How to Download Free Music on iPhone

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The best thing about music? You can never have enough of it! Sadly, that doesn’t apply to our bank accounts. So gear up music lovers, today I’m going to show you how to download free music on your iPhone, iPod and everything iOS.

Now, to be entirely honest, getting free music downloads for iPhone isn’t entirely hard. You can just google search, and you’ll find mp3 versions of any song that you like. Some websites will even advertise them as “music download free”. However, do not be fooled. Most of these sites contain illegal content and are laden with poor quality songs and plenty of viruses.

Now I see you scratch your head and wonder how to download free music to iPhone in a legal way? Maybe you’re wondering if it is even possible! Let me tell you something! Well, two things really. Here is another resource that is about downloading Paid apps for Free on iPhone.



Firstly, yes it’s entirely possible, actually, Apple gives away music every week through iTunes itself. And secondly, there are loads of safe apps that you can download from the App Store on your iPhone that will let you download free music!

So without further ado let’s see what are the best free music downloader for iPhone along with the default iTunes store! If your iPhone is not updated, then you may need to update your iPhone. You can easily update the iPhone.

#1. How to Download Free Music Using iTunes

We will be using the single of the week feature to get our free music using iTunes. So let’s jump right in!

Step 1

Open up the iTunes app on your iPhone. Tap on the Music Button from the bottom menu.

Step 2

Search for the Single of the Week. It can be a little obscure as the font for the single of the week is quite small. Be on the lookout and you’ll find it soon enough!

Step 3

Click on it to download it. Every week you will get a new single of the week that will be free to download and over time, you will be able to create a library of such free music!

#2. Download Free Music to iPhone using Downloader Apps

There are a few downloader apps that you can use to download songs off the internet as well. The basic premise of such apps is really simple as many musicians produce loyalty free music and these apps provide you with a way to enjoy all of them.

For our demonstration purposes, we are going to use Sound Cloud; although any other app works just as well.

Step 1

Install Sound Cloud to your iPhone. You can directly install the app from the App store by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once the install is finished, go ahead and open the app. Many apps will ask you to register before you can use their services. Read through all the terms and conditions and then log in using your social media account or use an email address to log in.

Step 3

Inside the app interface, search for songs/artists you like. Once you find them, make sure that they’re really free. Some apps like to mix in the paid songs with the free ones so make sure what you click on is really free. Then proceed to download them.

#3. Move Your Old Songs From CDs to Your iPhone

There is yet another way for your way to get your hands on some free music. While not technically free, since you bought the CDs, it can be a real pain to buy digital copies of all the songs you have physical copies of.

However, we have a solution for you guys, if you’re stuck in such a predicament.

Step 1

For the first step, we will need a good CD/DVD ripping programme that can copy all our songs off the physical disk and into our computer. Windows comes with Windows Media Player that can rip/import very well and for the purpose of this article we will stick to it.

Step 2

Once you’ve ripped all the music to your hard drive, you’ll need to determine if your iPhone can play it. Your iPhone can play music files with the extension .mp3 and .aac. For the rest of the files that have some other extension, you will need to use Audio Converters like this one.

Step 4

With that step, the hard part is over! Now we just connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and transfer all our music over to our phone! If you listen to music for longer durations, here is how to save iPhone battery.

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