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How to create a blog Free and paid: A-Z Guide

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How to create a blog Free and paid in 2023:

Continuing with this creative maelstrom in which I have gotten into lately, today I am going to talk about how to create a free blog and how to create a paid blog.

First, I want you to know that I will focus on what I know, (so I may leave something on the market) to simplify this article a lot and to be able to tell you things, that will serve you tara make the decision of whether to create a free blog or a paid blog.

What is a blog?

As always in my blog, we try to start at the beginning, and in this case, it seems obvious that the first thing we should know, is What is a blog?

Well, it seems simple, but I have to confess that I had to stop for a while to think that it is a blog ….. Come, I throw myself into the ring, “a blog is a web space, where you can leave information permanently, so that others can access to consult it”. (It’s a bit shabby but I think I’ve explained myself, no?)

Have I been understood? Just in case, tell you that this you read is a blog (What a discovery, eh? 😉). They are also blogs, many of the recipe pages that you find on the net, it is also a blog many of the opinion articles of magazines, and I would even dare to say, that an on-line newspaper we could say that it is a Blog. (The latter a bit beastly…..)

In short, a blog is a space on the network, where articles of different topics are “uploaded”, to be read by third parties.

On many occasions, you can find a blog within a company’s website, or a blog in an online store.

What is a blog used for?

My friend, this is the million-dollar question….

Perhaps the best answer is, “for whatever you want.” You simply have to know that, you must write or tell things in one way or another, depending on what your goals are.

What goals do you have with your blog? Have you set yourself any goals?

Do not be overwhelmed, if you have no goals nothing happens. Just dedicate yourself to telling what you want, and little by little you will find yours.

If it is true, that having goals helps you keep your motivations active, and if you achieve this, you will be able to not be one of the 95% of the blogs in this country, which have ceased to be active, before the first year.

In any case, some of the uses you can give to your blog are the following:

  1. To tell stories, without more, just because you want to share them
  2. To tell stories, trying to get people to read you and help you in your purposes.
  3. To tell stories, trying to get people to read you and help them in their purposes.
  4. To tell stories, trying to create a network of contacts and subscribers.
  5. To tell stories, trying to create a subscriber base where to offer them a product or service that may interest them depending on your theme.
  6. To tell stories, to position your articles and get traffic and earn money with AdSense.
  7. To tell stories, to position your articles and direct your visits to your online store.
  8. To tell stories, to position your articles and make money with advertiser advertising.

As you will see, there are countless uses, and I’m sure I leave many.

Where is this blog? Well, surely, in positions 3 and 4. If all goes well, I would like to position myself in the 5 and 6, although this is still a long way off.

How To Create A Blog Free And Paid?

As I told you at the beginning of this post, I’m going to talk only about what I know, so I’m sure I’ll leave many options, (don’t keep me in mind if you know of any more)

Actually creating a blog, it is quite simple,believe me, the really complicated thing is to be constant enough not to abandon it to its fate after the first weeks or months.

Before I tell you how to create a blog,I think you should ask yourself this question:

Do you think you’re ever going to use your blog to try to make money?

Surely when reading this question, you have thought “what materialist?”, no? Well, I explain why I do it to you like this, so direct.

If your blog is going to be among the first 3 purposes that I have told you before, I would recommend a free blog.

But if you foresee that one day, you want to monetize your blog in some way, I recommend that you do not go to a blog for free. It will limit you a lot, or force you to migrate your blog from a free platform to a paid one, and this for newbies can be quite complicated.

How to create a blog?

If you look closely at the definition that I have put at the beginning, you will know what elements are going to be imp rescindible to create a free and paid blog. We were talking about “web space” well, what do I need?

