How To Create A Membership Site (Step By Step Guide)

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Do you want to start a WordPress membership website?

One of the most popular ways for bloggers, small businesses, and creatives with limited marketing budgets such as designers or artists to monetize their content is through selling access. In addition, many have found that it can be an effective way to build up your community by building relationships directly with members rather than relying on advertising revenue alone.

It has never been easier for anyone who’s interested in starting a membership site without any technical skills thanks largely due in part because of platforms like WordPress which simplify the process from creating pages down to just adding plugins when needed!

You don’t need to be a techno-wiz to create your own website. Here are the three things you’ll need:

1) A domain name. This is where people will find you when they search online for what your site offers

2) Web hosting account (This is where all of your files live on the internet or “cloud”). And finally.

3) membership add-ons like WP Beginner’s Membership Plugin which converts a regular WordPress blog into one that can only be accessed after paying and signing up through an individual registration process known as “Membership”

Step 1. Getting Started with a WordPress Membership Site

To create and maintain your own membership site, you’ll need to make sure that it is on the right platform for what you want to do. There are two types of self-hosted versions: one from and another from WordPress org which have their differences in features available as well as pricing options they offer (see more about this comparison here).

If using the free version provided by WordPress com like most people who don’t know any better will choose then be aware there are some limitations such as having an ad bar at the top of every page or being charged per month when starting out before upgrading later if needed, not allowing plugins outside those offered

Step 2. Choosing a WordPress Membership Plugin

There are plenty of free and paid options to choose from when it comes to membership plugins for your website, but how do you know which one is best?

To make sure that choosing an option is easy as pie, we also provide pros and cons on each plugin so there’s no confusion about what features or limitations they may come with. If you’re looking for user registration only then WPForms can be used- this handy form builder allows anyone using your site to register quickly without any hassles at all!

Step 3. Setting up Your WordPress Membership Website

MemberPress is a plugin that will help you to create your own membership site and make money with it! To set this all up, we are going to talk about the first few steps: installing MemberPress and activating it on your website. For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install plugins in WordPress or follow these three easy steps below;

Step 4. Add a Payment Method

After adding my login and password, I was prompted to set up payment for the site. There were so many different options! After selecting “Payments” from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the screen, I saw that there are four possible ways: PayPal (requires additional configuration), Stripe or with your existing merchant account details, Amazon Payments if you have an Amazon Merchants Account already set up in your country’s regional settings but not yet active as Merchant Express Checkout; otherwise use Paydirt which is also quite easy to configure/activate once live).

Once selected it automatically fills out all other fields where needed like address information including Country and State along with Tax Collection

Step 5. Creating Membership Levels

The next step is to create membership levels that your users can purchase, each with different pricing plans and perks! It’s important to have a free plan for those who are just starting out or want very basic features. To get started on creating a new level, go into MemberPress » Memberships page and click the ‘Add New’ button at the top of this section.”

Step 6. Restrict Access for Membership Plans

The next step is to select which content would be available to different membership plans on your website, including the free trial period. MemberPress makes it very easy to control access using ‘Rules’. This will ensure that members are only able to see and play with what they signed up for! You can set up rules by visiting the MemberPress » Rules page and clicking on the Add New button at the top (or if you’re logged in as an admin account holder).

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