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How To Check a YouTube Video’s Stats?

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How to check a Youtube video’s stats is one of the most asked questions nowadays by the YouTubers.

Whenever any video is uploaded on the youtube, for a normal user youtube channel stats and the youtube analytics are never the point of concern but for the YouTuber it is the most Ruritanian thing, and that is obvious, though.

If you are also a Youtuber and want to know how to find out who is watching your Youtube videos, what is the location of the visitor and so, follow the below guide.

How To Check a YouTube Video’s Stats:

Youtube analytics lets you monitor and track all the information of the visitors and the viewers. You can monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics.

With this analytics, you can easily get all the data regarding the subscribers, visitors and also the monetary status.

To be more specific, in the youtube analytics, you can check the audience retention, traffic sources, likes and dislikes, youtube subscriber stats, annotations and the device from where your youtube have been watched. In short, Youtube analytic lets you know almost all the important information happen to your uploaded video.

Now let’s check out how we can monitor all the information and the analytics of our video. Simply follow the below steps and get all the stats of your channel.

Step 1. First of all, login to your youtube account and go to the analytics page by clicking on your account icon > Creator Studio.


Step 2.  Now simply click on the Analytics from the left.

Step 3: After clicking on the Analytics, a drop down will appear where you will have to select the particular option you want to check the information of.


Like if you want to see the number of subscribers who has subscribed to your channel, select Subscribers. Similarly, if you want to check the watch time of your videos, select Watch time and so on. If you are not satisfied with your views and watch time, you can take certain steps to get more views on Youtube.

Let’s figure out all the option in detail!

Overview: In the sub analytics options, Overview is the top option which lets you know all the basic overview of the activities happened to the channel. If you click on the overview option, you will see a window where all the options like, likes dislikes, comments and shares of the channel would appear. In other words, A precise information!

Realtime: Realtime of the channel states the current visitors of the channel. This information automatically updates every 10 seconds.

Watch time reports:  When you want to check the watch time reports of the channel, this option comes to be very handy. Watch time report lets you know the visiting duration. Like for how long people stays to the channel and how much time they spent on your video can be tracked from here.

Watch time: Just like the watch time report, watch time shows the accurate time people watched your video. When you click on this option, a graph will appear on the screen. Watch time in the YouTubes is calculated in the minutes.  You will get it better if you visit the option yourself.

Audience Retention: The Audience retention option tells your channel’s average view duration along with the viewing duration for your top videos. Check out the below screenshot for more information.

Demographics:  It allows you to see the demographic information for your viewership, so you can compare and see how well it aligns with the demographic you’re trying to target.

Playback Locations: Playback Location option seems pretty useful one. This option lets you know where people are watching your videos the most. Also, with this option, you get to know if the viewers are watching the video on YouTube or on the mobile device or on embedded players.

Traffic sources: Traffic source shows the sources of the traffic. For example, if they have reached to your channel through any advertisement or google search.

Engagement reports: Engagement report is one of the excellent features of Youtube Analytics which gives you a bigger picture of your audience. Where your videos are watched, where your videos are attracting the most to your audience and vice versa.

Let’s have a look what these reports have to offer.

Subscribers: As the name suggests, under this option you can get all the information of the subscriber. With all information, I meant Total subscriber, subscribers gained to the channel and the total number of subscribers lost. You should also see, how to get subscribers on Youtube channel.


Likes and dislikes: Whether your video is liked or disliked by the people or not you can check that by this option. When you click on the likes and dislikes option, you will see a screen containing four options including, Video, Geography, date and Subscription status.

Just beside these options there are two more options called Likes and Dislikes. Below the video option, all the videos you have uploaded so far would be appearing. To check each video’s likes and dislike click on the particular video and check the each video’s likes and dislikes separately. Check the below screenshot to get it better.

Comments: This option lets you know which videos are commented on the most frequently. Also, total engagement for the uploaded videos. Once you click on the option, you would easily get what I meant.

Sharing: Just like comments option this sharing option will tell you which video is shared most frequently. Also, the platform your video is shared on like, whether it is being shared on facebook, twitter or G+.

Annotations: If you use annotations on your YouTubes, then this option will let you know all the things happen to it. In short this option will let you know how annotations are performing on your videos. You can also evaluate the click-through rate of an annotation just by clicking this option.

This is how you can check all the options and know the analytics of your channel. If you don’t have a youtube channel yet but looking to create one, here is a guide to creating a Youtube channel. I have covered almost all the options and suboptions of analytics. I hope you have got all the points and have learned how to check a youtube video’s stats!


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