How to Clean Flat Screen TV?

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One of the best things about this era not being the 18th century is, you don’t have to sit in front of those around, plump, CRT monitors draining all the energy out of your eyes and weighing a ton in order to watch something on the television, right?

Yeah, I knew you’d agree. But of course, along with the development of technology, and as the new “flat screens” came into being, managing them became one heck of a job too, huh?

So that’s the reason I took to writing this piece today, just so that I could explain to you how to clean flat-screen TV ( Or well, technically anything that’s a “flat screen” thing, either a monitor, television set or anything else”).

Before we start out on this adventurous journey and I guide you on how to clean your LCD screen ( No it isn’t as much fun as I’m making it sound, of course, but it’ll be worth it ), let’s have a clear picture of how your LCD screen came into being at the first place huh?

Evolution of LCD Screens:-

No, one random guy just didn’t wake up on a random day and invented the LCD screens that you’re so desperate to get cleaned right now, it went through enough history, modifications, and development that it actually kind of deserves to be cleaned with utmost perfection.

Okay so, these little things you call screens, were first made public in the ear 1922, and no back then, they didn’t look so classy.

Remember our friend in the above screenshot? No? Remember your first-grade computer classes? Or probably the first system you ever bought? Well yeah, that’s how they used to look back then, and I must confess I don’t really feel attached to them.

Well, those were the things that were called “CRT” monitors, but then one random day they probably just thought they needed new dresses and skeleton, so they revolted and came about the “Cathode ray tube monitors with Plasma display.”

And along with the advancement in time and the needs of the people, and only by around 1958 did your beloved LCD flat screens came into being.

What’s Special in Flat Screen TV-s?

Well, not just TVs, but just about any screen, but if you’re reading this article, that’s because you want a detailed guide on how to clean tv screen, or how to clean flat-screen TV, or maybe just your computer screen, right?

But why does it need special care? Why can’t you just clean your Flat-screen TV’s using the traditional methods of water or maybe a cleaner and a cloth?

Well, because of LCD screens, as “Liquid Crystal Display” screens in their full forms. ( No, they don’t deserve special attention just because they have a better, slick sounding name).

Instead, they are made in such a way, that a thin layer of liquid, crystalline liquid to be specific, is placed between two thin plates on the screen.

Well, that’s the reason you can see a special kind of effect when you press on the screens with your fingers. And because this material is very delicate and sensitive, it needs the special cleaning care I’m talking all along about.

How to Clean Flat Screen TV

So, cut the chase let’s get down to business, this article is about me guiding you on how to clean the LCD screen, so that’s what I’ll be covering in this section, plain and simple.

It’s better if I write them in the format of points, rather then like a paragraph, right? So well, here are the steps to clean your flat screen computer or TV screen:-

Materials Needed to Clean Your LCD Screen:-

  • Distilled water. ( You can use normal water too, but just so that you’re on the safe side, and it gets cleaned perfectly, I’d say distilled water is a much better choice).
  • Soft small pieces of clothes for rubbing and cleaning.
  • Liquid screen cleaner. ( There are thousands of them available in the market for dirt cheap prices. )

Method of Cleaning a Flat Screen TV:-

  • Make sure the screen is “off”. Meaning, it’s not taking in any electricity supply.
  • Make sure the screen isn’t “hot” before cleaning it.
  • Once you’re sure it has cooled down, and there’s no electricity coming in, use that soft cloth we talked about, and dust the screen naturally. Don’t hit it hard, just naturally, so that the dust particles are off of it.
  • Pour some distilled water on the soft cloth, slowly and softly rub the screen with it.
  • Use the other side of the cloth to dry out the screen.
  • Now, spray some of the liquid cleaners on the screen. Make sure the droplets aren’t too big, or they might enter inside of the screen. If they indeed get big, just rub them off before they can enter the screen.
  • Now rub the screen with the soft cloth so that the liquid cleaner does its job on the whole of the screen.
  • Finally, when you’re done cleaning your TV screen, use the second piece of cloth, “clean” cloth, to dry out the screen completely. Don’t ever turn it on without completely drying it out.
  • Once it’s dry, your job is pretty much done. You can turn the TV back on.

Wrapping it up:-

If you performed all the steps carefully, you should now be greeted with a clean, shining screen by your television. Well, cleaning your LCD screen, or computer screen or just about any screen is no rocket science, you just should know how to show them the love they deserve.

So if you ever had doubt on how to clean flat-screen TV, I suppose I probably solved it, right? Not sure about how to clean your computer screen? Worry not, apply the same procedure as above and you should be good to go.


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