How to Close Apps on iPad?

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It’s easy to somehow save money and buy an iPad, but if you don’t know how to use it, what is the big deal in buying it? It’s like buying a car without knowing how to drive – is it really worth to buy something that we can’t showcase?

It is very much necessary to know the usage part as well. Here are a few steps that discuss closing apps on iPad and help one learn; How to close apps on iPad.

You may think that clicking on the home button may close all applications. If you think so, then you are wrong. It’s true that the application window closes, but it doesn’t mean the entire application quits or closes by itself.

The app still runs in the background. Particularly, some apps simply stay in the background; when you again visit the page, it will be ready to get activated again, and some apps like the Music app, videos or radio continue to run in the background.

How to Close Apps on iPad

Don’t you feel that it is an excellent feature just because you can listen to music even when you are using different apps while in other apps you can still quickly switch between two or different applications, but still it may be a reason to cause problems?

It will not only be problematic, but your device can also slow down. If you still continue to face the same goof-up while opening an application, this problem may not end until the application is closed properly.

How Do You Close Your iPad or iPhone App?

To close the iPhone app, you have to get into the multitasking screen. This is consummated by just double-clicking the homepage button below the iPad.

You may wonder how? The recently opened application can be seen in the multi-tasking screen of an iPhone application as windows across the screen. Each window has the icon on the of the screen with the name, so it is easy to identify a particular application at a single time and select or close

Now, Apple has brought applications to your fingertips; it has made it much easier than ever to “force release” applications. All you need to do is just gently touch your iPhone and press on the application window.

Now, to close slide your finger to the top of the screen without even lifting your finger from the iPad’s display.

This will cause the applications to shut down immediately. Remember that in order to close this app you must bore the scaled-down window and not on the app’s icon. You must also be mindful to keep your finger on the screen throughout the process.

Try snagging the application by touching in the mid of the window and then swiping up towards the top of the display.

What If Closing the App Doesn’t Recover the Problem?

What would you do after closing an app? You just need to restart your phone. When you hit the sleep or wake button , which you find at the top of the device, it goes to sleep mode.

To properly restart the iPad, hold the Sleep or Alert button down for 10seconds until you find the direction on your screen as “Slide down to power off”.

Follow these directions and wait until the phone display goes completely blank before the next clock on the Sleep or Wake button to turn the power on. You need to reboot the iPad.

If you are facing a particular problem with the specific application, rebooting doesn’t help to solve it. So, it’s better to erase this application and again re-download it from the Application Store.

You may be doubtful if you might need to pay again for it. No, you don’t have to pay for the application again. Moreover, you may lose the records that you have stored in the application unless this application saves it to the cloud.

Commonly, most of them know how to open an application on the iPhone. Click the icon and it’s off to the races. This is one of the best things most of the users love about the iPad.

But how about shutting these apps? Most of them have confusion with the difference between snoozing and shutting down an app. It’s an exceptional perception.

Say you’re devising to listen to music on your iPad, and you open up Music app. When you are getting a call, your app window shows you have stopped this app.

As usual, you’ll press the round button at the bottom of the iPad. This takes you back to the homepage, and you still need to open another app.

So, consider your previous application, Music? Has it crashed? What has actually happened to your previous application? Has it been put on Sleep mode?

That application gets paused, and it’s no longer active, but still, it’s not fully shut down. You can re-open the application and pick up from where you left off. It’s great for switching back and finding applications.

To completely shut down this app, you just have to double-click the home button to bring up examination windows of applications that were recently opened.

This shows most recently used three or four applications. If you need to find out more applications, swipe from right to left to view additional apps.

In case you want to reopen any of these applications, which were previously viewed, you need to simply click the Preview window.

If you are done and want to close this application completely, then simply touch to close the app, swipe the preview window on the top and then off the screen. You can do the same with several other apps in your taskbar.

Why would you choose to do this? If the application you are using is acting uncommonly or you find errors while closing the application, rebooting it can sometimes fix the problem.

For example, if there is an application that’s repeatedly used innumerable times on the same day, after using it multiple times, you might face the problem of the app getting stuck. Closing this application and restarting would help in fixing up the problem.


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