How To Do On Page SEO? 22 Easy Techniques

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How to increase blog traffic with On Page SEO? And what is On Page SEO? Learn in detail  23 Best  On Page SEO Techniques.

Which will prove to be a boon for your blog post. That  SEO  has taken the Categories of where all the answers questions. I’ll associated with SEO are available.

On Page SEO Guide  Which is going to be useful for all you bloggers, Will learn on Page  SEO Techniques in the post With which we can get Organic Traffic for our blog and can earn more and more online from our blog.

Success or failure in the blogging field is in your hands. Those  who fail in the blogging field are those who do not follow the guidelines related to SEO.

And also we do not adopt SEO Techniques and we ignore it. Which is the biggest reason for failing in the blogging field. 

   Note:-    What if you are SEO? If you do not know, then the first post done by us is “S.E.O. What?” Must read the key so that you can understand in detail what is SEO, what are its benefits and why it is important for a blogger.

If you want to succeed in the blogging field and do online earning, then you must learn SEO techniques one by one so that you too can become a successful blogger.

In this post, all the questions related to on page search engine optimization running in your mind will be answered Step by Step.

What is On Page SEO? 

Let us first know what is  On Page SEO?   “ On Page SEO” is   a technique using which we can optimize our blog or post according to the rules of Search Engine.

So that  Google Crawlers can  crawl our article as soon as possible and show our blog or post in their search result.

What is On Page SEO:- In simple language, On Page Aceo is   a guide to follow Google Search Algorithm Guidelines.

Or say you, it is  a part of SEO  related to making  your blog or article  Search Engine Friendly , which we   call On Page SEO .

What are the benefits of On Page SEO?

Every blogger wants his article to be ranked on the first page of Google. So that he can earn more and more online like a successful blogger.

If you also   want to be successful , then you have to adopt   all the Optimization Factors of  SEO Techniques.

Because   On Page Search Engine Optimization is  also an important part of SEO, and by using it, our blog or post comes quickly in the eyes of Google Robot.

Google Crawlers crawl all the factors of On Page SEO done by us and according to the Google Guidelines Rule, if all the factors are found correct, they submit our article to their database with better ranking.

Because of which your post gets a good ranking in search engines. And your article starts ranking on the first page of Search Result.

Why is On Page SEO Important?

Are you thinking about making money online? Like a successful blogger and want to make your mark in the blogging field, like a popular blogger, you have to take special care of things related to search engines.

Because we  get Organic Traffic on the blog from Google Search Engine itself  . That is why it is said that no matter how hard we work on our blog or post, if it is not ranked on Google, then all the hard work goes in vain.

So save your hard work from being wasted and use On Page SEO on your blog and article because it makes your blog powerful.

And  helps to increase the ranking of your article in Search Result  . That is why it is necessary to use all the factors of On Page.

How to do On Page SEO ?

To make the post more simple and easy, it has been split into two groups.

So that you can learn well the Effective Techniques of  On Page SEO. And by adopting these techniques, you can become a successful blogger.

So know that now there are two groups of SEO which have been divided for the convenience of on-page SEO. Which we learn to use one by one..

1 On Page Blog SEO 2 On Page Article Post SEO

So you have learned that on-page SEO is done in two ways. And all the popular bloggers use these two techniques very closely and take full advantage of the ranking of search results.

So let’s first learn On Page SEO in this post, “  How to SEO Blog?”  And what are its important factors which are important for us.

What is Blog SEO?

First of all we do On Page SEO? I learn how to optimize your blog / website by following the rules of SEO   ,

Which will make our blog Search Engine Friendly and will help to bring our article to No.1 Position  on Google Search Result  .

All the professional bloggers in today’s time make their blog user friendly first. So that the visitors coming to the blog can get a unique experience.

On Page Blog Optimization also makes it easy for Search Engine Crawlers to crawl your blog.

Note: –  Now you must have understood what is On Page Blog SEO in a nutshell  . Why all successful bloggers use it.

On-Page SEO Blog Techniques

While doing SEO of the blog, we should take special care of those things. So that our blog can be user friendly, so that the user can easily read all the courses or features given in our blog or the material provided on the website.

Along with creating a User Friendly blog, we also keep the Search Engine in mind. And following the rules related to search engines, use the techniques of SEO.

Now you must be thinking about   the technique of on page blog SEO and how you can use this technique on your blog. So let’s learn one by one “On Page SEO” in this post  the blog  SEO  to do, without any interruption.

