How To Delete Linkedin Account

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Linkedin is a popular social networking website, designed specifically for professionals. Linkedin let us build professional connections and provides the opportunity to network with like-minded people and explore the business like never before.

Despite its immense popularity among the professionals, there might be your own reasons to discontinue Linkedin. Perhaps, it’s not providing value to you, or you no longer want exposure among the professionals!

Evidently, it should not be our matter of concern, instead, we should focus more on how to delete a LinkedIn account or how to un-connect on LinkedIn.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process to delete the LinkedIn account in easiest steps. Just keep on reading till the end and I assure you, you will not have to wonder how to delete LinkedIn profile ever again.

How To Delete Linkedin Account

Closing the Linkedin account is extremely easy. It’s not a one-click process, though. But the steps to be followed are extremely easy and nuisance-free.

But before we get started with the process, I would like to draw your attention to the consequences you would have to face if you will delete your account permanently!

After deleting your account,

  1. You’ll lose all the connections you’ve built so far along with the information you’ve added on your Linkedin account.
  2. Despite deleting your profile on Linkedin, it may still be visible temporarily on various search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.
  3. If you notice you get recommendations from Linkedin of people, jobs, skills matching your profile information. If you close your Linkedin account, you may no longer have access to any of them.
  4. You’ll lose all the endorsements you have gathered on Linkedin so far and, your profile will no longer be visible on Linkedin.

If you are still not convinced and want to discontinue Linkedin, let’s go to learn how to deactivate LinkedIn and get out of it!

How To Delete Linkedin

In order to delete your Linkedin profile, you need to follow the below steps.

Mind you, once you delete your account you’ll lose all your connections and interest. If you ever want to come back, you’ll have to start the whole process all over again and have to build the connections, which might be painful to you!

Now coming to the steps. 

Step 1. The very first step is to log in to your Linkedin account. Open your browser and go to Linkedin. Enter your credentials and click on Sign in.

Step 2. Now once you are on your linked account, you need to go to the privacy and settings page.

For this, hover your cursor over your name on the top right corner of the home page and click on Privacy & Settings. If you didn’t understand which option I’m talking about, see the below screenshot.

Step 3. For the security reasons, you may get prompted to sign in again. If so, enter your Linkedin ID and password again and sign in. Once done, you’ll see the following screen.

Step 4. In the above screen, you can see the Account option on the left-hand side, click on it.

Step 5. Once you are on the account page, click on Close your account link under helpful links. I’ve provided the screenshot below in case any doubt!

Step 6. Now before going further, you will have to specify the reason why would you like to close your LinkedIn account? You can select any of the appropriate reason and click on Continue. 

Step 7. The very next moment you’ll be asked to verify the account which you want to delete. If the information seems correct to you, then you are good to go. Now click on Verify Account. The screenshot is given below.

But before you click on Verify Account, you’ll be notified that “All of the confirmed email addresses associated with the closed account will be available to create a new LinkedIn account or for use with another LinkedIn account within 24 hours of closing your account.”

It means if you drop the plan of deleting your linked account within 24 hours of deletion, you have chances of getting your account data back!

Step 8. If you are thinking that you are done, then hold on, there is still one step left to be followed.

As sooner you click on Verify Account button, you’ll be redirected to a page where you will be shown a list of consequences you’ll face when you delete your account. (Which I’ve already told you).

So ignore that and confirm the procedure by clicking on the Close Account button.


That’s it, you are done. It may take up to 76 hours to delete your account permanently. Well, I believe the guide was helpful, to you and now you very well know how to delete a LinkedIn account.

But I would again say, deleting the account is not always the solution.

If your reason behind deleting the Linkedin account is getting access to emails from Linkedin, then the issue can be resolved and you can continue with Linkedin. You can follow the below steps to reduce the number of emails you get from LinkedIn.

  • Go to the Privacy & Settings page by hovering the cursor over your name, exactly the same way I told you above.
  • On the left sidebar, you can see the options  Communications. Just tap over it. I’ve provided a screenshot below to make you understand better.
  • In the links provided, select the Set the frequency of emails under ‘Emails and Notifications’.
  • Once done, you’ll be redirected to a window where you can select which type of emails you want and how often you want them. For example, if you want emails of Messages from other members, Updates and news, Messages from LinkedIn, etc. And If you want those emails than what should be the frequency.

There are possibly other solutions for certain problems. But at last, the choice is yours. You know both the consequences of deleting the account and how to delete the LinkedIn account.

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