How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook

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Social Networking sites these days have become so extremely popular that people prefer checking the latest news online on such platforms rather than switching on their television or reading newspapers.

We can say that Facebook is the king of all social networking sites. It is the most widely used Social networking site. To use the site properly and use all its features it is important to know basic things like setting up your profile.

How to change profile picture on Facebook is one of the most basic things that you need to know.

Just by following these basic steps, you will easily learn how to change your profile picture on Facebook. The first thing you need to do to set up Facebook profile pictures is to know what you want to upload. You need to decide what your Facebook profile picture will be. If you are looking to change profile picture on Instagram, here is how to change Profile picture on Instagram.


How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook

A decent picture that shows your personality and if by chance you do not want to upload your own profile picture then you can keep a photo of either an actor you like or a nice scenery or some quote. It can be absolutely anything you want; it is all up to you.

There are three ways through which you can change your Facebook profile picture. You can also link Facebook and Instagram so that you don’t need to post photos or videos individually. You can post anything on Instagram as well as on Facebook at once. Here is how to link Instagram and Facebook.

How Do I Change My Profile Picture On Facebook Through Facebook’s Website

Step 1. On your device open any web browser.

Step 2. Go to which is facebook’s official website.

Step 3. Log in to the site by filling in your email id and then your Facebook password. The log in text fields is on the upper right corner of the web page. Then click on the ‘Login’ button. If you don’t already have an account you can create a new account through this page itself by filling in all your details.

Step 4. Now that you have logged in, to change your Facebook profile picture go to your own timeline page – that is your profile. To go to your timeline, just click on your name on the header.

Step 5. Your current Facebook profile picture will be clearly enlarged and you will be able to see it towards the top left part of the page.

Step 6. Hover over your profile picture and a ‘Upload Profile Picture’ link will be available, just click on it.

Step 7. You can see a window that appears on your screen.

Step 8. Decide where your Facebook profile picture should be. Either from the photos that are already on Facebook or you want to click a new photo or upload a photo from your device.

# If you want to upload the photo from your photos then click on that option to be able to look through your photos and select it.

# Click on the camera button and press ‘Take photo’ and then click a photo to set a new facebook profile picture on the spot.

# If what you want to do is to upload a photo then click on ‘Upload photo’ option at the top of the window.

If you do this then the file explorer window will pop up and now from your computer or other device you can upload the photo you select.

Step 9. Once your selected photo is uploaded you will see the Crop Photo window. Here, now you can crop, resize as well as reposition the photo. To finish, just click on the ‘Crop and Save’ option.

Step 10. Now go to any of your facebook page(s) or just refresh your timeline and you will be able to see that your facebook profile has been changed. This new picture will also be automatically saved to your album of profile pictures on Facebook.

How To Change Your Profile Picture On Facebook Through The Official Facebook Mobile App

Step 1. Make sure you have the Facebook app and if you do not have it you can just go to your play store/app store and easily download it. Launch the Facebook app once you are done downloading.

Step 2. Very similar to changing your Facebook profile picture through the website you now need to click on your name on the header and your timeline will appear. On this timeline, you will be able to see your current profile picture towards the top part of your screen.


Step 3. To upload the photo click on your current profile picture. When you do that a short menu will pop up. Click on the ‘Upload Photo’ option.


Now your device’s media gallery or your camera roll will pop up. Now you can click on the folder from which you want your facebook profile picture to be from. Just tap on that picture you want to use.


Step 4. In the same way that through the website, you will get the option to resize and reposition your photo. Once you are done with it you can just click on the ‘Done’ button and now you have your new Facebook profile picture set!

Now that you know how to change profile picture on Facebook, here are a few tips to select the perfect picture that you can choose as your new profile picture.

1. Decide what kind of you, you want to portray. Do you want your profile picture to be pretty, sexy, cute, funny, sporty or something else?
2. You can even put us your photo with a friend or maybe a family member, or just about anyone, it is up to you.
3. Examine the photo that you are thinking about uploading. Look for the best picture that you have, go through your photos very well, try to upload good quality photos that look better.
4. Don’t think too much and just upload the photo that best suits the type of person you are. If none of the existing photos are good enough you can always click a new picture. A selfie maybe? Or you can tell your friends to click a nice picture of you.
5. If you still doubt whether a photo is good enough to be your profile picture, you can always ask your family or friends for opinion.
6. You can change your profile picture as many times as you want so you don’t have to worry about uploading a weird photo. Just enjoy your Facebook experience.

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Final Words

So this was all about changing your current facebook profile picture and uploading a new one. What do you like more when it comes to profile picsA selfie, or a normal pic 😉 Do let us know too.


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