How to Change Language in Google Chrome?

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Google Chrome is, without doubt, one of the most popular Internet browsers of the world, isn’t it?

And it didn’t get to be that way by being average, instead, it has a plethora of advanced settings and options for you, probably that’s why you’re searching for a solution to How to change the language in Google Chrome?

That’s exactly what I’d be discussing in this piece, and in addition to that, you might get lucky and find some other nifty tricks and tweaks in the final sections.

Basically, “The World is turning into a village”. That I’m saying in regards to the eradication of a “Global distance” based on language.

You can find people speaking any kind of language, from any country right on your computer screens, in forums or maybe on your Facebook profiles.

That’s the reason why Google took this step forward to integrating almost a hundred different languages to Google Chrome.

So without beating around the bush let’s get down to business.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome?

In order to change the language in Google Chrome, you don’t need any special permissions or skills, in fact, Chrome has made it pretty simple and straightforward.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the languages you should expect to find with Google Chrome:-

Chinese (Hong Kong)
Chinese (PRC)
Chinese (Taiwan)
English (AU)
English (UK)
English (US)
French (Canada)
French (France)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain)

Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of your Google Chrome screen.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Now select “Settings”. This should take you to the Google Chrome settings page.

On the next screen, scroll down a bit till you see “Advanced settings” and click on it.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Then scroll further down and find the “language settings” tab.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

A popup would show itself. Click on the “Add” button.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Another sub-popup would come up, with a list of all the languages that Google Chrome supports. Just select the language you want to add to Google chrome and click Add.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Once that’s done, just click on “Done” and your mission is accomplished!

You just successfully changed languages to your Google Chrome browser. Now just select any language from this list you want to use and it will be set as your default language.

Why Change Language in Google Chrome?

So now that you know the answer to your question, let me take just a moment to ponder over the “why” of this question. Because, without knowing “why” you’re doing something the “how” doesn’t really count, does it?

There might be a hundred different reasons why you might want to change your Google Chrome language.

The most common reason being, if you’re a non-English speaker, you’d want to use a more native language. Something like Chinese, or Hindi or maybe Spanish?

Chrome supports almost all the commonly spoken languages across the globe, so that’s one less problem to worry about.

Or maybe you visit a lot of pages in other languages and you might not want to translate the pages over and over again.

The other reason is my own personal favorite, and a bit “not so mainstream”. I change languages in my Google Chrome to learn new languages.

Well it sure as hell is a mess at first, but once you scan the pages in English, the next time you refresh the page in some other language, you sure do get a vague idea of what the words mean.

It doesn’t make me a fluent speaker or even lets me understand the language completely, but it’s just a little something I like doing.

Other Google Chrome Tips Worth Mentioning:-

Now that you’re here, why not let you in on a little something you might find interesting?

Jumpy Fox Game on Chrome:

That definitely isn’t the “official” name of the game, but that’s the best I could come up with. There’s this inbuilt game with Google Chrome you can play on the “No Internet Connection” page.

Meaning, whenever your internet isn’t cooperating and your webpage isn’t opening, you can hit it up.

And the process is fairly simple. Whenever you’re on a webpage that couldn’t be displayed due to bad internet connection, just hit any “arrow key” on your keyboard and the game would start.

It’s not something like the FarCry maybe, but it kills time till your internet comes back for sure.

Wrapping it Up:-

So that was all I had for this How to change the language in Google Chrome guide folks. Hope this piece helped.

If it did, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section. Not to mention that if you’ve got any other methods or ways to change the language in Google Chrome, we would love if you do not keep it to yourselves and instead share it with us.

Because obviously, Chrome being the “better” browser, might have some other shortcuts, or maybe better alternatives to changing language than using the default settings option.

Or if you got stuck at any step, are confused or have a query, even then feel free to use the comment box. I’ll try to help you out to the best scope of my knowledge.

And finally, I wouldn’t mind if you decide to hit the share button and share this piece with your folks. They might find exactly what they were looking for.


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