How to Convert MPEG4 to Mp3

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Before tell you “how to convert mpeg4 to mp3″, I want to give a little introduction about MPEG4 and Mp3.

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group and M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio. MPEG4 is one of the audio and video compression method which is specially designed for low-bandwidth video and audio encoding purposes. It has ability to compress a two hour video to a High quality CD and this is making mpeg4 more popular these days.

MPEG4 has more features like MPEG1 and MPEG2 but some qualities improved in MPEG4 like coding efficiency and easily able to encode mixed media data. M4A is also a part of MPEG4, the audio MPEG4 files are known as M4A files. M4A produces better audio quality and smaller size than MP3 files.

Mp3 is an audio coding format for digital audio. Mp3 files are very small and you can easily transfer these files across the Internet. It is mostly use for the audio music and audio voice. After downloading MP3 file and playing it, the file sounds as good as the original file.

MP3 is most popular audio player in the world, most peoples use MP3 for listening songs and listening to other audio’s. An MP3 is also known as MPEG audio layer 3. In 1988 MPEG is established and in 1998 first MP3 player is introduced. There are many program that allows you to share MP3 files such as Limeware, BitTorrents and Bearshare.

If you want to convert mpeg4 to mp3, just read the full article carefully and follow all the steps.


How to Convert MPEG4 to Mp3

Step #1: First of all Open the Softonic official website.

Step #2: Now click on green Download button to download MPEG42MP3 converter as shown in image below.


Step #3: After the file downloaded completely, Search the downloaded file and double click on the file.

Step #4: New window will open, need conformation to install the software, simply click Yes.

Step #5: Another new window ” Welcome to the MPEG42MP3 Setup Wizard” will open, you need to click on Next button to continue the

Step #6: Again click Next>>Install>>Next>>Next>>Next>>Next and finally hit Install, this will start the installation process.


Step #7: After the installation process completed, hit Finish.

Step #8: Now MPEG4 to MP3 converter will open, if you want to convert mpeg4 to mp3 then click Add button as shown in image below.


Step #9: Now choose the mpeg4 file you want to convert, after adding the file click on Convert button.

Step #10: This will start the converting process, it will take only few seconds.

That’s it now your mpeg4 file is successfully converted into MP3 file.


How to Convert M4A Files to MP3 Using iTunes

Step #1: First of all open iTunes (Located at the right corner), then click on the iTunes and then choose Preferences option from the drop down list.


Step #2: The General tab should be opened by default, if not then you need to choose General Tab (Located at the right corner).

Step #3: Now click on the Import Settings button, new window of Import settings will open.

how-to-convert-mpeg4-to-mp3Step #4: Click the drop down box, next to the Import Using then select MP3 Encoder option from drop down list. Next click on OK button as shown in image below.


Step #5: Again click OK, now right click on the M4A file and then choose Create MP3 Version from drop down list.


Step #6: This will create another file, Right click on that file and choose show in Finder option from drop down list. If you are using Windows you need to choose Show in Explorer option.

Step #7: Now you will find a MP3 file is created and then you can the place the file where you want.


That’s it now your M4A file is converted into Mp3 file.


How to Convert M4A Files to MP3 Online

Step #1: Firstly we are using zamzar official website. Go ahead and open the website.

Step #2: In the Step 1 section, click on Choose Files. Now you need to choose the M4A file you want to convert into MP3.

Step #3: Now click on the drop down box below Step 2, then choose MP3 from the audio section.

Step #4: In the Step 3 section you need to enter you Email account(Use your own email because after the file converted they will send it to your email).how-to-convert-mpeg4-to-mp3

Step #5: This will start the Converting process, after the process completed you will get the MP3 file in your Email.


Step #1: This time we are using cloudconvert official Website.

Step #2: Now click on Select file Button, then choose the M4A file which you want to convert into MP3.


Step #3: In the Select Output format section you need to choose Audio and then MP3 from drop down list.


Step #4: Now click on the red Start Conversion button on the right of screen, this will start the Converting process, after the process completed click on the Download button.

That’s it now your MP3 file is downloading.


Difference Between MPEG4 and Mp3

MPEG4 and MP3 are used in media players as they are formats used for encoding them. MPEG4 deals with both audio and video in the other hand MP3 deals with only audio files. For most of the audio songs peoples like to use MP3 and for most of the video songs people like to use MPEG4. MP3 is a part of MPEG called as MPEG-1. MPEG4 has many media container formats that can be used for videos encoded, including AVI, MP4, QuickTime, MXF, Ogg and Matroska.


Final Words

This is ending of article and I hope you guys will got all the information for how to convert mpeg4 to mp3. This is the straight and easiest tutorial to know every information about mpeg4 and mp3. After follow allow the steps you will easily convert mpeg4 to mp3.


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