How to Disable Startup Sound in Mac OS X?

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Mac OS X is undoubtedly one of the best OS to date from Apple. It is a Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold byApple Inc. to run exclusively on Mac computers.

It is the successor of Mac OS 9 and first developed in 1999. It comes pre-loaded since 2002 with all Mac devices. You can count a plethora of features that are unique and innovative as far as OS X is concerned but I am quite a sure that you will not love the Startup sound of the system.

So here is the answer for “How to Disable Start up Sound in Mac OS X?

The competitor for the OS, Windows has also had the startup sound and I am not in a mood to say that the windows sound is quite pleasant. But with windows, you will always have the option of “Mute your PC”.

On the other hand with Mac OS X you will have more difficulties while finding a permanent solution of the sound.

Here is the perfect solution.  StartupSound.prefPane is a preference pane for Mac that silences your startup chime, it’s not only the permanent solution but is absolutely free too.


  • Download StartupSound.PrefPane
  • Install it and restart your system.
  • Go to System Preferences and you will find a new ‘Startup Sound’ pane added there.
  • Open it
  • Now you will have an option of managing the startup chime’s volume or mute it altogether.
  • Choose the desired one or both
  • Don’t forget to lock the selection to prevent further changes as you want your OS to startup silently next time you log in.

Pre Requisite:

  • The pref pane requires OS X 10.2 or higher (OS X 10.8 is the latest version)


  • Options provided here are easy enough to figure out.
  • It’s completely free.
  • Stable with a mentioned version of OS or higher.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work for whatever reason, the developer advises that you start OS X in safe mode and uninstall StartupSound.prefPane. This means that should StartupSound.prefPane fails to run on your system.


  •  There are plenty of hacks and tricks and panes available which claims to work successfully but none of them has been proven as much success as this pane has.
  • Many other tricks are paid too but still doesn’t provide a permanent solution.
  • This pane is free and has the least failure ratio, you must give it a chance.

So, try it and let us know whether it has worked for you or not.


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