How to Delete Facebook Messages

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Facebook has been grabbing users at an exponential rate ever since its launch. Now, most of us know what is FaceBook and what it is used.

Have you ever wondered how you can delete Facebook messages so that you won’t be caught red-handed by your GF or BF? Haha! Don’t worry.

I am here today with a tutorial on how to delete Facebook messages. Most people’s Facebook messages page is a bombshell that it can create waves around their circle if leaked. So, it’s always safe to delete controversial messages after its delivery.

If there are annoying notifications on facebook, you can also delete the facebook notifications.

How to Delete Facebook Messages

Are you wandering around with ‘how to delete messages on FaceBook’ question in your mind? That problem ends right here.

I have divided this post into four sections. Though each of part discusses the same thing (message deletion), you will find the methods, platforms and purposes are different.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages from a Particular Person?

What do you think when you see the FaceBook messages of a longtime user is empty? You sense something fishy, right? So, it’s always a good idea to filter your messages and delete only those you no longer want to have.

Follow the steps given below to know how deleting FaceBook messages from a particular person can be done.

Step 1: Go to Facebook website and insert the correct credentials to log into the widely used social media platform. You will end up being broke if you don’t provide true details.

Step 2: Now, you will be lead to the familiar interface of Facebook. We are not going to use that messages button placed in between friend requests and notifications.

Instead, send your eyes to the left of the screen and scroll down a bit to see messages option. Click on the same to proceed further.


Step 3: Now, you can see each conversation you made. I know you already decided which message in a particular conversation bagged a slot in your blacklist. Choose that conversation.

Step 4: At this step, you will see all the messages in that conversation. Click *Actions to see a set of options.

Step 5: I know you already figured out with which one to go with, didn’t you? You have to choose Delete Messages…


Step 6: Scroll down and up to see messages in that conversation. Make the checkboxes ticked to select the messages you want to delete.

Step 7: Finally, click Delete.

Hurray! You have done it. I hope you will not search for ‘how do you delete Facebook messages’ on Google. Not only that, you can also block messages without blocking profile.

How to Delete an Entire FaceBook Conversation?

Sometimes, we want to delete all the messages from a person. That means you should delete the entire conversation. In this section, I am going to discuss how you can delete a FaceBook conversation completely.

You have to follow until Step 4 in the previous section. That means you should get an Action menu. Then, proceed to the following steps.

Step 5: Instead of selecting Delete Messages… option, you have to click on Delete Conversation. (You can also use Delete All option to delete all the messages in that conversation).


Yeah! Mission accomplished. You will no longer have to fear that sneaky peeks.

How to Delete All Facebook Messages

Oh, do you want to delete all FaceBook messages? As of now, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t allow us to do so. But I have got a solution for you.

Remember you should have Chrome browser to apply this trick.

Step 1: The first step is not FaceBook login. You have to bag a third-party tool to get started. And, that tool is Facebook Fast Delete Messages Chrome Extension.


The browser add-on is available for free to download. Your browser may get restarted for activation.

Step 2: Now, you have to go to FaceBook and log into your account making use of the correct credentials.

Step 3: By default, the first page you get just after logging in is your home feed. You have to go your timeline. And then, click Messages from the left sidebar after scrolling down a bit.

Step 4: If you are vigilant, you will notice something new there. Yes, the Chrome extension you just installed will add something new to your FaceBook messages page.

Check the image given below to get an idea.


Step 5: Can you see a Delete All button? If you want to delete all of your FaceBook messages, you will have to click on this button. Sadly, you won’t get any confirmation box or something.

So, make your mind before using it as a single click can delete all of your messages without any remnant.

Step 5: This one is optional for those who want to delete some selective conversations from the messages page.

Have you noticed a red ‘x’ button on the image on the right to every conversation? It will delete that complete conversation if you click.

You can use the previous method for this purpose too. But it takes much time as you have to make a few extra clicks and mouse movements.

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Messenger

Here, you will get to know how deleting messages from FaceBook messenger can be done.

Step 1: Launch FaceBook messenger app and you can see all of your conversation there.

Step 2: Long press on a particular conversation. Then, you will see the Delete option. Don’t hesitate to use the same in order to delete the complete conversation.


Step 3: If your choice is to delete one or two messages in a conversation, you have to find it and open it. Then, long tap on that specific message you want to delete.

Step 4: Finally tap Delete option.

That’s all.

Bottom Line

I hope you will not have any issue in deleting Facebook messages. I have given you ways to do it for different purposes and different platforms as well.

The Facebook messenger method is the same for both Android and iOS as well.

Still issues in deleting FaceBook messages? Shoot us your query using the comment form given below.

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