we have always forewarned that Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t completely musty old glue-in-the-pot, and normally there are means of personalizing the involvement without having to resort to a decampment.

Many Apple phone users are confused about how to change iPhone font.

If you want to change the font on the iPhone, it’s absolutely easy. Any font or an app that gets installed through custom TrueType and Open Type is a prime example of the font.

And you also have an option for $1.99 at the App Store that is well and worth checking out. When you have an option, it’s better to grab the opportunity.

As most of them are aware of and would probably have used, AnyFontcannot is considered as an app that can let you change the system font. In such cases, a decampment is the only way to achieve this.

You must knowthatAnyFont allow you to expand upon iOS’ pre-existing line-up of fonts for iPhone, so these are the supported apps – Pages, for the understanding and can take full advantage of it.

Even though very often, we use our mobile devices, very frequently the primary usage or the purpose is for typing letters, documents, drafting mail and other such content; we’re not perhaps as conscientious as we should be with the specifications or the features available at our clearance.

We are in a fast-moving digital world wherein a lot of importance is given preferably to these fonts.

There are many websites, forums, and blogs available online separately, which are particularly dedicated to the amusement for establishing and installing dazzling new fonts on the desktop.

It will be very much helpful for understanding the preventability, but when it comes to devices like the iPhone and iPad, we also have an extreme number of options. It is still on the edge of revealing the pure and simple fact that we need not carry a notebook all the time.

We have a great advantage that AnyFontis put on ice. If you have the wish to stylize and present your document, you need not go in search of different fonts.

You just have to choose a font of your choice and download the custom fonts and try utilizing them instead of being frozen with the limited set of default options.

Given the antecedent closed-off nature of iOS, most of the iPhone users conclude that the installation of fonts in this presentation will be out of usage because of the uncertainty.

But in perceptibility, it’s very easy and simple to get a nice stylish running font of any design you choose. But Apple’s pages have got a wide range of notified apps and are supported by the user. So, you need not look into any other app as such.

Complete Guide – How to Change Font on iPhone.

With the decampment and power of media, the systemization potentiality ofiOS has become incomprehensible. Are you aware of the extension of applying different graphics, themes and changing of UI colors of your iPhone or iPad?

You can even implement a unique design or system-wide font on your mobile device.

These font changes take place in all components of the operating system that includes the home screen, lock screen, keyboard, and many other apps.

You may wonder how to change the font in the easiest way; it’s simple to change iPhone font – you just need to do it through an app called Bytafont 2.

How to Change Font on iPhone

The steps involved in furnishing the fonts and font sizes for iPhone after decampment are discussed below. With this, you’ll know how to change the font size on the iPhone.

  • On your decampment of the iOS device, click Cydia and you need to go to the search page.
  • Once your page is opened, type ‘BytaFont 2,’ and start downloading the app for free.
  • Once your download is complete, exit to the home screen.
  • On your home screen page, you will find the new app as ‘BytaFont 2.’ Now it’s time to click on launch it.
  • You can apply different fonts to your device by using this app.
  • Now click on ‘Install new fonts’ for BytaFont 2.
  • Since you have downloaded the required app on your device, it is now time to get some fonts that you wish to apply to it. Here is how you can get new fonts on your device. Open Cydia and click on the ‘Sources’ tab.
  • Now you’re in the ‘Sources’ page; it time to hit on the ‘All Sources’ option, which is just on the top of the menu.
  •  Now scroll down and look for ‘Fonts (BytaFont 2) option. Once you find the desired one, tap on it.
  • On the next page, you will find the list of obtainable fonts. Now you can download from Cydia. Look for the one you require and install it.
  • After downloading your favorite fonts from Cydia, what to do next. Go ahead and apply them.
  • To do it, open BytaFont 2 app and click the ‘Basic’ option. From the other page, select the font you want to apply and click ‘Yes’.

That’s it! You now know how to change the font on the iPhone. The process is almost the same if don’t know how to change the font on iPhone 5.

Advanced: You have the option to use different fonts for different sections of iOS.

  • How would you do so? Click the ‘Advanced’ option and choose a separate font for Camera, Keyboard, and System.
  • Once you’ve opted, click on the ‘Apply and Respring’ button.
  • Lock screen: To select a different font for the ‘Lock Screen’, click the ‘Lock screen’ button and select the font from the menu.

To get the iOS font arrangement back or if you have downloaded and applied many fonts and want to get the original iOS font system back:

  • You can do it using a simple technique by just restoring the BytaFont 2 backup.
  • You just need to click the ‘Basic’ tab and hit on the ‘Restore BytaFont Backup’. You can do this for particular sections as well by just going to Advanced Settings.

We are on the tip of advanced technology where you need not carry your main device for all reasons. All you need to do is learn how to utilize what you have.


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