How to Change Gmail Password?

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The growth of Gmail was exponential. It was born in the middle of a tight competition with Hotmail. But the innovative features and visionary aim made it the best email platform one can ever get.

Being started in 2004 as a beta version with invite-only access, Google mail aka Gmail has been mesmerizing everyone. It was in 2007; Gmail made available to public still in beta version. The year, 2009 turned dramatic as Gmail shed its beta tag.

Now, Gmail has got about 900 million users. In 2014, Gmail app became the first app to hit 1 billion download count on Google Play Store.

Here, I am going to show how to change Gmail password like a walk in the park.

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How to Change Gmail Password?

Hackers are being smart and powerful each day. They keep on experimenting on all of the web services to find out a single loophole to get into billions of user details.

So, today, being secure is as essential as having shelter. That’s why security experts tell us to change out online passwords frequently.

‘How do I change my Gmail password?’

Is this the question that just started haunting you? We have got a solution for this. Your quest of how to change the password on Gmail ends here.

As a bonus, I have crafted a short guide to have an unbreakable password at the end of this post.

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How to Change Your Gmail Password?

Changing the password on Gmail is not a Herculean task that needs a lot of technical expertise. You can easily get it done in a few steps without taking much time.

So read on further to know how to change your password on Gmail.

Step 1: Go to or Haven’t you noticed it yet? Both of these address gets you Gmail address.


Step 2: Insert your credentials into the given fields of the login form. Make sure that you give correct info so that it will not display any error. (If you are logging in from a café or a friend’s computer, don’t tick Stay Signed in option).

Step 3: Now, you will be redirected to your Gmail inbox. If you don’t get redirected, the issue will be wrong username and password input.

Step 4: Click the gear button given just beneath your avatar. You will get a bunch of option. Figure out Settings from there and select it in no time.


Step 5: At this step, you will be able to see a set of tabs. This is the page you should visit in order to change anything related to Gmail.


So, the tab we want here is ‘Accounts and Import’. Click on it to get further options.


Step 6: On the next page, you will be able to see three options above all- Change password, Change password recovery options and Other Google Account settings. What to choose here?


Yeah, you guessed it right. You have to go with the first option that says Change password.

Step 7: Three fields will be given as the next step. You have to fill those with current and new passwords. As a security measure, they will make you type the new password twice.


Hit that blue Change Password button right away.

Hurray! You have done it.

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Log out from the Gmail account and try to login with old credentials. If everything goes right, you will never log in using the old password.

I hope you don’t ask anyone ‘how to change my Gmail password’ anymore.

N.B. – You have to scribble the new password in a safe place so that, you can refer to it in case you forget the same. I recommend using a password manager browser extension.

How to Create a Strong Password?

I am sure that you are not a noob to choose ‘iloveyou’, ‘123456’, ‘your name’, ‘your gf’s name’ or something similar as your password. Passwords being the entry pass to your sensitive information, you need to make it as complicated as a calculus problem that isn’t solved yet (I don’t mean you should choose mathematical symbols though).

If you want to know how you can create a strong password, you can learn it from here. I am going to expose the secrets of a strong password.

#1. Mix up Alphabets, Numbers and Symbols

Most of the time people go with passwords including numbers, alphabets or symbols only. Not all of them. Never do it, ever. If you continue to do so, you will be brutally hacked by a brute force attack.

Instead of going with ‘my red house’, what about ‘[email protected]’? I know it is not the safest password. But serves the purpose for sure.

#2. Use at least 12 Characters

A survey says that passwords having less than 12 characters are more prone to hacking. So, you have to make it above 12 characters. Most of the websites tell you to have a password with more than 8 characters.

But the best option is a password with 12 characters or above.

#3. Go Weird

You can make weird passwords in many ways. Let me tell you an example. You can make this your password; ‘mfiw$54fw’.

Can you remember the password I gave above? But in my case it relates one of my personal incidents. I interpret the above password as ‘my first income was $54 from writing’. Simple, huh?

If English isn’t your mother tongue, use any of the easy-to-remember but uncommon phrases as your password.

#4. Diversify Your Passwords

Don’t use same passwords for all your accounts. That means, your Facebook password and Twitter password should be different. And, both of them should not be the same as that of Gmail.

Wrapping Up

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I hope you know how to change Gmail password now. Along with the complete guide, I have given you three tips to create the best password ever.

If you have any other tips to have a strong password, feel free to share it with us. We will love to see your awesome tricks.

We are publishing this type of articles regularly, so stay tuned and visit daily.

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