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How to Create a Google Form?

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There is no denying that organizing has been of the most important functions of management. Gathering information can be a daunting task, if not organized properly.

How to create a Google form is a question that is the talk of the town. Companies conduct ample amounts of surveys, these days, to gather information for various purposes. There are other great services by Google for documentation. Here is how you can create a Google doc.

A Google Form is a substantial way to gather information. In order to buttress those surveys or opinion polls, collecting e-mail addresses for a newsletter, or to accord students with a quiz, using a Google form is a facile way to streamline information.

The best part is that you can create and analyze surveys right in your web browser. There is no need of any special software for this purpose. You, surely, need to recast your mind if Google Forms is not yet your go-to form maker.

Let’s have a look at the process of how to make a Google form:

 Log in to your Google Account

The basic and the foremost step in how to use Google Forms is creating a Google account. In case you already have one, just log into your Google account using your e-mail and password.

Once your login is complete, you will be redirected to the Google Drive Page.

Google Drive is basically a service created by Google, to store your files safely. In short, it is a file storage and synchronization service.

How to create a Google Form via Google Docs?

 Once you head over to Google Docs, stalk these following steps in order to create Google form:

  1. Basics– Click on the tab “Create”. Next, click on “Form” and impart your form a title and a description.How-to-create-a-Google-Form-via-Google-Docs
  2. Background- However, this is optional, but you can choose a background for your form to make it more appealing. To do this click on “Theme “on the top bar. Select among the themes enlisted there and select the one you want and then hit done. Various Google forms templates are available for this.
  3. Questions- It’s time to fill up that form now. Enlist the questions you want to ask, and then make a choice as regards to which type of questions you want to use. Google form caters to following types:
    a) Multiple choice questions: Multiple choice is a form of assessment in which the respondents are asked to select the best possible answer out of the choices given in a list.
    b) Grid- A grid, simply allows you to group questions together into a table format. The most common use of the grid question is to provide multiple rows and columns for labels and inputs.
    c) Scale- These questions lay down a scale of options which allows for a single selective response. Scaling questions are preferred a lot while conducting a survey.
    d) Check-box– These questions allow the respondents to select multiple answers from a list.
    e) Choose from a list– In case you want the respondent to only specify one answer “Choose from a List” type of questions are an ideal choice.
    f) Paragraph Texts: In case you seek detailed answers from the respondents go to the paragraph texts. This is basically for an essay and lengthy responses.
    g) Others– In case you want, you can add the option “Other” to your questions as well.
    h) Text Field– Do remember to add a text field in your form, in case you want to collect names and email addresses
  1. Page Break- In order to make your form more manageable, you can add page breaks. Just click on “Add Item” and choose the Page Break. A header and description can be given for each page. It allows you to clearly separate each of the pages into questions of a certain type.
  2. Section Header- It makes possible to separate questions that are all related to each other, for which you don’t want to create a whole new page. The process for adding a section header is exactly the same as stated for Page Break.
  3. Images and Videos- Add an image or video to your form by the following method:
  • Open the form.
  • Click the Insert menu. To upload an image, click Image and to upload a video, click Video.
  • Use the Search feature or paste the URL of the video.

Edit the Survey Completion Confirmation

 It is basically customizing a text that the respondents will see after completing the survey. It is a great way to thank people for their response. To do this, click on the “More actions” drop-down menu found in the upper right corner, then select “edit confirmation.” You even need to choose one option amongst the following:

  • Choosing link to submit another response
  • Publish the results of this form
  • Allow respondents to edit answers after responding


Share the Form

Just Click “email this form” to distribute the survey and you are done. In case you want to share your form you have three options:

  • Share a direct link to your form with others
  • Share your form, on social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter
  • Share your form via email or embed it in your blog or website

Viewing the Responses

The survey responses are gathered in the spreadsheet that is saved to your Google Drive. You can open the spreadsheet to view the responses.


In case you need to edit the Google Form created, at a later stage, just open the spreadsheet from your Google Drive. Click on the “Form” menu item, and choose “Edit Form”. Doing this you will return to the original screen which was used to create the survey.

Google also provides you the option to share calendars with your contacts. It is one of the great things for those who are managing a lot of appointments and meetings all day. Here is how you can share Google Calendar.

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Once you start using Google Forms, you will realize what an easy way it is to gather information. Various Google forms tutorial are available online, which can help to understand those tricks which you might not be aware of.

If you didn’t like creating forms on Google or there is a lack of feature, you can create a form in Word.

How to create a Google Form is not as difficult a task, as it is presumed to be. Just go through the basics once and slowly you will be able to gather information or conduct those surveys via Google Forms.

Simplify your work by adapting, to all those powerful tools available in this changing era!

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