How to Delete Songs From iTunes

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The current generation of people has seen many changes taking place in the field of technology. Innovation is reaching new heights lately and in the world of smartphones, technology has contributed immensely to the people and the society.

With internet dominating everyone’s life, people have been living a lifestyle that is much different from what it used to be once upon a time.

Almost everything has changed after internet and smartphones came into existence; online shopping has scored over the traditional shopping – people purchase almost everything online these days right from buying health products to booking tickets for travel. iPhone is a pioneer in the smartphone business.

It has offered its customers something really very precious and valuable through their products. There are some great features in an iPhone that lets you do so many different things. iPhone is a lot different from the other smartphones out there; it is unique and also classy.


iPhone users cannot express how happy they feel when they have their phone in their hands – that’s how much they love it. However, there are a lot of users who find it difficult to use the features of the phone with ease. Many people still do not know how to delete songs from iTunes.

A lot of people have migrated from using other smartphones to iPhone, so they all have some common questions like how to delete music from iTunes, how to delete a song from iTunes, how to delete songs on iTunes.

Well, it takes a bit of time to learn these things, but once you get a good hold of it, you can easily delete songs from iTunes. Sometimes, the songs you copy to iTunes can get duplicated, and people are again clueless about how to remove duplicates in iTunes and land up browsing for help with terms like iTunes duplicate remover. Well, it is not as complicated as you think; it can all be done with ease. Just make sure you have updated version of iTunes. Here is how to update iTunes.

There is a huge competition in all the fields, especially in the smartphone industry – the situation is like you either perform or perish. So, all the smartphone manufacturers are forced to bring out something unique each time they launch a product.

The pressure is extremely high in the market, and therefore, most of these top players invest a lot in doing research and development to bring out something amazing to its customers. Apple has been on the top for a very long time now because of its innovation.

This is why people love this brand. It has a lot of innovative products under its name and iTunes is one of them. This is a very essential application as it has some really useful features. It is also simple and can be used by everyone. Many people use it for playing audio files on their systems or laptops.

iTunes was first introduced as music management software, with minimum business application outside the entertainment industry.


Currently, the role of iTunes as a gateway to all the iOS devices like the iPod, iPad or iPhone devices makes it a great productive tool for companies and its employees, by allowing users to exchange audio recordings of meetings and conferences and by sending transcripts across devices.

There are a lot of benefits of having iTunes in your system.

Organizer – Apart from being just a good music player, iTunes is a wonderful music organizer. One can create their customized music library as it assists in keeping things very organized. Therefore, the songs can be selected effortlessly, classified as genres or albums and played. Moreover, playlists of your favorite songs can also be created.

Sync with Apple Devices – You can use iTunes to sync your Apple device, which can be an iPod, iPad or even iPhone. If your device is connected to the system or computer, it will automatically transfer the images and songs.

The good thing about this feature is that it makes music and photo libraries in your system and the iPod look identical. So, you will be able to create a playlist on the computer and move it to your iPod with the sync feature.

Access to the iTunes Store -This software is a home to millions of songs for purchase. iTunes makes it easy to get new songs and lets you download videos or podcasts.

Integration with iOS Devices – iTunes is also one of the finest software platforms that are integrated with iOS devices on the marketplace. Even though a lot of third party programs can upload audio recordings to iPhones or other Apple devices, iTunes is the only software that can handle coordinating operating system upgrades and also managing apps at the same time.

This makes it a fast option when the employees want to use it on a day to day basis in order to exchange business-related

How to Delete Songs from iTunes


The first thing is to launch the iTunes tool. It will generally appear in your dock. If you do not see it there, then search for “iTunes” in Windows Search and locate it. If you are getting any error like “Cannot Connect to iTunes”, you can see this to fix the iTunes Error. If your device is not authorized for iTunes, you will not be able to access iTunes on that device. Here is how to authorize a computer on iTunes

Once you open iTunes, click on the Songs tab. It is located in the iTunes control menu. You will then see a list of songs.

Now, select the song you wish to delete.

You can remove the songs in three different ways:

  • Go to the Edit menu and select Delete
  • Right click on the song that needs to be deleted; from the contextual menu select Delete.
  • Click on the Delete key.

You will then see a message asking if you really want to delete the song from your computer. Now you will have to Click Delete Item and confirm.

That is it! You are now done with deleting the songs of your choice. You will be able to delete an entire album using this method or the entire catalog of any artist. In order to select the entire album, click on the Album tab, which will be shown at the top; and to select artists, you need to choose the Artists tab.

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