How to Delete Vine Account?

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In one of our recent articles, we just helped you understand how to find funny videos on Netflix, and now it’s time to explore Vine, though we’re talking about doing just the opposite.

This post is intended to help readers understand how to delete Vine account. But, before we see how to delete a Vine account let me help you understand what is Vine and why you might actually want to delete it or deactivate it permanently.

What is Vine?

Vine is a tool developed by Twitter, which was released on 24th Jan, 2013. What it helps you do, is basically record short video clips. One can record videos of anything up to 6 seconds, and the same can be used to post on social media platforms. Vine uses an in-app camera to record the videos. The recording of the video only starts when you tap on the screen.

Once the video is recorded, Vine allows you to edit the video. You can make some fly effects of some stop motion effects. This is one of the tools why you see plenty of short videos on the social media platforms today.


And, you can do a lot of cool stuff using Vine if you’re fond of editing. Many people love to use the iPhone for recording their videos. Apple, through iPhone and other iDevices, has set itself up in the global markets, and a platform has been created in the visual media. iPhone has introduced the most up-to-date route to look at the technology world differently.

It has opened new doorways for database integration. Since its introduction to the world, iPhone has reached the hearts of billions of fans globally, especially with its kick-ass camera. There are a lot of great features in an iPhone like its high-resolution touch screen, the touch screen is very responsive that you just need to tap it lightly to open the apps.

And, when it comes to editing videos, there are many advanced tools; Vine may not always be the right choice for all the users, and that’s why some of them decide to delete their Vine account.

Why Should You Delete Vine Account?

There could be many personal reasons to why you would want to delete Vine account; perhaps, you choose your normal camera to shoot videos, or you have better editing tools which is why over a period of time you might decide to delete the Vine account.

Now the question is can you really delete Vine account, is deactivation better that deletion? Well in this article let’s cover certain aspects of how to delete a Vine account and also how to deactivate Vine.

The answer to the question, whether or not, you would want to permanently delete Vine or deactivate totally depends on your usage. If you want to use it in the future, you might probably choose to delete the application from your mobile and reinstall it whenever you feel you need it again.

If you decide on never using it, you can deactivate the account permanently. Of course, Vine always allows you to create a new account at any given point of time, should you decide to become its user once again.

Deleting the Account vs. Deleting the App


There are two aspects to deleting Vine –

  1. Deleting the account and
  2. Deleting the application from your mobile phone.

So, when you want to delete the application you simply go ahead and do it, but when you want to remove the Vine account you will not be able to do it from your mobile you will have you log into your account using the web interface of Vine.

6 Simple Steps to How to Delete Vine Account

You will have to follow these simple steps to delete your Vine account.

Step 1: You will have to launch Vine 1.4.4 or any version later to it on your phone.

Step 2: You will find a profile icon on the bottom of the screen, click on the profile icon. It will then take you to your profile page.

Step 3: Next, go to the settings.

Step 4: You will now have to do a selection of your content.

Step 5: You will find an option called Deactivate account at the bottom of the page; Click on Deactivate account.

Once you perform these steps, your content and profile will no longer appear publicly, and you’d be done with the process within just a few seconds.

Step 6: If you want to confirm the deletion, click on Deactivate. Now you can go ahead and delete your Vine app from your mobile phone.


Note: Once you delete your Vine account, your content, and data, your personal information will still be stored on the Vine servers for a period of 30 days. Why Vine does this is basically to ensure if the user does not want to use Vine app in these 30 days.

If you log into Vine within 30 days of the deactivation your account can be reactivated. If you do not the account will automatically get deactivated permanently after 30 days.

So, if you wish to retain your profile data, don’t forget to take its backup, before deactivating/deleting your account for good. In the above steps, we have discussed in details about two aspects, which include how to delete Vine account and how to deactivate Vine account.

These steps will help you delete Vine account. In the next article, we will discuss about a few other tools and apps similar to Vine and how to make a right choice when you want to use a tool like Vine. We will briefly discuss about a few matrices you would have to consider when you are choosing something like a video shooting tool.

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