1 – Domain

Blog beginning of SEO are the pre-domains Kyuki it would address our blog and your blog  Domain  should do so resemble your blog Niche.

If you understand in simple words, there should be some keyword related to your blog niche in your domain.

2 – Hosting

As seen, most of the beginners make the biggest mistake while choosing the hosting. And if there is no information about web hosting, then anyone takes any cheap hosting.

Due to which the speed of our blog gets reduced, mostly this server remains slow and cannot withstand many visitors at  once, so always  good hosting should be taken so that your website is fast.

Hosting is considered to be the most important part of SEO. If your hosting is not good, then you can never take full advantage of SEO.

3 – SSL

Having an SSL Certificate is the hallmark of a secure blog. Which guarantees the user that all his data is safe. Protocol which establishes a secure connection between Internet Browser and websites.

What is the full form of SSL?

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

4 – logo 

To make your blog professional, first of all make your own logo because logo is a kind of symbol which tells the identity of your brand.

Logo also plays an important role in making your blog user friendly. Logo Text and Image are made together. You must put a logo in the blog.

5 – Favicon icon

A favicon is a type of small icon. Which identifies the website in the web browser. Your blog looks professional with the favicon. Which is shown in the left side of the address bar of the website.

6- Homepage Title :-

You go to the setting of your SEO plugin and write the title of your blog which is relevant to your domain or blog niche.

7- Homepage Meta Description

After writing the title of the blog, we write the Meta Description of our home page. Which will be of 155–160 characters.

And you have to give full introduction of your blog within 155–160 characters. Seeing which the user understands what facilities you provide in your blog.

8- Page Loading Speed

The loading time of any blog or page is considered to be the most important factor in On Page Blog SEO. If the speed of your blog is fast, then your ranking will increase rapidly in the search engine and you will be on the top position of the search result.

If you want to be successful in the field of blogging, then first of all you have to pay attention to the loading time of your blog or page.

If you want to correct the loading time of your blog, then take good hosting for it and also there are many WordPress plugins available to reduce the loading time, using which you can increase the speed of the blog.

Note: – You can check the speed of your blog for free from the website Speed ​​Test Tools given below.

GTmetrix PageSpeed ​​Insights

9- Social Sharing Buttons

It is very important to have a social media sharing button in a blog. Whenever any user is reading your article and he liked that article, then he can easily share that post to his friends on social site,

Due to which the chances of getting Organic Traffic on your blog increase even more. You can easily install Social Sharing Buttons on your WordPress blog through Social Sharing Plugin.

9- Plugin

We always add many features to our blog’s design and our convenience through plugins, but this is the biggest mistake we make.

On Page SEO Techniques always make sure that your blog is clean and the loading time of the website is minimum. But at the same time, we install many plugins, due to which our website becomes slow.

Due to slow website, visitors to our blog leave our blog and go to other blog and that is why we are not able to rank our blog in Google search engine.

Note: – On  WordPress blog, you should add as many plugins, which is not necessary otherwise, the more plugins there will be, the slower your blog will be, for this only add the least and necessary plugin.

If you do not know which are the most important plugins to use in WordPress, then definitely read our article given below and know the Free Important Best WordPress Plugin.

10- Responsive template

Your blog’s template should be Responsive. The design of Responsive Template is User Friendly. Which opens perfectly on different devices. whether he

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablets,
  • iPads,
  • iPhones

Be it or any other devices, it opens perfectly in all. You must use only Responsive template on your blog. So that the user likes your blog and again and again that user comes to your blog.

11- Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is the most important part of Blog SEO. Because we do the SEO of our blog to   come in the top of the search results .

Therefore, after completing the complete setup of our blog, we must submit our blog to   Search Engines like Google Console ,  Bing Webmaster Tools.

12- Index Site Map

After submitting your blog to Google Search Engine. Create a Site Map of your blog’s post page and category and index it in the search engine.

It is most important to submit the sitemap to the search engine. Through Site Map, Google indexes the posts made in your blog in its data.

And whenever the user searches in any keyword search engine related to your article. Then Google’s  Crawlers also know about your post and according to the quality of your article, show it in your result.

Think if your Site Map is not indexed in Google Search Data, then how will Google show your post in the search engine? And when your site or post will not come in search then it will be useless to work hard on your blog.

That’s why you must index your Site Map, which can be easily created with your SEO Plugin and indexed in Google.

