How To Control Your PC With Your Android Phone 2023?

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How to control your PC with your Android phone? If that’s what you need an answer to you’re at the right place, that’s what I’ll be answering in this article.

It’s the 21st century, we’ve invented self-driving cars! Isn’t it a shame not to be able to control your PC with an android phone? I mean it’s the least we could be asking for, right?

The good news is you don’t need aPH.d from MIT in order to control your PC with your Android phones, it’s as easy as installing a couple of apps and being done! So I won’t go chit-chatting anymore, let’s get down to business.

How To Control Your PC With Your Android Phone?

If you need to know how to control a laptop from android via wifi, the first step you need to carry out is to download the Unified Remote server and the android apk file.

Once you’ve downloaded the server, install it on your PC. This is what will help the android apk to connect to your computer.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll get the notification that the server is running on your system.

unified remote - How to Control Your PC with your Android Phone

Now just install the android APK on your android device and you’re almost done! On your cellphone, you’ll get a screen like below.

unified remote screen - How to Control Your PC with your Android Phone

Now it’s pretty straightforward, you can connect both the devices using:-

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

Click on the Servers button to synchronize your system and the android device.

unified remote screen 1 - How to Control Your PC with your Android Phone

The next screen would show you all the detected servers, if it’s there just select it. If it’s not, click on the small “+” button at the top to scan for servers, and then add it once it shows up.

unified remote screen 2

If you’re connected by Bluetooth, you’re done! If you use Wifi, just enter your IP address if it asks for that. (You just have to go to google and search for “what is my IP” and you’ll get your address!)

So now we’ve successfully set up our server and android module, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the features yourselves but I’ve got some time on my hand so why not walk you through some of them, right?

How To Use Unified Remote:-

If you’ve noticed, Unified remote has a “remotes” option. This is the section that holds all the pre-built remotes. Pre-built remotes as in controls for your PC which have been pre-set. Unified remote also allows you to create your own custom remotes in the premium version though.

Have a look at the following screenshot, pay special attention to the bottom-bar controls and you’ll get a pretty solid idea yourselves about how to control laptops using an android phone.

remote options

Anyway, some of the common pre-made remotes are:-

  • Virtual Keyboard (For you to remotely type on your PC!)
  • Mouse control
  • Volume Control etc.

Now not only “system” controls, but as in the above screenshot you can see there are specifically made “chrome” controls too, you get similar control for a lot of other platforms, namely:-

  • Youtube Controls:- Play, Pause, Resume, Volume, etc.
  • Spotify:- Similar to Youtube controls.

I’ve named only two of them but you basically can control any kind of website that there is with Unified remote. The remote functions remain more or less the same but they allow extreme customization to meet your needs.

Creating Your Own Remote:-

In case the pre-made remotes aren’t enough for you, you can tap on the Widgets section of the app and add the functions as you like.

You basically will get “tiles” or you can add your own, it’s simple enough you just have to choose the icons you want for personal preference and understanding, then you can choose the colors of the tiles, and even the size. (See? Wasn’t lying about extreme customization.)

And then just choose the function you want the button to have. Let’s say “volume up” “play” etc. It’s like a game in itself, to be honest, and there’s zero complicity.

Advanced Feature You Can Use:-

First of all, I know it’s beginning to sound like a “sponsored review” by now, so let me tell you this isn’t one.  You can go with any other remote control app you like if it satisfies your need. This is just one of the tools in the market and I can’t possibly show you each one of them hence I used this for the articles’ purpose.

Anyway, now that we’re talking about Unified Remote I thought why miss this part out. It has some advanced features as well:-

  • NFC Tags:- Tag a specific program to your NFC Tags which can be activated by a tap on the screen. This way, you can make magic happen like automatically turn your system off when you walk out of your room, play your favorite movie when you walk into the room, and stuff like that.
  • IR Support:- There’s even an IR control that you can use if your android device comes with an IR blaster. Check online if your device does, if it does then you can use it as a remote control for your Television too!

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Final Words:-

So that was all I had on How to Control Your PC with your Android Phone. I hope this piece helped, if it did I’d appreciate if you use the comment box down there for feedback.

Also do let me know if you’ve other methods or tools which might be better and simpler than this to achieve the goal and I’ll love to include them here with proper credits.


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