  • Hosting: In order not to complicate you too much, hostting is the place on the network, where the files and articles of your blog are saved. It’s a very “bad” definition, but I’m sure I explain myself better.
  • Domain: It is the web address that people have to write to read you. To say it very much about walking around the house, it is the address of your house, which you give to your friends to come and visit you. (this reminds me that there was a time when we still rang the doorbells when we wanted someone to come down. Now we make a loss…… in short)

Well, with this, more or less you can already have your blog,and here is where we answer how to create a free and paid blog. It becomes the same.

So, I guess you’ll be wondering, where’s the different one? I’ll tell you:

How to Create a Blog for free?

Right now, I only know two way to create a truly free blog,and it’s Blogger and

In my case, let me focus on Blogger,platform of our dear and beloved friend Google. This is one more of the possibilities offered by Google, to create a Gmail account,(I recommend reading the post to see what other uses)

What Google does through Blogger, is to “give you” a web space where you can host your articles, having a Gmail account, and also “gives” you a domain,the one you choose, but that has at the beginning the next extension www.yourwebsite/

That is, if you have a Gmail account, you will only have to go here,and start creating content.

Another day I tell you in a very basic way, the operation of blogger, but if you can not take it anymore and you want to launch your first post (article) to the world, do the following:

Access your Blogger account through this link. You will arrive at this pantall.

Click on start “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. You will arrive at the screen that I show you below. In it you will have to decide whether to make a Blogger profile or a Google + profile (I recommend the latter).

Once you do this, you will reach the home screen of your blogger blog, and you will only have to click on “create new entry”,and another screen will appear with a texo editor, where you just have to start writing.

When you have already told the world what you wanted to tell him, your launch to the stardom of the blogosphere 😉 comes, and you just have to click on publish.

Once you have done this, you can already say that you have a blog and also for free. Don’t worry if what you’ve written are meaningless things, if you haven’t shared the address with friends and family, it will surely be weeks, until someone by chance can read what you’ve written.

How to create paid blog?

Welcome to the reality of the blogger world, and it is to start your project “going through the box”.

As in the case of the free blog, you need the same elements, that is, an address where people can pass you to see what you publish, and a place to save (host) your files.

In addition, it is a little more complicated, since although you have not noticed it, when you have created a free blog, Google has created your blog for you.

When you have a paid Blog, you have to use one of the platforms on the market to create your blog, and in this case I’m going to talk about

I expressly indicate the .org, because you should not be confused with, which as I said before, also offers you free hosting and domain.

Hire hosting and domain for your blog

The easiest way to create your blog, this time for a fee, is to start by hiring a hosting service. At the same time that you hire the service, the provider will ask you if you want to register a domain (a web address where they visit you)

There are many hostting providers, although I recommend this post on “how to hire a hostting service”. In any case if you have doubts, do not forget to ask me.

Once you hire your hosting service,the provider usually guides you on how to do a quick installation, and how to get to work right away.

In any case, I’m going to leave you a few screenshots of how to do it, that if, it is from my hosting provider,if you contract with another it will be different, keep it in mind.

Install wordpress on your hosting

Once you’ve hired a hosting, you’ll have a home screen similar to this one.

You have to go to the section where it puts Install WordPress, and hit “Create WORDPRESS”

When you have given it to create a new project, it will tell you with which web address you want to link your new project, and you have to look in the drop-down for the address you have created, for example, You select it and give it to continue.

Once the installation is finished, and when accessing your project, you must choose a theme (as your blog will look and what distribution it will have). Here there is also a world, free themes, paid themes …, but that for another day.

After choosing your topic, you can do two things, start tinning before publishing an article (which I recommend), or directly publish your first article.

And…voila, you already have your blog, NO?

Well, it seems to me that it is not. I don’t want to discourage, but until you have your blog, or something similar to what you want to have, it’s going to be quite a while. Above all, I recommend that you do not get discouraged and that you keep going with your projects.

Summary and reflection on how to create a blog

First of all, I want to emphasize again, that creating a blog, whether free or paid, is relatively simple. From my humble point of view, it is much easier to create a free blog than a paid one.

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