So I hope you  must go to  Blog On Page SEO and learned how to do On Page Search Engine Optimization  of Blog  . And why first of all it is necessary for a blog.

So let’s now   know in the post of On Page SEO  and learn  the Best Techniques of On Page SEO  which all successful bloggers use.

So now   in this part of Best  On Page SEO , why do you do SEO on all your articles? And also learn   how to do On Page SEO.

Whenever we write a new article and publish it, we think that as soon as possible our article should be shown at the top of the results page of Google.

So that our post gets Organic Traffic and can earn more and more. But it is not known that your article is not able to rank in Search Engine. And you get sad.

Note: –  Have you ever thought that even after having a unique article, it is not able to rank in the search engine, what are the reasons for this?

So now we know the answer to this question.  And first of all know about our 5 mistakes due to which we are not able to rank.

1 The biggest reason for not ranking our article is because of the incomplete information given in our article.
2 Copy the content of someone else’s blog and post it after improving it a little.
3 Not using SEO Techniques smartly.
4 Writing a post without Keyword Research.
5 Not using SEO Plugin.

So you know about the 5 Major SEO Mistake  of the article  , due to which our post is not able to rank in Google Search Engine.

On Page Article SEO

Let us now learn one by one  the important SEO Techniques  of making  your article  Search Engine Friendly which we know as On Page SEO.

Which makes our article Search Engine Friendly as well as User Friendly. And helps in getting ranking in Google Result.

13- Keyword Research

The biggest reason for getting failure in the field of blogging is. The keywords of the article we write do not have to be researched properly.

If we want to rank our article in Google search then? Before you write the article,  research the Focus Keyword of that article in  a good way.

Note: – There are many tools  available in the market for Keyword Research which you can use.

For Free Keyword Research Tools :-  You can use Ubersuggest. Which is of well-known SEO expert Neil Patel.

14- Unique Article

Whenever we ask any SEO expert, how to rank your  post?  So first of all there is only one answer to write Unique Article which is useful for the user. ” Because ”

Content Is King

According to SEO Factors:- If seen, first of all, how is  your article?  Content of   Length  how.

How is the information given in the content? Are the articles half incomplete? Or the information given in your article is not wrong?

The article written by you is useful for the user or not. This is why it is important to see. Because in today’s time, Google wants to provide the best of the best content to its user.

Google brings only those posts to the top of its search engine whose content is unique, the information given in it is correct, and at the same time there should not be half-incomplete information in detail.

So let’s now know and learn some tips related to Unique Article which we call On Page SEO Techniques. Which Google likes.

15- Keywords Placement :-

On page is the most important part of SEO. Because we only rank our keyword in Search Engine and visitors come to our blog with the same keyword.

And Google’s Crawlers also see your Focus Keyword. And whenever someone searches the keywords given by you in the article, then google also shows your article on its result page.

So let’s know how to place Focus Keyword in your article in On Page SEO so that it is easy to rank our post.
  • First of all use the keyword in your post title.
  • Use Focus Keyword in subheading (H2 tag).
  • Use the keyword within the first line i.e. 100 words before the article.
  • Use the keyword in the last paragraph of the article as well.
  • Use LSI keywords in the middle of the blog post.

16- Keywords Density 

Note: –  Keywords Density is taken more care of to get higher results in the search engine.

Whenever we write our article, first of all, we select a keyword matching the topic of the post. Which is the focus keyword of our article.

Whenever we write our post, while placing your focus keywords, always keep in mind that the density of your keywords should be less than 2.5%.

So that Google can understand well on which subject your post has been written. And if you use Keyword Density properly during keyword placement, then your chances increase more to come to the top page of Google.

Note: –  Density of Keyword in your post should be within 2.5%, if kept more than this, then in the eyes of Google, it is called Keyword Stuffing. Google sees that post from the point of view of Hate.

17- Permalink 

 Permalink or URL plays the most important role in ranking our blog posts. Most bloggers do not give importance to it and ignore it.

Which is their Major Mistake. Due to which Google Crawlers are inconvenienced to know on which topic your article is.

And for this reason Google is not able to index your post properly in its Search Engine Database and due to this your post is not shown in Search Result.

Note: –  You must enter the Focus Keyword of your article in your permalink so that your post becomes Search Engine and User Friendly so that your  post is ranked fast  .

18- Internal Links

With Internal Links, we can make our article more powerful. Simultaneously, the user can engage on his blog for a longer time.

Just imagine that you are shopping for clothes for marriage and you went to a shop to get a saree, there are other clothes including lehenga, chunni, ghagra, dupatta along with the saree.

what you need. So you will definitely see it and take it because everything that you need is present in front of the shop.

In the same way, we can engage the user reading our article on our blog by giving internal links to other posts on the blog related to their need and favorite topic.

For this, add the link of the post published on the blog related to the topic of your article in your article using the keyword inside the anchor text.

So that by clicking on your link, the user can also read other posts of your blog and they will be engaged on your other pages.

Internal links help a lot in ranking our posts. Through this we can also bring traffic to our old articles.

The authority of our blog will also increase, there will be a ranking increase, as well as the bounce rate of the blog is also low.

Note: –  You should add only those posts as internal links which are related to the topic of your article.

Example:-  Suppose your post is based on On Page SEO, then the same user will read this article of yours to get and learn information related to On Page SEO.

And if the same user shows links to other posts related to SEO on the same post, then who has been told other information related to SEO. So the user must OPEN it.

Now  what are External Links  to be known in  On Page SEOAnd what is its importance for our post.

We also call External Link  as Outbound Links. In short, if you give a link to another site on this article written by us, then we call that link Outbound or External link.

External link (external link) makes our article even more powerful. Also your article becomes more useful for the user.

And helps to rank your article in Search Engine. And Google likes it more. Because Google always likes to make Unique Content available to its user.

You have to give a link to someone else’s blog on your article. Which is related to the topic of your article and its information which is important for the user to know.

We have two advantages from outbound link  . First  , it becomes a unique article providing our complete information.
Second,  Google gives more importance to the Ranking Factor of your article due to External Link. And ranks in the search engine as soon as possible.

That   ‘s why  SEO Expert says that External Link or you say Outbound Link is important for our article from the point of view of SEO Factor.

  Note: – Always keep in mind that the same external linking of the article of other blog is to be done which is similar to the topic of your article.

Also note that the blog you are linking to your article should have good DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Rank).

20- Image videos

We use Multimedia to make our  article more unique and engage the user.

In today’s time people are more attracted by text content as well as media contents. For this, you can also use images, videos or high quality infographs from the topic of the post.

Which will help us to engage the user on the article. And the user will stay on our blog for a long time, due to which the bounce rate of our blog   will be good and your dwell time will increase.

Note: –  Whenever we add any images to our text content, then we should take care of some things.

So let us now know what are the special things in “ On Page SEO ”, which we should take care of while adding images.

21- Image Size

Whenever someone adds an image inside the article, do not forget to compress its size. During post optimization, we take care that the loading time of our blog does not increase. The size of the image should be at least within 50 KB.

For this we have to compress the size of our images. For which there are many plugins available on WordPress. And  also tools like online  Compressjpeg are also available.

Which you can use very easily to compress the size of the image. And you can fast your post.

22- Image Alt tag

As Google not only shows your article in its search engine, but along with it Google  also shows the images you have added to the blog in its  Images Search Engine ,

For this, we have to tell Google’s Crawlers on which topic the image added by us is. We properly optimize the image to let Google know.

To optimize our images properly, we first write Image Title. The topic on which you have created the image.

After writing the title, add the alt tag to your image with the targeted keyword. So that your image can be properly optimized so that Google’s crawlers can read it easily.

We can make our content more useful with the help of video content so that the user reading our article can be engaged for a long time.

Due to which Dwell Time Increase happens. It is the most important factor to rank in Google. How much time do visitors spend on your post?

If the visitor comes back immediately after visiting your post, then Google understands that your post is not useful and starts to down your ranking.

The same if the visitor spends more time on your post, then google thinks that your article is useful for the user. Only then have I stayed on your post for a long time.

Then Google improves the ranking of your post and shows it in the No.1 position in the search result.

Google has become very smart in today’s time. He notices every little thing about you. And also gives importance to them.

That is why  writing SEO friendly posts  is very important in today’s time. Also, the visitor has to stop on his article. Because the longer the visitor stays on the page, the better the ranking of your blog will be.

Conclusion :- 

As we all know that it is most important for our web site to rank our article in the search engine so that we can get more and more organic traffic from the search engine and we can earn more and more online like a successful blogger. .

The purpose of writing this post is that you can learn the best unique techniques of On Page SEO and you can also become a successful blogger.

Final Word :-

In this post you must have learned how to make your article unique. By adopting the techniques of On Page SEO.

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